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5 Best File Manager Apps for Amazon Fire TV Stick

by Ravi Teja KNTS
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As Fire TV Sticks only support 8 GB of storage, oftentimes I will be on the file explorers looking for what to delete or how to transfer those files to my phone. File manager apps for Amazon Fire TV Stick are needed for this. So, here are the best Fire TV Stick file managers to manage your files.

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Best File Explorer Apps for Amazon File TV

1. ES File Explorer

Feature Packed Service

ES File Explorer is a one-stop file managing service for most users. It has a lot of features like recycle bin, exploring root files, hiding files, cloud drive, LAN, FTP, in-built download manager, space analyzer to remove junk files, etc. Apart from all the features, one feature that stands out is the ability to view files on the PC using FTP. Though it is an easy and fast process, you either need an FTP client to access it or need to adjust with the directory you get using the web browser.

es file manager for fire tv stick

It’s not available on the Amazon App Store, so you need to sideload the app. Of all the sideloading methods, using the downloader option is the easiest way to go. To install ES File manager, install and open the downloader. Now paste this link “troypoint.com/es” and click on Go. This will download the app file and you can install it with the file.


  • User Interface
  • Can add services like Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, Box, etc
  • Transfer files using FTP
  • In-built music player, space analyzer, cleaner, download manager, etc.


  • Not available in the Amazon App Store, you need to sideload the APK
  • Not a 2-pane view which is suitable for TV display.
  • Ads

2. X-Plore File Manager

Best for transfering files between fire stick and computer

Though the X-plore File Manager is also packed with a lot of features just like ES File Manager, one feature that makes X-plore better is the file transferring between the fire stick and the computer. Like on ES, you don’t need to create an FTP server. You can just enable Wi-Fi file transfer and access all the files on your computer via an IP.

x-plore file manager on fire stick

Apart from that, the most notable features of X-plore are the ability to access root files, two-pane navigation, cloud storage services like Dropbox, One Drive, etc to the file manager, hide files in the vault, LAN, FTP, SSH File transfer options, etc.


  • Ability to access root files
  • Two-pane navigation suitable for TV’s
  • Available in Amazon App Store on Firestick


  • User interface
  • No-support for Google Drive

3. Amaze File Manager

Free and open-source

A File Manager app that is free and open-source gets some extra bonus points to start with. Though the Amaze File Manager is not as feature-rich as other apps in the list, it has its own set of benefits like multiple tabs, themes and can also do basic stuff like cutting, copying, moving, compressing, extracting, etc. Root users can also access root files using the app.

amaze file explorer ui

It is not available on the App Store. To install, you need to open the downloader app and enter “tvcola.com/amaze” and click go. Now install the APK file and open the app.


  • Free and open source
  • Ad-free
  • Support for root files


  • Not available in the App Store
  • Not a two-pane view

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4. TV Explorer

Basic and Minimal

TV Explorer is my favorite file manager app for Amazon Fire TV because it only provides the features that I need. It is also one of the cleanest looking file manager apps you can find on the Fire Stick.

It shows you the file directory and also gives you the option to view all images, videos, and audio. Additionally, you have Wi-FI share which helps you transfer files via IP and you can also do a speed test for your network from here.

It would be great to link Cloud Devices with this app, but as of now, you don’t have any such functionality. Unlike other File Explorer apps like Amaze, TV Explorer comes with its own image viewer, audio player, video player, and even text viewer and code viewer. So you don’t need some other apps to play those files for you.

You can find the app in the App Store, just search for it or ask for it with Alexa.


  • In-build player for video, audio and images
  • Ad-free
  • Minimal and cleanest file manager app
  • Wi-Fi sharing option


  • No support for cloud storage files

5. Apps 2 Fire

Apps 2 Fire isn’t a Fire Tv app, but an app that you can install on your Android phone. You just need to connect to the same wifi and complete the set-up process by entering the Fire Stick IP address which you can find in settings > My Fire TV and network. Once done setup, you can access all the files, installed apps, etc from the phone. You can upload or download files too.

The best part of all, you can open the three-dot menu and click the screenshot option to take the screenshot instantly for your Fire TV.

Download:- Apps 2 Fire

Wrapping Up: File Manager Apps for Amazon Fire Stick

There are other apps like Total Commander and Solid File Explorer which are great and recommendable. But they are a bit similar to ES File Explorer and X-Plore File Manager. Total Commander is available on the App Store, so you can give it a try to check whether it is your cup of tea.

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