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How to Watch Twitch and YouTube Streams Together

by Ravi Teja KNTS
Watch Twitch and YouTube Streams

Often times when more than one of my favorite content creators are streaming, or when they partner with each other, I can’t help but choose one of them to stream. If both the streamers are on Twitch, we have many options to watch multiple Twitch streams at once. But if two streams are happening on two separate platforms like Twitch and YouTube? Here’s how you can watch Twitch and YouTube streams together at the same time.

Watch Twitch and YouTube Streams Together

There are many third-party tools that help users stream two Twitch streams together. But when you want to watch streams on two different platforms, there aren’t many. Also, most of them don’t work as intended. We found some of the best services that would help you watch streams on both Twitch and YouTube at the same time.

Rare Drop Multi

It is one of the best platforms to watch multiple streams, not only from YouTube and Twitch but also from many other live streaming services like Uscreen, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

1. First, open Rare Drop Multi website by clicking on this link.

Rare Drop Multi website

2. In the top right corner, choose the service and enter login details. For example, I can select YouTube and enter the channel name as a username. You can select up to 8 streams from any of the platforms Rare Drop Multi supports.

3. Once done, click on Build a Multi button.

Entering the usernames for Twitch and YouTube

4. On the Streaming page, the layout will be automatically adjusted depending on how many streams you are currently viewing.

Rare Drop Multi Streaming

5. To change settings such as adding new streams, removing, changing layout, etc., click on the down arrow in the top center.

6. This will open a menu where you can change the settings you need and click on Yarr, Go!

Rare Drop Multi Settings

Rare Drop Multi works great for the most part, but it only supports 8 streams which is still a lot of most users. Also, it shows live chat along with the streaming video which is nothing but a wastage of screen real estate if you don’t look at live chat.

Twitch Theater

Twitch Theater is another app that allows users to stream multiple Twitch channels, and it also supports YouTube. The advantage is that this app displays chats in the sidebar leaving the renaming space for the streams.

1. First, open the Twitch Theater web app.

Twitch Theater web app

2. Now paste the YouTube or Twitch URL in the right sidebar under the Streams and Videos option and click on the +Plus icon. If you click on the ++ double plus icon, it will add both stream and chat. Clicking on +plus icon will add only the stream.

Entering the usernames in Twitch Theater

3. Once added, the layout will be automatically adjust.

Streaming through Twitch Theater

4. Click on the Settings option in the sidebar to change your preferences related to appearance, audio, chat, etc.

Twitch Theater also comes with an additional advantage that you can watch more than 8 streams.

Wraping Up: Watch Twitch and YouTube Streams Together

Both the services are good enough. But if you prefer chatting along while streaming, then Rare Drop Multi is the one you are looking for. If a cleaner UI with bigger stream display are is what you care about, then Twitch Theater is better. The difference here is more about the interface and less about the functionality.

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