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How to Track Product Price for Amazon Mobile

by Vaibhav

There are several chrome extensions that help you track prices on Amazon. One of which is Keepa. But what if you’re simply browsing a product on your phone? So, before your favorite product is sold out, here is how to track product price & enable alerts for Amazon mobile.

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Track Product Price & Enable Alerts for Amazon Mobile

To track prices on Amazon we’re going to use the same Chrome extension but the mobile app, Keepa. The app not only has a price graph to show you the price rise or fall history, but you can also add products to the tracklist. Here are the main features that can come in handy while you browse for products.


  • Price tracking
  • Push notifications
  • Price history stats
  • In-app product search

First, download and install the app from the Play Store. Then open the app from the main menu.

Once you open the app, you can either sign in or browse products straightaway. Tap on Search from the bottom left corner and enter the name of the product on the top search bar if don’t wish to sign-in.

The other option is to either log-in or makes a new account. Unfortunately, you don’t have the option to use one-tap login. So click on login and hit register. In the new window, type a new user name, e-mail ID, password and press register.

You can find all the app controls from the bottom of the home screen, such as search, tracking, and app settings. To start a new search, tap on a search like you did in the first step and type the product’s name in the search window.

If by any chance you have the product bar code, you can scan that natively as well.

Once you select a product by tapping on it, you come to the stats screen. In the overview screen, you can find several product details. For example, you can see the price graph, Amazon product link, rating, review count, product images, etc. In addition to this, if you want to know previous week’s, months, or yearly details, you can tap on the calendar icon to change the graph.

If you like the product and you wish to track the prices for a potential purchase, swipe right the top feature bar(with the overview tab) and you’ll see more option. Tap on the + bell sign at the bottom of the page.

This will bring you to the product type and value page. As you may know, products vary in type, some are Amazon verified, new products, old sellers, etc. In the first section, you can filter products by type. The next is setting the desired price. This step is crucial as you’ll be notified when the product touches or falls below that price. Once you’re done, hit add the desired price.


You can also add individual alerts for the same product. For example, one alert for lighting deal and other for normal sale days by tapping the same bell + icon on the same page. That’s it now wait for the price to fall, and grab the deal while it’s hot.

From the settings pane, you can change the country, graph range, push notifications, language and more

The app is free to use however to use some premium features such as eBay, price increase access, sales rank, etc. which can be unlocked with a monthly subscription of $17.

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Closing Remarks

So now you know how to track product price & enable alerts for Amazon on Mobile. It’s a great way to track types of the same product and multiple products on Amazon. We on our website will also be updating the sales page with recommended products so keep a look-out. Also if you’re based out India, check out the 3x giveaway that’s taking place.

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