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How to Share Your Real Time GPS Location with Glympse

by Mrinal Saha

In Uber, there is a ‘send status to contact’ option which lets you share your real-time location with your loved ones. But what if you are driving your own car or traveling in other public transport? Then how can you send your real-time location?

Almost every IM App has a direct option to send your current GPS location. But what if you are traveling and want to share your location in real-time? 

Real-time location sharing can be useful in various situations,  like — you are going home late at night and want your family members to see you are on your way, OR you are meeting your friends in a crowded place. 

Now, there are many real-time GPS trackers out there, but Glympse is my favorite. It’s free, reliable, and available for all major Mobile OS.  

But the best thing about Glympse, it’s a one-way street. That’s your partner do not have to install the same app. Just send them your location link via SMS and the recipient can open it, in any web browser. Useful while dealing with not so tech-savvy people. 

Share Your Real-Time GPS Location with Glympse

Follow the Steps

#1 Install Glympse (Android | iOS | Windows

#2 Open the app and give it access to your location. Unlike other similar apps, you can use Glympse anonymously. No signup required. Nice? 

Install Glympse

#3 Once your location is detected, tap on the three vertical lines on the top left and select share location > Add recipient(s) and then tap on the back arrow to save changes. 

Next, you can customize other options like –

  • Watch me for — After the fixed period, location sharing will automatically go OFF.
  • Saying — Adds a custom message in the SMS. 
  • Going to — Specify your destination. Useful, if you are meeting friends at a particular location. 


#4 Next, tap on the ‘airplane paper clip’ symbol at the top right to send the SMS (carrier charges apply). And that’s it. If at any point, you decided to stop location sharing, swipe up from the bottom screen and you will see the option there to modify sharing settings. 


#5 Now, your partner will get an SMS with a location URL. All they need to tap on that link, and it’ll open a map with your real-time location, in their default browser. (see screenshot below)

Final Words

Glympse is a beautiful app that solves an important problem. The app has all the required feature and works flawlessly. And yes, you can rely on this app in an emergency.  

Though, make sure to charge your phone if you are planning to use this app. The rider has to keep his/her GPS and Internet turned ON, which will drain your battery real quick.

Trivia: To ring your phone even when it’s in silent mode or to find your phone’s location, with just an SMS, use the Find Phone with SMS (Android App)

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