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What Is My Twitter Username or Handle and How to Change It

by Mehvish
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Did someone recently ask you to share your X (formerly Twitter) username/handle with them? Now you must be wondering what’s my Twitter username and how to find it? Worry not. You have reached the right place. We will tell you how to find your Twitter username, how to change your username, and much more. Let’s get started.

What Is My Twitter Username or Handle

Twitter username and handle are the same things. So if someone asks you for your Twitter handle, they are referring to your username and vice versa. Username is your unique identity on Twitter. Your username will appear next to your name in your tweets, replies, and messages. It is preceded by the @ symbol.

A few things to know about Twitter usernames:

  • No two accounts can have the same username.
  • Your username can be used to log in to your Twitter account and you can also find people by their Twitter username.
  • Twitter usernames aren’t permanent and can be changed easily.
  • Also, usernames are public and visible to everyone.

Now that you know what’s a Twitter handle, it’s time to find yours.   

How to Find Your Twitter Username on Mobile

On Twitter Android or iOS app, go to your profile screen. You will find the Twitter handle (the one with the @ symbol) under your name.

Twitter Username FInd on Mobile

In case you want to share the handle with someone, simply tell them the username or tap on the three-dot icon at the top on the profile screen and select Share from the menu. Share the generated link with the person using your preferred messaging app.

Twitter Share Profile Link

You will find your username above your tweets and replies as well just next to your name.

How to Find Your Twitter Username on PC

Open Twitter.com and log in to your account. Once logged in, you will see your name and handle at the bottom-left corner. The text after the @ symbol is your name.

Twitter Username Find on PC

Alternatively, go to your profile screen by clicking on the Profile tab from the left side of the Twitter homepage.

Twitter Username Profile Tab

You will find the handle under your Twitter name. Also, look for the Twitter profile URL on the same page. That also contains your username.

Twitter Username Profile Link

Moreover, any tweet that you send will have your username So look for your handle in your tweets. It’s the text after the @ symbol next to your name.

Twitter Username Tweets

How to Change Twitter Username

You can easily change your Twitter username from the Twitter website on desktop or mobile as shown below.

Note: The ability to change the Twitter handle is currently not available on the Android and iPhone/iPad apps.

1. Open twitter.com on a PC or mobile.twitter.com on a mobile phone.

2. Log in to your account. Click on the More tab.

Twitter More Tab

3. Select Settings and privacy from the menu.  

Twitter Settings & Privacy

4. Select Your account followed by Account information.

Twitter Username Account Information

5. You will be asked to enter your Twitter password for security reasons. After doing so, click on the Username field.

Twitter Username Change

6. Enter a new username in the box. You will also be shown some suggestions for a new username. Type a new one or choose one from the auto-suggestions. Click on Save.

Twitter Username Add new

What Happens When You Change Twitter Username

When you change your Twitter handle, it will not affect anything for your existing profile. All your followers, following, messages, and tweets will remain untouched. However, people will see the new username on your profile instead of the old one. So it might be a good idea to inform them.

Other than that, people won’t be able to find you with your old username. So if you have shared that with someone, you need to send them the new username.

Even more importantly, your old handle will become available for use by other Twitter users. That means if anyone wants to use your previous username, they can do it now. So if you had earlier shared your old username with someone, they might reach out to a different profile using your old username. That’s why it’s better to inform or update people when you change your Twitter handle.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the Twitter Username Character Limit

Your Twitter handle should have less than 15 and more than 4 characters.

What Are the Allowed Characters in Username

The only characters allowed in username are letters, numbers, and underscores. You cannot add space, emoji, or other characters to your username. However, you can add them to your Twitter name.

What Does Twitter Username Already Taken Mean

When you are trying to set a username for your profile, you might get the error ‘Twitter username already taken’. It means that someone else is already using that username. Unless they change their username, you cannot use the same as usernames are unique.

Should Your Twitter Handle Be Your Name

Not necessarily. Your Twitter handle or username can be anything. It can be your name if you want to keep it and if it’s available. But there is no hard and fast rule.

Can You Have Similar Username Across Different Social Media Platforms

Yes, you can use the same username for different platforms as long as the username is available on each platform.

How to Swap Username From One Twitter Account to Another

To do so, you will need to change the username on the first account to something else. Doing so will free up the required username. Now log in with the second Twitter account and change the username to that of the first account. Make sure you do it as quickly as possible so that no one else takes it.

Wrap Up: Find and Change Twitter Username

Now that you know the importance of a username, and how to find and change it, you should choose a good username. Once you have set the right username, it’s time to further enhance your Twitter profile. You can pin a new tweet or pin someone else’s tweet to your profile. And if you want to go a step further, you change the Twitter source label to make tweets interesting.

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