How To Pay Electricity Bill Online in India (Video)

Long gone are the days when you have to stand in a queue to pay your bills. Now you can pay almost any bills online.

Paying bills online not only save time and fuel but it also reduces the use of paper receipts. It further cut company’s expense on paper works and employee etc. Overall a win-win situation for everyone.

Pay Electricity Bill Online

But how can I pay electricity bills online?

In this tutorial, we will see four ways to pay electricity bills online in India. (Video)


But before we start, please note that all electricity bills are paid to state’s department and not central. So, there is no single way to pay bills. At first, it may be difficult to find the right website but once you get it, the rest is easy. You can easily automate it.

Method 1. Pay your bills via your state’s website. 

 Pay your bills via your state electricity department website.

Screenshot: Paying my electricity bills on JVVNL websites (Rajasthan) via quick pay option

Almost every state in India has their official website. Here you can register a new account (or use quick pay if available) to pay your electricity bills.

Basically, you need a unique identifier like CA number or K number or service number etc. You can find it in your physical copy of your bill. Payment method includes debit/ credit cards or net banking.

How do you find your state’s electricity website?

This is a bit tricky as there no fixed guide for that. But you can:

1. Look for the website name in the printed copy of your bills

2. Google “pay electricity bill in _xx_” (replace xx is your state/city name)

3. Ask the responsible authority or person who pays bills online

4. See the list of popular electricity biller’s website at the end of the post.

Method 2. Pay via net banking Bill Pay  

pay electricity bill using net banking
Screenshot: Here is the list of billers integrated with HDFC online banking

Most Indian banks let you pay your bills, with the list of register billers. So if you have net banking then go to pay bills > electricity > and register your biller. The upside of this method is, you can automate the bill payment.

But sometimes biller may not be listed with your bank. For instance, I have net banking in two banks and my biller  (JVVNL) is not listed in SBBJ but fortunately, it’s there in HDFC net banking.

Method 3. Pay via bill payment service

pay bills online with billdesk
Bill Desk is a popular option to pay all bills at one place

Third party bill payment system like bill desk and visa bill pay, enable users to pay most of the bills online, for free. Why free!  Well, they get a little commission from the service provider itself.

These payment gateways are reliable but as of now they don’t support all the billers in India. Registration is free but may need extra paper works. Personally, since I am able to pay my bills using state’s official website, I never tried this one.

Method 4. Pay via Airtel Money

pay bills online using airlel money

If you have an Airtel connection, then use Airtel money, to pay electricity bills directly from your registered mobile no.

To pay via Airtel money follow these steps –

  1. Register your Airtel number on app [not availabe anymore]

  2. Load cash to your Airtel money account via bank transfer

  3. Pay bill with your phone

However Airtel money doesn’t support every biller in the country, so be sure to check the Pay electricity bill online in Delhi .

You can use this app or dial *400# and follow the onscreen instruction. (see the following video for step by step instructions)

Watch this video if you would like to see practical demonstration of 4 Methods to Pay Electricity Bill Online in India

Before you Go

Here are few things that you need to know before you pay your first electricity bill online.

1. Service Provider may charge you extra (1-2%) for debit card and credit cards but net banking is usually free.

2. Most of the website are not compatible with all platform and may often go down. If that happen while making a payment, your money will roll back to source account.

3. In some cases, Bill Desk may ask for one-time authorization for registration, that can do by taking a printout of the registration form and mailing it to their mention office.

4. Following is the list of popular state’s website which let’s pay your electricity bill online.

Pay electricity bill in Karnataka

Pay electricity bill in Andhra Pradesh

Pay electricity bill in Rajasthan – 

Pay electricity bill in Andhra Pradesh

Pay electricity bill in Rajasthan 

Pay electricity bill in Punjab 

Pay electricity bill in Tamil Nadu 

I will update this post regularly. If you want to know, your regional bill payment portal, let me know in the comments below.

Update: Paytm

Now you can also pay your electricity bill via paytm- the leading mobile recharge company in India. I am using this method with cashkaro, which gives me some cash back with the convenience of paying electricity bill online. However, apparently they do not have all the billers listed, though.

pay electricity bill via paytm


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