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How to Convert Videos to Animation Using AI for Free

by Ravi Teja KNTS
Convert Video to Anime

Creating animated videos is tough. But what if we tell you that it doesn’t require special software or skills? With the help of new AI tools, you can turn any video into an animated one with a few clicks. You can further tweak those animated videos after editing them in your favorite app.

We have tried a bunch of free AI video-to-animation converters. While most of them get the job done, they ask for money to unlock a certain feature. However, we found a Discord bot called DomoAI that does the job perfectly for free.

Getting Started With DomoAI

1. Open the DomoAI website and click on the Start in Discord button.

Start in Discord

2. On the next page, click on the Accept Invite button to join the DomoAI server.

Accept invite to Discord server

3. It opens the DomoAI server on the Discord app if you have installed it. Or else, it opens the Discord website in a new tab.

4. Before joining, you need to complete the joining survey for a customized experience on the server. On the first question, select To generate AI-art option and click on Next.

Generate AI Art with DomoAI

5. On the next page, select whether your age is 18+ or 18- and click on Next again.

DomoAI Age setup

6. For the next question, select which notifications should ping you and click on Next. You can also just click on the Skip button to not get any pings from the server.

ping roles for DomoAI server

7. On the final question, select your preferred language and click on Next.

Picking language on DomoAI

8. Finally, check and agree to the server rules by clicking on the Finish button.

Agreeing to DomoAI server rules

9. If you prefer to add the DomoAI to your Discord server and generate results privately, click on the DomoAI in the Members list on the right sidebar. Then click on the Add App button.

Adding DomoAI to your server

10. In the pop-up, select your server and click on Continue to add the DomoAI bot to your server. Once added, you can open any channel that DomoAI can access and start using the bot in private.

Add DomoAI to your server

11. In case, if you just want to convert a video to animation, on the DomoAI server, click on any of the generate-video channels in the sidebar. On these channels, you can start converting your video. But remember, your results can be seen by everyone on the server with this method.

generating video on DomoAI

Convert Videos to Animation in DomoAI

Either on your server’s channel or on the DomoAI server’s generate-video channel, the process of converting a video to animation is the same.

1. Type /video and hit the spacebar to get the option to upload a video.

Upload video on DomoAI

2. Upload the video and press the spacebar to give a prompt. You can upload any video supported by Discord, but DomoAI can convert the first 5 seconds.

3. In the prompt, give a detailed explanation of what’s happening in the video. This will help the AI to understand the video and process it faster.

Giving a prompt to DomoAI

4. Once uploaded, select the animation style that you prefer from the list provided.

Selecting the animation style on DomoAI

5. Here select the Refer to source video more option or Refer to my prompt more option.

  • If you choose the Refer to source video more option, the generated output will take more input from the original video.
  • If you choose the Refer to my prompt more option, the generated output takes more clues from the prompt you have provided which are not even in the original video.
Refer to Source video or prompt on DomoAI

6. Then select the time it should take to process. Selecting more time provides you with a better quality output in general. However, it takes more time than the estimated time provided here.

Selecting the time to generate animation video

7. Once done, click on the Start button to convert the original video into an animation video.

Starting the video conversion on DomoAI

8. Once done with the generation, Domo AI will message back with an animation video and also the original video.

Generated animated video on DomoAI

Here’s the original and converted video by DomoAI:

Converted animated video on DomoAI

Other Features of DomoAI

Other than changing the video’s style, DomoAI also has other features and is also available for free.

1. Use /animate slash code to convert images to videos.

2. /gen slash code can be used to generate images with a prompt.

3. Finally /real slash code is used to turn an anime photo into a realistic photo.

Animating Video

The animated video converted by DomoAI is not completely perfect and most of the time it does not reflect the same facial features. However, if you prefer to get an animated video of any style, now you can easily record a video and convert it into an animation in a couple of minutes.

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