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Lifehack: Get Rid Of Extra Cables At Your Home

by Mrinal Saha
Coiling a USB power cord

Remember the old telephone wires? What so special about them, you may ask. Well, I am particularity interested in their coil wires. Even tough they are short, they can be stretched to three four times of their original length.

But Wouldn’t it be cool, if we can coil regular USB wire like that! (see the screenshot below)

Coiling a USB power cord

Coiling a USB power cord

Instructable user instructable has come up with an Awesome handy trick, to make a coil cord from regular USB cables. You can also convert your regular USB wires into USB coil wires using this tricks. This method also works fine for a monitor, keyboard, and mouse cables as well.

To do that, start with Twisting the cable on a cylindrical surface like a pencil and then blow a hot air using your hair dryer. (If you don’t have a hair dryer handy, you can dip the wires into hot water as well. Be careful tough)

The logic behind this magic — While heating the twisted cable, outside portion of the cable get stretched more than the inside and later retain it’s shaped after cooling. And Thus we obtain a coil wire from a regular straight wire. You could also reverse the coil after letting it cool it will be tighter

Check out this detail Guide on instructable.


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