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Best Quiz Apps & Trivia Games for Android For Every Need

by Ravi Teja KNTS
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Quiz apps are one of the famous genres in the Play Store. Though there are many popular apps like Millionaire Quiz, Jeopardy, 94%, Trivia Crack 2, Quizoid, etc, they are often generic. So here I am going to list out some of the best quiz apps according to different categories for a particular section of people. Let’s get into it.

Best Quiz Apps and Trivia Games for Android

1. Song Pop 2 – Guess The Song

As the name suggests, Song Pop 2 is all about Music, Songs, Artists, etc. The app plays a small portion of the song which you have to guess from the available options. Additionally, you can either choose to play with random people on the internet or challenge your friends. My favorite feature is the party mode which allows many of your friends to play at the same time. Apart from the free variant, there is a VIP (Premium) variant starting at $4.99/month. It provides access to all the playlists, ad-free, and higher quality sound.


  • Excellent collection of songs and playlists in POP, Rock, Rap, etc
  • Multiplayer as well as party mode
  • Practice with Melody in the solo mode before challenging with real people.

Best for: People who love and want to explore the music world.

Download Song Pop 2

Song Pop 2 Quiz - Best Quiz Apps Android

2. Sports Fan Quiz

If you are a sports enthusiast, you will love the Sports Fan Quiz app. This app offers quizzes in various games like Football, baseball, basketball, boxing, NASCAR, Soccer, Olympics, Tennis, UFC, etc. You can either select your favorite sport or play all of them. Moreover, you can choose to beat your own score or go head to head with people on the internet.


  • Availability of quizzes on different sports.
  • Options to add questions to the quiz as a sports fan.
  • Bunch of lifelines like the 50- 50, Audience poll, extended 15-secs time limit.
  • You can go ad-free with a one-time payment of $1.99

Best for: Obviously! People who like sports.

Download Sports Fan Quiz 

Sports Fan Quiz

3. Math Master

Math Master is a quiz app to make you master in mathematics. Though this app just deals with basic math like equations and statistics, It increases the hardness level by level and demands you to answer quickly. This is one of the quite addictive quiz game on this list, but only offers 160 chapters which can be completed easily.


  • Deals with multiple categories like Statistics, Mediums, Sequesuses, Additions, Multiplications, etc.
  • Leaderboard of the worldwide players.
  • Tips and tricks are provided in the settings section which makes the quiz easier and faster.

Best for: Students or people who love maths.

Download Math Master 

Math Master

4. World War 2 Quiz

This app came through a friend’s suggestion. And although I don’t have a good past with History, I can say that World war 2 Quiz is one of the best apps in the history category. It covers quizzes on major events, weapons, battles, peoples, countries, etc. At first, questions may feel quite easy, but it becomes hard really within the first 2 levels. If you really have a lot of knowledge on World War 2, here is the place to push it out.


  • Levels will unlock one after another by playing.
  • You don’t have to log in to the app
  • Disable ads by a one-time payment of $1.15

Best for: People who love history and world wars.

Download World War 2 Quiz 

World War 2 Quiz

5. Popcorn Trivia

Popcorn Trivia is a popular quiz app on movies and TV Shows. You might have seen many quiz apps on movies, but Popcorn Trivia takes it to a whole new level. You can find quizzes on almost every single movie in this app. Participating in the quizzes right after watching the movie is the best experience. This is definitely one of the apps which will stay on my phone.


  • Offers quizzes on each movie and best to participate after watching the movie.
  • Single and multiplayer mode

Best for: People who binge-watch movies and tv shows.

Download Popcorn Trivia 

Popcorn Trivia

6.Brand Logo Quiz: MCQs

Logo games, undoubtedly, are the most popular genre in quiz apps. It is pretty evident from the huge number of logo quiz apps in the Play Store. However, I have tried out almost all of them but I stuck to the Brand Logo Quiz. The reason being, most of the Logo quizzes ask you to arrange the alphabets provided into the logo name. This makes predicting the brand name easier due to the given alphabets. Whereas, Brand Logo Quiz gives you multiple choices to answer the brand name.


  • Simple and Light UI
  • Offers more than 250 Levels
  • No sign-in required

Best for: People who want to test their brand knowledge.

Download Brand Logo Quiz

Brand Logo Quiz - Best Quiz Apps Android

7. Quiz: Logo Game

This might be just another logo quiz app. But the gameplay is totally different from the previous one. You will be given a logo and you need to arrange the spelling with the alphabets provided.


  • Offers more than 500+ Quizzes
  • Optional sign-in to look at leaderboard scores

Best for: People who love playing logo quizzes

Download Quiz Logo Game

Quiz Logo Game

8. HQ Trivia

There are many quiz apps on this list, but none of them let you make some quick bucks. This is something that HQ Trivia does. It is a live trivia game that is conducted two times a day. Usually, 3 p.m. and 9 p.m. ET on weekdays and once at 9 p.m. ET on weekends. There will be 10 questions to answer and everyone who answered all 10 of them correctly will divide the prize money. The only complaint I had with the app is volume handling. As many people are playing at the same time, the app lags and freezes a bit.


  • Intuitive game rules and timings to play and earn.
  • Price money is distributed amongst the winners instead of one.

Best for: People who want to earn money by playing quizzes.

