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9 Best Timer Apps For Galaxy Watch

by Kaushal
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The new Samsung Galaxy watch comes with many useful features built-in like – the heart rate monitor, sleep tracker, different trackable exercises and plenty of watch faces. Yet, it lacked a rather simple Timer app. Not only did I find the official Samsung Timer app but I also found few other timer apps for different need. Let’s check it out.

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Best Timer Apps For Galaxy Watch

1. Samsung Timer

For some reason, Samsung does not include the official timer app in the Galaxy watch, but thankfully, you can still download it from the Samsung’s App store. Samsung Timer app has a beautiful interface, offers a timer up to 60 hours, and can run in the background. However, the app still lacks some features like multiple timers and timer title. So, if you need more option in the timer apps, check out the next apps on the list.

best timer apps- Timer

Install Timer by Samsung (Free)

2. Work & Rest

Work & Rest is a Pomodoro timer app for the Galaxy Watch. The watch runs 25-minute timers followed by short five minute breaks, the standard Pomodoro intervals. This work-rest routine is displayed as the time you worked and rested, it clubs all the work cycles together and shows a cumulative score.

best timer apps- Work& rest

The standard work cycle is 25 minutes but you can change it in the settings. The app does work in the background but if you’re fiddling on your watch during the work cycle, you won’t get much done. If you want a Pomodoro timer for the Galaxy Watch, Work & Rest is great for you.

Install Work & Rest($ 0.89)

3. Toothbrush Timer

Next is the Toothbrush Timer, this app is about personal hygiene. It is a simple timer app which only has a timer for 2 minutes. Why only two minutes, you ask? Most of the dentists advise you to brush your teeth for at least two minutes, 15 seconds for each quadrant in your mouth.

best timer apps- Toothbrush Timer

The app keeps the track of time for you, simply run the timer and start brushing, after every 15-second interval, the app would vibrate indicating you should move to the next quadrant in your mouth. This technique really works and you can feel fresh all around. The app works great and I would recommend this to everyone.

Install Toothbrush Timer($0.89)

4. Cooking Timer

Now, you’ve brushed your teeth its time to get the food cooking. Cooking timer app for the Galaxy Watch has multiple options for Stoves and Oven. You can set a timer for each of the 4 stoves and 2 ovens in your kitchen. Let’s say you’ve put cookies in the oven to bake and heating up the ganache on the stove, you can set separate timers for each. The timers when running show the time remaining and a little flame icon to indicate the cooking is being done. Whenever a timer goes off, the watch app notifies you with vibration feedback and the name of the Stove. The best part, the app is absolutely free on the Galaxy Apps Store.

best timer apps- Cooking Timer


Install Cooking Timer(Free)

5. Egg Timer

Next in the list is the Egg timer because honestly boiling an egg sounds easy than it actually is. Once you install this timer app, you just select the size of an egg, tap the consistency you want, and start the timer.

best timer apps- Egg Timer

The Egg timer gives you an option for three types of eggs Medium, Large, and Extra Large. Once you have the size figured, the next step is to choose consistency. Soft, medium, and hard, after this the app automatically figures out the timer. The eggs come out perfect every time.

Install Egg Timer(Free)

6. CATabata

The next app CATabata is a  timer app which focuses on Tabata routines. Tabata is a form of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) which requires quick and intense workout sessions followed by a quick pause in multiple cycles.

best timer apps- CATabata

To use the Tabata routine with this app, Enter your Workout time followed by rest time and the number of cycles. Tap Start to begin your training, the app runs the timer and keeps the screen on. You can see the time remaining on the Watch. The watch beeps and vibrates after every session and displays the time and number of cycles on the bottom.

Install CATabata(Free)

7. Interval Sports Timer

The next app in the list is a timer app for sports and exercise. You can customize repetitions, sets, and duration of workouts and rest periods. You can use it as a Tabata and HIIT timer as well.

best timer apps- interval sports timer

Interval Sports Timer shows different screens for work and rest cycles. It shows the timer and number of sets completed with a pause button. It sends audio and haptic feedback after every cycle which you can turn OFF in the settings. The app also remembers your last saved settings so you don’t have to manually enter the data everytime you use the app.

Install Interval Sports Timer($0.89)

8. Metronome

Okay, This app is technically not a timer app but its super useful for musicians and artists. We all know what a metronome is and if you don’t, you probably don’t need it.

best timer apps- metronome

It lets you set a tempo with the dial and you can change it anytime during your rehearsal without stopping the app. It also lets you add time signature with the Plus and minus button on the screen. For example, if you want a ¾ beat, just make the value 3 by tapping the + button on the watch. It gives both audio and haptic feedback and you can only turn off the audio ticks. Metronome is free.

Install Metronome(Free)

9. Music Timer

The last app in the list particularly useful if you listen to music on your Galaxy Watch. I use the Galaxy Watch to listen to some soothing melodies when I can’t fall asleep, the sound is not that loud enough to disturb others. This takes a toll on the battery and the Music timer does just that. It stops any media app after the timer goes off.

best timer apps- music timer

To set the timer you just have to go to the Music Timer app, set the timer, and tap Start. It will automatically stop the music after the timer is up. The app runs in the background and does its job quietly. Right now, the app can’t stop the music on your phone but maybe in the future. You can get this app for $ 0.89 on the Galaxy Apps Store.

Install Music Timer($0.89)

The Best Timer Apps for Galaxy Watch?

These timer apps help users in most of the situations. Toothbrush timer ensures that you brush efficiently, Egg timer lets you make perfect boiled eggs, and Cooking Timer takes care of your kitchen burners. CATabata and Interval Sports timer help you work out better. Work and Rest is a Pomodoro timer for your watch. Tell us if you use a timer app that wasn’t listed here in the comments.

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