Best Slack Apps That Will Make Your Communication Effective

From sending reoccurring reminders to creating polls, there is a lot you can do on Slack with third-party apps. The Slack App directory provides you with all possible apps and integrations, but the multitude of choices can be a lot confusing. So, we’ve curated some of the most useful Slack apps we found.

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Best Slack Apps

1. Simple Poll

Simple Poll is a polling app that can help you create polls on Slacks. It is a minimalistic app, providing an easy way to create polls. Once installed, all you need to do is type /poll followed by the poll questions, For example, “What should we order for lunch?” “Pizza” “Chinese” and anyone in the chat group can select on any of the options to vote, and the number of votes for each option is visible so you can see the most popular option. It is the perfect way to decide on things, like a vacation spot, dinner restaurants, official business choices etc. quickly.simple poll


  • Helps quicken decision making
  • Easy to vote UI
  • Provides votes per option analysis.


  • It can get a bit confusing to create polls when you can many options.

Best for: This app is perfect for almost anyone, as it can help decide on simple and complex issues, taking mass vote quickly. The UI to vote is simple and the vote statistics are very helpful. The votes are also kept anonymous.

Integrate Simple Poll 

2. Trello

One of the most popular apps for team collaborations, Trello has an effective integration with slack. It provides helpful insights like members, descriptions, comments, and more. It also provides a way to attach conversations from Slack channels to Trello cards. It is the perfect integration of two of the most popular and effective collaboration apps.

trello and slack


  • Effortless integration with Trello cards
  • Option attach conversation to cards
  • Share insights about cards.


  • None worth mentioning.

Best for: This is the perfect app for anyone who uses Trello and Slack. It provides a way of interaction between the apps and shares insights regarding activity on any card. The option to attach a conversation to an existing card or create a new one with it is extremely helpful.

Integrate Trello 

3. GrowthBot

This is a great app for those working in marketing and sales. GrowthBot helps answer questions about market trends, analytics, and simple marketing statistics. For example, ‘top countries by internet usage’, ‘real estate trends in California’, ‘states with most unemployment’, etc.

To ask a question, you can either, start a private conversation with @growthbot or use the slash command by typing /growthbot.



  • Great for simple statistics
  • Useful to analyze US market.


  • Query time depends on the popularity of the question
  • Not enough statistics about the Indian market.

Best for: For anyone working in marketing & sales with US clients, this app is of great use, as you can find and share market statistics without switching the app. The database needs to expand to be useful for analyzing the Indian market but is spot on for a quick global and/or US market analysis

Integrate GrowthBot  

4. StackOverflow

For anyone who is working in software development, StackOverflow is an essential tool. This integration allows to search for answers, post questions without leaving slack. To search for any question, all you to do is type /slack search ‘question’, slack will fetch the result from StackOverflow. To ask a question, select ‘Ask on Team’ option from the integration dropdown and slack will take you to the ask a question page in your team.



  • Ability search for questions from StackOverflow and share on slack
  • Ask questions directly from slack
  • Collaborate with other developers to solve issues


  • It is a paid application with a fee of $10/month

Best for: This app is perfect for developers to work on issues together. You can instantly search StackOverflow for questions from conversations and share results.

Integrate with slack  

5. Asana

Asana is one most popular work management systems used. It helps you to organize, track and manage projects. With integrating it with slack you can turn a message into a task, link asana projects to slack channels, create new tasks in slack. To use asana just type /asana in Slack and choose from standard options:
1. Create To create a task.
2. Link: To link a new project and track its progress in a slack channel.
3. Help: For help on asana for slack.


  • Seamless integration with asana
  • Ability to create a task from slack messages
  • Track progress on slack channels


  • None worth mentioning

Best for: This integration is a must for those who manage projects on asana and use for communication. It provides an intuitive way to interact with the apps.

Integrate Asana 

6. Meekan Scheduling

Meekan is an office management app that lets you schedule meetings and sync calendars simultaneously. It is a smart AI scheduling assistant, much like Siri, which can schedule meetings based availability of team members, find empty meeting rooms, reschedule meetings, all according to calendar events. It works with Google, iCloud and Office365 calendars. To use the app all you to do is chat with the Meekan bot, for instance, you can reschedule a meeting by typing, ‘Meekan, reschedule my 1 pm’ or schedule a meeting according to everyone’s availability, ‘Meekan schedule meeting for project X next week with Jim and Ryan.’



  • Smart scheduling assistant which can sync with popular calendars.
  • Decide time of meetings based on the availability of personnel, automatically.
  • Event alerts on slack


  • Does not work with less common calendars.

Best for: For anyone who uses common calendars for events, Meekan can help you schedule events effectively in a smart way. The AI is quite powerful and syncs perfectly with the calendar.

Integrate Meekan Scheduling

7. BusyOn

One of the most effective team management apps, BusyOn lets you track the progress of different team members with asynchronous meetings within slack. You can set a few standard scrum questions for your team, which can be scheduled daily, weekly or monthly, providing an automated scrum report of individual members. It can also sync with Google calendar. To use the app just use the slash command, /busyon, to post updates from anywhere. Use /standup to run standup meetings asynchronously and choose custom questions.



  • Track progress asynchronously
  • Sync with Google calendar
  • Schedule automated standups within Slack


  • None worth mentioning

Best for: It is a great app for team management, especially when team members aren’t located in one office. Automated standups provide a way to know the progress of each team member regularly. Syncing with Google calendar helps you to stay on track effectively.

Integrate BusyOn

8. BirthdayBot

Keep track of everyone’s birthday with BirthdayBot. It automatically collects everyone’s birthdate and updates you on upcoming birthdays. It also has a library of unique birthday wishes and GIFs. You can use the app by chatting with @birthdaybot. Send messages like ‘Show bdays’ to see upcoming birthdays.




  • Keep track of everyone’s birthdays automatically
  • A unique library of wishes and GIFs


  • None really.

Best for: It is an easy and fun way to track birthdays, use the unique birthday wishes and GIFs to send personalized wishes.

Integrate BirthdayBot

9. Forecast

Learn the weather about any city from slack. It shows the weather of the current and next 3 days of the selected city. You can set metric units(Celsius/Km) according to you as well.



  • Learn the weather from within slack
  • Forecast for the next 3 days as well


  • None worth mentioning

Best for: It is a great app for anyone who travels a lot. It helps to plan for your trips from within slack itself.

Integrate Forecast


IFTTT (short for If this then that) can help you schedule message on Slack. For example, we use the IFTTT app on TechWiser Slack group to sent reoccurring reminder to each team member asking them ‘what project they are working on that day.’ 

To get a started login or create an IFTTT account if you haven’t already, then add the IFTTT applet (link below). Connect it with your Slack account, next you need to specify – the message, what day and time you want it to go through, and then save changes. That’s pretty much it. In our testing, the IFTTT applet is reliable, but it does have some issues.

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  • Automate text message to a group or team member on a specific date and time


  • Require some extensive permission
  • Shows IFTTT in the display picture and name, instead of admin name.

Best for: Sending reoccurring reminders

Integrate IFTTT with Slack

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