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8 Best Call Blockers for Android

by Karrar Haider
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Are you annoyed of all those cold calls from telemarketers trying to sell you things you don’t need? Maybe there is a creepy stranger that keeps calling you no matter how many times you reject the call. If you are tired of such calls, then you should use a call blocker to block them and bring peace to your life.

If the built-in call blocker in your Android phone isn’t cutting it, then we know a handful of great call blocking apps. Below are the eight best call blocker apps that should give you full control over how and who you would like to block.

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Call Blockers for Android

1. Mr. Number

Mr. Number is definitely the most comprehensive call blocking app with regular auto blocking features. It will let you block calls and SMS from individual numbers, unknown numbers, hidden numbers or specific types of numbers. For example, numbers starting with “0800” or number from specific areas using the area code. Furthermore, it has a huge list of known spam and telemarketer number that will let you know of the threat before you pick up the call. You can also block these spam numbers without being bothered by them.


You also have multiple response options. The app can hang up the call, pick up and hang the call or simply put it on mute. Unfortunately, you can only block 20 spam calls for free.

Price: Free/ Paid version for $1.99

2. Call Blocker

This is a completely free and really easy to use call blocking app that simply works. If you are not interested in bells and whistles that come with other apps and want a simple call blocker, then go for this one. Call Blocker allows you to create blacklists and whitelists to manage the numbers you would like to block or allow. After that, you can block all the numbers in the blacklist, block all unknown numbers or block every number except for the ones in the whitelist.


Call Blocker will create a complete log of numbers blocked at what specific time, and you will not be bothered by it. You can just check what Call Blocker has blocked in your leisure time.

Price: Free/ Ad supported

3. Truecaller

Truecaller focuses more on finding spam and telemarketer numbers and blocking them automatically and does a great job of doing that. If you are looking for a call blocker app because you are tired of cold calls from telemarketers and spammers, then give Truecaller a try. It has one of the biggest database on spammers thanks to the huge community (over 200 million users) that is backing it.


Along with that it also has some reliable feature to identify callers automatically. When you get a call from an unknown number, Truecaller will let you know who is calling if it has any data on them. It also offers basic call blocking features, including the ability to create blacklists and whitelists and blocking calls from certain kinds of numbers.

Price: Free/ Paid subscription costing $2.99/month

4. Blacklist Plus

A highly customizable call blocker, Blacklist Plus give you reliable features to take full control over who you would like to block. You can block specific types of numbers, block all unknown numbers, block individual numbers, block hidden numbers or block all the numbers. Along with that, you can also create schedules of when numbers should be blocked or allowed.


It offers two ways to block the call; you can either hang it up or mute it and let it ring. Blacklist Plus silently does all its work without interfering in your phone usage and keeps a complete call blocking log that you can check anytime you want.

Price: Free/ Paid version costing $2.99

5. Safest Call Blocker

Another completely free call blocker that is really easy to use but very effective. Safest Call Blocker offers multiple options to block calls with great customization. You can create blacklist and whitelist to get started and use wildcards to block specific types of numbers. It can block unknown numbers, hidden numbers, numbers not in your contacts list, numbers from the specific area or all the numbers except the ones in the whitelist.


Safest Call Blocker can also identify robo calls and automatically block them without your intervention. Additionally, all the calls blocked by it are managed in its own interface instead of cluttering your call logs.

Price: Free/ Ad supported

6. Whoscall

As the name suggests, Whoscall also focuses on identifying unknown numbers and filtering spam and telemarketers. It has the database on over 700 million phone numbers using the community, internet search and Whoscall’s own data on numbers. It uses this database to quickly sort out who is calling and let you know before you say hello.


Unlike similar apps in this list, Whoscall doesn’t require an active internet connection to identify callers. All of its database can be downloaded and used to identify numbers. Another interesting feature is the ability to create posts that will be shown to receivers and callers when you will connect with them.

Price: Free/ Pro features price varies based on what you need

7. Should I Answer?

Should I Answer? Uses the rating system to gauge whether the unknown number that is calling you is safe or not. Using the ratings from other users, it will show whether the number has the positive rating or negative and you can then decide whether to answer or not. Additionally, you can also access reviews given by other user to check who is exactly behind a specific number.


Its call blocking features are also quite reliable, giving you ability to block hidden numbers, paid numbers, foreign numbers, negatively rated numbers and individual numbers.

Price: Free/ Ad supported

8. Call Control

Call Control blocks all calls and text messages from spammers and scammers. It uses its own database to identify known scam phone numbers and telemarketer numbers and block them automatically without your intervention. It will silently block unrequired numbers and keep the log in its interface – away from your call logs.


You can manually search for phone numbers to detect who is behind the number. On top of that, you can set up schedules when you don’t want to receive any calls, or only receive calls from specific numbers.

Price: Free/ Paid version for $2.99

Wrapping Up

If blocking calls is your only concern, then I would recommend you to try out Call Blocker. It is extremely easy to use and customizable enough to block any type of number. However, if you are interested in identifying unknown callers and spammers, then there is no better option than Truecaller.

Which one of these Android call blocker apps you like? Share with us in the comments.

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