Download HQ Trivia 

HQ Trivia - Best Quiz Apps Android

9. Tricky Riddles

Not all quiz games are meant for knowledge testing and Tricky Riddles is one of them. More than a quiz, it offers really good riddles which can help you to pass the time. The only problem is, you don’t have a points system and the answers are shown too easily.


  • Free version provides 300 riddles
  • Premium version provides more riddles and is ad-free

Best for: People who like solving fun riddles

Download Tricky Riddles 

Tricky Riddles

10. Ultimate English Spelling Quiz

For people who want some quiz on English grammar and spellings, Ultimate English is the best option. It not only has a lot of levels but also offers different kinds of quizzes. For instance, you get fill in the blanks quizzes, find the correct spelling, finding the odd one out, synonyms and antonyms, etc.


  • Clean, simple and intuitive UI
  • Various quizzes like fill in the blank, find the correct spelling, find the odd one out, etc
  • Works offline as well

Best for: People who want to concentrate & learn spellings.

Download Ultimate English Spelling Quiz

Ultimate English Spelling Quiz

11. Kahoot

Kahoot is an app mainly designed for students and teachers. This app not only features quizzes but also has stories, blogs, tips, preparation materials, etc. By default, the app doesn’t host any quizzes. All the quizzes you get are made by the teacher or your fellow classmates. If you are willing to create your own quiz and test your friends, you can do that as well. It also provides reports to show everyone’s performance.


  • Can create your own quiz for your friends
  • Provides personalized performance reports

Best for: Students and Teachers to create and conduct quizzes on their own.

Download Kahoot


12. Emoji Quiz

Emoji Quiz is a fun little entertainment quiz. It provides 2 emojis from where you need to guess the word. As the levels increase, the number of emojis and hardness of the game also increases. The best part is, it has 1,250 levels which are good enough to play for long and become a pro in using emojis.


  • Optional login to check the leaderboard score.
  • 1000+ levels and it also works offline

Best for: People who chat a lot and want to test out emoji knowledge

Download Emoji Quiz 

Emoji Quiz

13. World Geography

World Geography is the best Geographic quiz app that you can find on the Play Store. The reason being, it not only covers the maps but it also tests your knowledge on capitals, rivers, places, cities, etc. The app’s motto is not just conducting a quiz but also provide you training to get better. The training involves all the questions that you have wrongly answered. In order to reach the next level, you have to answer all of these correctly again.


  • Focuses more on learning than quizzes.
  • Provides training for the wrongly answered questions

Best for: People who are interested in Geography and countries.

Download World Geography

World Geography

14. History Trivia Quiz

History Trivia Quiz is another app which is suggested by my friend. Unlike the world war 2 quiz, it only deals with History. I found the quizzes to be quite hard but you can test them for yourself.


  • App-sharing to get extra lives
  • Optional login to view leaderboard scores
  • You can even get a certificate from the app developers by finishing all the questions.

Best for: People who are interested in history

Download History Trivia Quiz 

History Trivia Quiz - Best Quiz Apps Android

15. Psych

Psych is the most popular multiplayer quiz app. You can start the quiz on any topic and your friends can simply add the code to join. It works on your regular mobile data, so you don’t have to be connected to the same wifi. The only caveat is, the game works in multiplayer mode only.


  • Multiplayer and ease of connectivity
  • Variety of topics
  • Ad-free

Best for: Playing together with friends

Download Psych 


16. General Knowledge Quiz

This is a quiz app that is more suitable for students. It offers quizzes on various topics like books and authors, computer knowledge, chemistry, history, physics, science, etc. Along with them it also offers topics like agriculture, capitals, economy, etc.


  • Covers all the needfull general topics
  • Provides a performance graph after the quiz.
  • Lengthy quizzes with a minimum duration of 30 mins.

Best for: Students and people who are interested to learn various topics.

Download General Knowledge Quiz 

General Knowledge Quiz - Best Quiz Apps Android

17. True or False Quiz

As the name suggests, True or False is an app that provided two options – True or False. I found it quite interesting but the topics it covers are quite limited. You have a few topics namely Plants, Animals, people, Geography and personality. But since there are not many apps that conducts quizzes in True or False format, it is the best you can get.


  • Easy True or False format to start with
  • Optional sign-in.

Best for: Playing an easy yes or no quiz

Download True and False Quiz 

True or false quiz

18. Quiz it

Quiz it is a single-player offline quiz app that covers a vast number of topics from Brands to People, Music, Places, Food, etc. Almost all the apps in this list require the Internet, but Quiz it provides more than 1000 quizzes to play offline.


  • Quizzes work offline.

Best for: People who want to play quizzes offline

Download Quiz it 

Quiz it

19. Quiz up

Quiz up is my favorite app of this list and the app which I have been using for a really long time. It is the best all-rounder app. Quiz not only covers a variety of topics but also provides multiplayer mode, single-player mode, or play with a random person on the internet. It is a pretty complicated looking app, but you can easily figure it out within a few minutes.


  • Best all-rounder quiz app.
  • Both single and multiplayer options.

Best for: People who want to have an all-round quiz app, which covers many topics and also supports multiplayer.

Download Quiz Up

Quiz up - Best Quiz Apps Android

20. Andrew Solovyev Quizzes

In case, you haven’t found any quiz which is related to your liking, check out quizzes from Answer Solovyev. He has a lot of quiz apps that are related to a vast amount of topics from politics to dog breeds, countries, chemicals, etc.

Check out Andrew Solovyev Quizzes.

Andrew Solovyev Quizzes

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