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How to Disable Bloatware Apps on Samsung One UI Phones Without Root

by Ravi Teja KNTS
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Samsung phones come with a lot of bloatware which we don’t use. Now, if you have rooted Samsung phone, you can simply install the system app remover app and uninstall all the apps which you don’t want to use. But such options are not available for a non-rooted phone.

While you cannot uninstall the system apps on a non-rooted phone, you can, however, easily disable them. So that the app will not work in the background but will also be removed from the app drawer. This not only saves battery but can also make your device a bit faster.

Before You Start

First of all, you can disable some of the system apps just from the settings. Go to system settings > Apps and select the app you want to disable and tap on disable. It only works on a few apps like Microsoft Office and LinkedIn, etc, but not for Samsung apps like Bixby, music, gallery, etc.

If you want to disable the apps which can’t be disabled. Here are few tricks to do so.

Disable Bloatware Apps on Samsung One UI Phones

There are 2 best ways to disable system apps on Samsung phones.

The first method is a bit complicated and requires a computer running Mac OS 10 or Windows. And the second method is easy and takes just a few minutes to disable. But it requires a paid app that costs $3.56.

Removing System apps with ADB debugging

1. Open System setting > About phone and go to the ‘Software information’ section. Now tap on the build number multiple times until it says ‘Developer Mode is Enabled’.

2. Now go back to the System settings page and now you can see a new option called ‘Developer options’. Open it and scroll down to the debugging section and enable the USB debugging option.

3. Now install the ADB on your computer.

4. Then plug in your phone to your computer and download the Debloater application for Mac or Windows depending on your system.

5. Open the Debloater app and click on ‘Read device packages’.

6. It will load and show the list of all the apps on your phone including system apps.

7. You can click on the tick box beside the app to disable and click apply. Then that app will be disabled instantly on the phone.

8. Click on the ‘filter’ checkbox above to search for the app & disable

9. If you have disabled something important, you can plug the phone and enable them by removing the tick mark beside that app.

10. Incase removing something cased some problem and you don’t know what caused it, you can click on the ‘Unblock all packages’ button and all apps will be enabled solving the problem.

Removing System apps with an app easily

1. Download Package Disabler Pro app which costs $3.56 and installs it.

2.  By purchasing, you will get the activation code in the email register with the Google Play store. Open the app and place the activation code and press OK.

2. At first, it will not load the contents inside it and ask you to retry. Don’t worry tap on the retry button until the contents load. It usually just takes 3 – 5 tries.

3. This app may have a few starting issues but works great. If you are still facing any problem, you can contact the app developer packagedisabler@gmail.com for help.

4. Here you can see a list of all the apps installed on your phone including system apps.

5. Tap on the app you want to disable and click on clear data. So that you can save a bit more extra space on your device.

Package Disabler Pro

6. Then click on the tick box beside the app and that’s it. You have successfully disabled that app.

Package Disabler Pro

7. Now you can do the same with all the apps you want to disable.

8. If you have disabled something important, don’t worry you can always open the app and remove the tick mark to make the app enable again.

Also, remember that disabling some apps like the ‘Android System’ may even brick your device.

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