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How to Set SMS Reminders for Google Calendar Events

by Ravi Teja KNTS
Set SMS reminders for Google Calendar

If you are concerned about the Google Calendar notifications that can be easily blocked by DND or lack of stable internet connection, you can set SMS reminders for Google Calendar events. This offers an additional option for you to get notified of your most important events. Also, you can add other people’s phone numbers, so someone who isn’t using Google Calendar can get notified too. Anyhow, all the reliable options are paid, but you either have a free trial or money-back options.

Set SMS Reminders for Google Calendar Events

Here are a few tools that can help you to do so. Each tool has its own advantage compared to others, so choose the one that suits your workflow.

1. SMS Reminder

SMS Reminder is a Google Workplace add-on that only supports a manual option to send text messages. So you won’t be bombarded with messages for all your Google Calendar events. Instead, you can choose to receive text messages for specific events only, ones that are important and can’t be missed.

You have 3 pricing options – $19/month, $29/month, and $49/month. There are multiple differences between them, but mostly $19/month plan is for 1 user with 100 messages, whereas $29 works for 2 users with 500 messages, and the $49 plan supports unlimited users with 1,000 messages.

1. Install the SMS reminder from the Google Workspace marketplace.

Installing SMS Reminder add-on from Workplace

2. Now open the Google Calendar web app and select the event that you want to get a reminder of or create a new event.

3. Click on the SMS Reminder icon in the sidebar.

opening sms reminder from Google Calendar

4. Here add the product key that you have purchased.

5. Once done, just add a reminder time, country code, phone number, your name, and the reminder message. Most of them will be auto-filled except your phone number, but you have the option to change details.

Configuring SMS reminder in google calendar


  • Easy to set-up
  • Ability to add multiple numbers


  • Expensive plans with limited messages
  • No free trial but offers money-back guarantee for 30 days

2. Text Reminders

Text Reminders is another Google Workspace add-on but it comes with a free trial that allows 10 text messages. But unlike SMS Reminders, it can create a reminder automatically. Just use the #phonenumber in the Title of the event to create an SMS alert.

Text Reminders do not work with all-day events. You also need to set the reminder separately for each recurring event. The app does not follow and automatically set reminders for recurring events. There are 2 plans. Both cost $9, but you get 70 messages with an Occasional plan with an expiry date and the Standard plan allows 100 messages/month.

1. Start by installing the Text Reminders add-on from the Google Workspace platform.

Installing Text Reminders from google workspace

2. Open the event or create a new one in Google Calendar.

3. Now click on the add-on icon in the sidebar.

4. Here you can enter all the details that you need for the remainder including the message itself.

configuring Text Reminder in Google Calendar


  • Can create a reminder automatically with just #phonenumber
  • Free trial without any need for payment


  • The message just shows the title and time but no details

3. SMS Appointment Reminders

This is the most seamless experience of all. You can just create an event with %phonenumber without including your country code to set automatic reminders. It works for all events including recurring events. If you decide to change any details in the event later, the app automatically updates it.

There are 2 plans that cost $9.99/month and $24.99/month respectively and the only difference is that you get 100 messages in one and 1,000 messages in the other. There is a 14-day free trial, but you need to enter card details to activate it.

1. To use SMS Appointment Reminders, install the add-on from the Google Workspace Platform.

2. Now open the Google Calendar and create/edit an event with the %phonenumber in the title.

Using phone number in SMS Appointment reminders

3. The reminder should be ready however you can make changes manually in case the add-on grabs the wrong details from the event entry.


  • Ability to set up the reminders automatically by adding %phonenumber in the title
  • Ability to add multiple numbers


  • Free trial only available after adding card details


You can create an SMS reminder with the help of IFTTT for free. But it doesn’t always work and may cause delays in sending notifications sometimes which defeats the purpose of a secondary reminder. Don’t worry for we have a workaround for that too.

IFTTT allows you can create conditions called applets to connect services/apps allowing them to communicate, pass data through API, and execute actions based on set parameters. Unlike other options in the list, setting up with IFTTT is a bit tedious.

1. Open the IFTTT website and click on Create button at the top right corner.

Creating an applet in IFTTT

2. Here click on the IF This button.

Configuring IF this

3. Now search for Google Calendar and click on Any event starts to select a trigger.

Any event starts

4. First-time users may be asked to sign in to their Google account. Select the calendar event and the time to send a notification before the event starts. Better choose to receive notification 15 mins or 30 mins before in advance as messages from IFTTT may get delayed sometimes. Click on Create Trigger once done.

Creating trigger with Google Calendar events

5. Now select the Then That button and click on Android SMS.

Selecting Android SMS

6. Here click on Send an SMS.

Send an SMS through Android SMS

7. Enter the phone number that you like to receive the SMS on and click on Create Action.

Send SMS from IFTTT

8. Finally click Continue and then Finish to activate the applet.

It’s a good idea to test run the applet to make sure it is working as intended before using it to receive SMS for important Google Calendar event deadlines.

Wrap Up: Receiving SMS Reminders for Google Calendar Events

Google Calendar is a good enough option if you have a stable internet connection and don’t need secondary reminders. In case you or someone else want to receive SMS reminders for Google Calendar events, we suggest you go for one of the add-ons that are already part of the Google ecosystem and play nicely with other Google apps. IFTTT is good enough and free but can be a hit or miss. Do test it before moving forward.

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