15 Best Games For Note 9 And Note 8 (S-Pen)   

One the most highlighted feature of the Note series is its S Pen which is no more just a stylus, but a powerful tool that performs multiple tasks. One such everyday use of the S Pen is gaming. S Pen comes in handy while playing games that require precision. Ever since we got Note 9 in the office, I have been testing quite a few S pen games. Sure, you can play these games using your fingers, but let’s see what difference does the S Pen bring in your gaming experience. Let’s begin.

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For a better experience, we recommend turning off your mobile data and WiFi before you start these games in order to avoid the annoying advertisements.

Best Games For Note 9

1. Bubble Shooter

Bubble shooter a modern version of the good old Brick Breaker found on Gameboy.

Once you open the app, the game has a cannon at the bottom with a limited number of colorful bubbles. All you have to do is aim and shoot at the same color bubble on the other end to break the structure with every stage bringing you a secondary target to achieve. Just like every game, it gets harder as you level up.

Although the screen size of the phone is big enough to play the game with fingers but with the S Pen the gameplay becomes rather easy and precise. The free version of the game comes with annoying advertisements that pop up every time you finish a level. Surprisingly there is no paid, ad-free version of the game

Install Bubble shooter (free)

2. Scribble Racer

Scribble racer is by far the best game that could pass your time while you wait for that lazy friend to join you at the coffee shop.

It has a simple zig-zag path, appearing to be on a piece of paper and made with simple pencil sketches. All you have to is slide your way through the tricky path using your finger or S Pen (preferred), while also collecting the points on way.

The game can be played in three levels: Easy, Normal, and Hard where the speed becomes proportionate to the difficulty level. A little trick while playing in a difficult mode is to lift your S Pen which pauses the game and you can resume from the last point as you touch the screen. These pauses have no limits so you can rest your eyes as many times as you wish while chasing the high score.

Scribble racer comes with the minimal animations and hence it might use a little less battery compared to the other games. The only issue with the game is the most common one, advertisements and you can get rid of it for $1.

Install Scribble Racer

3. Cut It: Brain Puzzles

Cut It is a mind-tickling game that requires the use of some laws of physics.

It requires you to cut a block or a balloon such that it hits the aim with gravity or anti-gravity effects which of course makes a lot more sense when played using the S Pen.

The game has two modes, easy and hard but it eventually gets really tricky anyway after you cross a few easy stages. There are a limited number of hints available that can get you past the most difficult spots. Given the 450 plus stages, this game is going to last for a while on your phone. The app has a paid version which removes all the ads and you get it for $2.

Install Cut it (free)

4. Happy Glass

Happy Glass is a mix of mind game and laws of physics. The game is a complete set up to put your imagination to test.

You have to create a design or structure using a pencil that will hold your glass still and allow the water to flow in it completely. Sounds simple? Remember how the Green Lantern had difficulties creating objects when he first got the magic ring? You’ll find yourself in the same spot.

Using the S Pen makes everything a lot easier as the use of the pencil has to be minimum to attain the maximum points and using the S Pen lets you see the details more clearly.

The free version of the game has advertisements which can be removed by a one-time payment of $3.

Install Happy Glass (free)

5. Rise Up

Rise up is quite a popular game in the mobile devices. You have to save the balloon from the obstacles with the help of a circular shield. As simple as it sounds, the gameplay is actually quite tough as the obstacles change every-time you restart the stage thus making it impossible to get used to a certain stage.

Though the game claims to be one finger game we suggest using the S Pen as its more precise when played with the S Pen.

The game also offers daily challenges and some special stages for the premium players which are pretty tough to clear. As usual, the free version of the game has advertisements which can be removed by a small one-time payment.

Install Rise Up (free)

6. Air Attack 2

Air attack 2 is one game that won’t even require you to touch your screen unless it’s a special attack. You can control your aircraft using the S Pen from a close distance from the screen while shooting and destroying your way out of the enemy area. The only moment you will touch the screen with a slight tap from your S Pen is when you want to drop a bomb.

You get life upgrades in between the gameplay so if you’re really good at swift movements, you can stay alive longer.

The game offers ammunition purchases from the points collected in the game itself which means no actual money spending unless you want to make various in-app purchases for aircraft upgrade etc.

Install Air Attack 2 (free)

7. Gibbets: Bow Master

Gibbets bow master is a point and shoot game that requires a little precision. You’ll have a bow and unlimited arrows to save a hanging man from dying but of course within a limited time. You’ll be making either direct shots or multiple indirect shots to save one or multiple men. The trick is to aim your arrow such that you also collect points while saving a man.

S Pen makes things better in this game as the targets and aim guiding lines are better visible when playing with it. The game has some annoying and inevitable advertisements in the free version but if you want you can get the paid version for $2.

