Use Your Android as Surveillance Camera

Do you know, you can use your Android as a surveillance camera. How? Your phone’s camera will capture the footage and then send it your computer using some software.

I know it sound geeky but trust me. it’s a lot easier than it sound. All you need to do is pair your phone and computer with Airdroid, a free Android app on Google play.


There are also few advantages of using a smartphone as a security camera. You can easily hide a phone and it do not look suspicious. Plus you don’t have to spend extra bucks on the expensive security system.

Some practical use-case:

  • Monitor children remotely
  • Guard property in unfriendly neighborhood
  • Catch thief red handed
  • Monitor pets at homes


  1. Android phone/tablet with functional camera
  2. A computer to monitor the activity
  3. AirDroid (Free App on Google play)
  4. WiFi or Internet connection

Use Android as Surveillance camera

Follow the steps

1. Install Airdroid on your android device. The cool thing about this app is, it works even when the phone is locked or the screen is turned OFF.

Install Airdroid on your android device

2. Launch the app and create a new account. In the next screen, you will be asked to connect your Android to your computer. You have two choice:

2.1 Use WiFi-  Recommended when your android and computer are under same WiFi network. Type in the IP address (like in your computer’s browser and confirm the same on your Android. If you don’t have WiFi you can also create a hotspot from a smartphone.

This method do not require an internet connection. As long as you android and computer are connected to same router, it will work.

2.2 Use Internet- Type in the URL ‘‘ in your browser and sign in with the account you have created. Use this option only when WiFi is not available, as it require high-speed internet.

Airdroid for android

3. If everything goes well, you will see Airdroid homepage in your browser. To access your Android’s camera click on camera icon.

And that’s it. Your android’s camera will send video footage to your computer, just like a security webcam. See the gif below.

Android as Surveillance camera

Bonus Tips

1. There is also an option to take screenshot however if you want to record the video, then turn the camera into full-screen mode and use any free screen recorder like CamStudio for windows or screen reply for mac.

2. The quality of the video depends on both– your camera and the internet connection.

3. Most modern camcorder or camera can also be connected to Television via HDMI cable. So you can also use them as a security camera.


So we have seen a simple way to use your Android as a surveillance camera. I use this workaround to keep an eye on my nephew while he sleeps in the next room. And trust me it works like a charm.

Now how are you going to use it? Let me know in the comments below.

Top image via Pixabay

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