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Top 11 Ways to Fix Windows Upgrade Stuck at 30 Percent

by Parth Shah
Fix Windows update stuck at 30 percent

Microsoft is on a roll with Windows 11 updates. The software giant frequently releases new OS builds to add features, security patches, and bug fixes. However, the Windows update process isn’t smooth for everyone. Sometimes, the Windows upgrade process gets stuck at 30%, 80%, or another specific percentage for hours at end. Here are the best ways to fix Windows upgrade stuck at 30 percent.

1. Restart and Try Again

It’s one of the effective ways to troubleshoot normal Windows glitches. You can restart your Windows PC and try updating the OS again.

1. Press the Windows key and select the Power button.

2. Hit Restart.

restart Windows PC

2. Delete Windows Update Cache

When the Windows update database gets corrupted with bogus files, the Windows upgrade gets stuck at 30 percent. You need to delete the Windows update cache and try again.

1. Press Windows + E keys to open the File Explorer menu.

2. Head to C: > Windows > Software Distribution.

software distribution in file explorer on Windows

3. Open DataStore.

select data store on Windows

4. Delete all files and folders from DataStore.

remove data store files on Windows

5. Go back to Software Distribution. Open Download.

6. Select all folders and delete them.

remove download files on Windows

Restart your PC (check the steps above) and try updating your PC again.

3. Install Optional Updates First

You can first install optional updates on your PC and update it without any issues.

1. Press Windows + I keys to open Settings.

2. Select Windows Update and open Advanced options.

open advanced options on Windows

3. Select Optional update and install them from the following menu.

install optional updates on Windows

4. Run Disc Cleanup

You can run disc cleanup on your computer to fix the Windows upgrade stuck at 30 percent.

1. Press the Windows key and search for Disk Cleanup.

2. Hit Enter and select C drive.

run disk cleanup on Windows

3. Hit OK and select program files, temporary internet files, and more from the following menu. Click OK.

delete bogus files in windows file explorer on Windows

5. Run Windows Update Troubleshooter

Microsoft offers a built-in troubleshooter tool to fix Windows upgrades stuck at 30 percent issues.

1. Launch Windows Settings by pressing the Windows + I keys and go to System.

open troubleshoot on Windows 11

2. Select Troubleshoot and open Other Troubleshooters.

3. Run the Windows Update troubleshooter from the following menu and follow the on-screen instructions.

run windows update troubleshooter on Windows 11

If you face any issues with running Windows troubleshooter, read our dedicated guide to fix the problem.

6. Check for Corrupt Files

Corrupt and malicious files on your Windows PC may interfere with the system upgrade process. You can use the Windows Security app to find and remove such bogus files.

1. Press the Windows key and search for Windows Security.

2. Select Virus & threat protection from the sidebar and run a Quick scan.

Run quick scan on Windows 11

3. You can select Scan options and run a full PC scan too.

Run full scan on Windows 11

During the scan process, you can minimize the Windows Security app and continue with your work.

7. Free Up RAM

Windows upgrade may get stuck at 30 percent due to insufficient RAM. You need to close unnecessary apps and services to free up RAM.

1. Right-click on Windows key and open Task Manager.

2. Check memory consumption. Select irrelevant processes and hit End task.

free up RAM on Windows

Once you have sufficient RAM on your computer, open the Windows Update menu in Settings and install the latest build without any issues.

8. Check Storage

If you have less space on your Windows PC, you may run into issues with the Windows upgrade process. Thankfully, Microsoft has packed the Storage Sense tool to free up space with a single click.

1. Head to Windows Settings > System > Storage menu.

Open storage in Windows

2. Use Cleanup recommendations and delete temporary files from the same menu.

clear storage on Windows 11

9. Use Safe Mode

Running Windows in safe mode loads the system in memory with basic and required programs only. You can run Windows in safe mode and fix upgrade stuck at 30 percent.

1. Press Windows + R keys to open Run. Type msconfig and hit OK.

open system configuration on Windows

2. Move to Boot tab.

3. Enable Safe boot. Click Apply and hit OK.

Run Windows 11 on Safe mode

Restart your PC and try again.

10. Reset Windows

If none of the tricks are working, reset Windows and fix the Windows upgrade stuck at 30 percent.

1. Head to System in Windows Settings and select Recovery.

Open recovery on Windows 11

2. Select Reset PC and click Keep my files.

reset Windows PC

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the reset process.

Keep files during reset PC on Windows

11. Update BIOS

BIOS means Basic Input Output System, and updating it should be the last resort to fix Windows upgrade stuck at 80% or another percentage. You need to visit the PC OEM’s website and download the latest version of BIOS.

Note: Updating BIOS on your computer is a complex process. If you make a mistake during the process, it may damage your computer.

Enjoy the Latest Windows 11 Updates

Running your personal or work computer on an outdated Windows build is never a good idea. However, the entire Windows update isn’t exactly smooth either. The steps above will troubleshoot the Windows upgrade stuck at 30 percent issue without breaking a sweat.

You can also join the Windows Insider Program to test unreleased builds before the public release. Read our dedicated post to learn all about Windows 11 Inside Program.

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