Install Gibbets (free)

8. Handwrite Sudoku

Handwrite Sudoku is the original number puzzle game on your mobile screen with an additional ability to accept written or scribed number on the screen.

With around six complexity levels, Handwrite Sudoku will appear to be the same old Sudoku at the back of a newspaper. To insert a word in a box just scribble a number on the screen starting the touch from the box you want to insert the number in. The game helps you recognize a wrong entry with a red box only if the number you inserted already exists in the X or Y axis.

Although the game doesn’t mention it and can surely be played by finger touch, we recommend using your S Pen as the boxes are really small and only a tip like one in S Pen can make it easy.

Install Handwrite Sudoku (free)

9. Maze: Pen Runner

Maze: Pen Runner can be related to those newspaper maze games back in the day.

When you open the game, you get four modes to choose from, a Normal mode with no time restriction, Treasure mode with multiple stops, Time attack mode with a limited time frame and the most interesting, the Blind mode where only part of the maze visible is where you take your S Pen.

Move around your S Pen to make way through the different mazes and reach the target while also collecting game coins in between.

Install Maze (Free)

10. Infinite Word Search Puzzles

Infinite word search is yet another mind tickling game apart from being a knowledge and skill testing exercise.

With more than 30 categories to choose from, Infinite word search puzzles puts your mental skills to test. It’s a simple word search in a board of randomly mixed letters. You can choose from categories like countries, movies, celebrities, songs, brands science etc. and a word list will appear from the selected category.

S Pen is pretty useful in this exercise as the letters are a bit tiny and using the S Pen makes it easier to select a row or column of letters.

While the game is free to play, it does contain advertisement. In-app purchases are available along with paid and premium versions of the game, it is $2 on the play store for the free version.

Install Infinite Word (free)

11. Badland 2

Badland 2, similar to the other versions of the game across different platforms, is a game that requires you to fly and jump through the weirdest looking stages.

As you level up, the game turns trickier and has some seriously difficult levels to pass through. For us, the game had similar gaming experiences with and without the S Pen with the only difference of better visibility while playing with the S Pen.

The game connects with friends who can be challenged for a score you’ve attained. It also offers adventure levels, daily challenges, and bonus stages.

The only serious drawback we found was a mandatory 10-30 sec video before every stage if you’re on a free version.

Install Badland 2 (free,$1 to remove ads)

12. Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s adventure is a snowboarding game with some obstacles to pass through while performing some cool tricks that bring more points.

Alto is a little Snowboarder who has to face certain challenges while achieving the targets in a particular stage. The stages also have different daytimes and night mode apart from multiple terrains

While testing the game we found that this game is not absolutely compatible with the S Pen which is weird because the Note series supports S Pen on any screen whatsoever. S Pen becomes non-functional and finger taps are required while on the menu screen of the game.

The game surprisingly has an in-app gift store where you can buy actual alto’s adventure goodies. The ad free version of this game costs $1 on the play store.

Install Alto’s Adventure (free)

13. Snakebird

Now, who remembers the most played game of the time when mobile phones were just introduced to the world. Yes, Snake.

Snakebird is a mix of snake and a little of angry bird brought together in a confusing little maze. The bird looking snake here does not move on its own but you rather need to direct its movement in a manner that it eats the prey and also does not fall off the given area.

S Pen comes in really handy while the gameplay as it provides the required precision to complete the given puzzle like a challenge.

Install Snakebird (free)

14. Brain It On

Brain it on is another mind tickling game that’ll require you apply the laws of physics and a bit of imagination to do the given tasks.

Depending on the stage you might have to create structures for different purposes like hitting a certain area of the screen, making an object fall etc. The stages are also time-bound which means you only have a limited number of moves and a limited time frame to complete a given task.

The figures need to be drawn through your S Pen which is absolutely recommended for this game. The figures drawn are mostly subject to gravity and tend to fall towards the bottom of the screen.

There are some unavoidable advertisements between the stages which can be avoided by choosing the ad-free premium version. The premium version also unlocks hints and all stages for just $3.

Install Brain It On (free)

15. Brain Dots

Yet another mind game that requires you to connect the two given dots by an imaginary structure.

Brain Dots has a basic graphic design that shows you two dots hanging in the air at a distance with or without an obstacle in between and all you have to do is make the two dots bump by making an imaginary structure with the given pencil.

The game differs from other such games with the 25 variety of pens and pencils that can be used to draw the structures and for which your S Pen is again the perfect tool. The game also lets you build your own stage and upload it to see who can clear them.

Install Brain Dots (free)

15 Best Games for Note 9/ Note 8 ( S-Pen)

These were a couple of games that we found to be working well with the S Pen. If it comes to accuracy and precision, the S Pen surely does a better job than thumbs and fingers. Everyone has their own preference when it comes to games and my favorite is Badland 2, tell us your favorite games for Note 9/ Note 8 in the comments below.

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