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7 Best Twitter Apps for the Fussiest Tweeters

by Ravi Teja KNTS
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The official twitter app has come a very long way, from being a dumpster fire to an app that you can totally rely on. Most people don’t even use twitter clients anymore because these apps just show Twitter in a different layout. However, if you want Twitter apps that concentrate on providing even better usability then check out my favorite picks. Let’s begin.

Best Twitter apps for Android

1. Falcon Pro 3

falcon pro is one of my favorite Twitter apps. It may not provide all the features, but they have really concentrated on just the things which are most important and offered them in a clean and elegant way. The app shows relevant interactions on the side panel, offers column-based interactions, and optimized scrolling.

The only thing which I dislike is this app costs $3.99 for a single account and an extra $1.99 for each account you want to use, which is definitely more than what it deserves. Anyhow, you can get the best twitter app for android.


  • Customization option for refreshing tweets, cache, batched notifications,
  • Option to change the gestures, font size, and image size, etc.
  • Clean and elegant layout based on Android’s Material Design.
  • Intuitive gestures.


  • No dark mode.
  • No option to change the bio
  • adding multiple accounts on the app is costly.

Download Falcon Pro 3 (free, in-app purchases)

Falcon Pro 3 Twitter App

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2. Albatross for Twitter

This is a recently released twitter app with google’s material design. Right from customization, gestures, etc, this app offers a lot of features and settings for you to tweak. However, one of the most overlooked features is the option to view the feed in chronological order.

By default, swipe to dismiss option is turned on and it brings you back to home feed when you swipe, which is annoying if you’re in the middle of a long thread. Take it as a tip and disable “Swipe to Dismiss”.


  • Clean interface with the gesture support.
  • A lot of customization options to change looks, functionality, behavior, etc.
  • Ability to schedule tweets, but that is only available for premium with $2.49.
  • Can use the fingerprint scanner as biometric authentication.


  • Many important features like notifications, displaying tweet count are also available only in premium.

Download Albatross (free)

Albatross Twitter App

3. Owly

Owly would give any Twitter client a run for its money in terms of experience. The interface of this app is cleverly designed which offers all the features in a minimalistic way.  This is a twitter app that has been around for a really long time and has been updating the design and function according to the latest trends.


  • Free and cleanest looking twitter app just like Albatross.
  • Ability to add people to the reading mode, so that you can know each and every action and tweet of them.


  • Lacks data on trends, it just shows the worldwide trends but country trends and city trends are not available even is the pro mode.
  • The pro mode is available, but it doesn’t offer any good features. All the available features are tweet digest and changing ringtones for each task. Anyhow, the free version offers all the things you need.
  • Takes around 2 -5 mins of time to get the notification. So you cannot totally rely on that for instant response.

Download Owly (free)

Owly Twitter App

4. Twidere

The last two apps on the list have decent features but they totally fail in the notifications department. Talking about notifications, Twidere handles notifications like a champ, even better than the official Twitter app. It notifies you about every like, comment, and mentions. This app offers even features like combined notifications to group all the notifications and batched notifications. If you have multiple twitter accounts, you can even set up different notification settings for each account.


  • Native integration with Buffer to schedule tweets.
  • Obviously the best twitter app for notifications.


  • Not the cleanest looking interface by default, but has a lot of customization option that has potential to change it that we can easily rely on.
  • As Owly, it also only shows worldwide trends.
  • Not even an option for the people who do direct messages. They don’t load 90% of the time and just ask you to reload.

Download Twidere (free)

Twidere Twitter App

5. Fenix 2

Fenix is a totally different app that has its main focus on concentrating content instead of likes, retweets, replies. By default, it shows you likes and retweets with a single tap on the tweet, but you even have the option to remap that. All you can see is the tweet with no likes, retweets, replies, etc. So you won’t be affected by people’s decisions and have your own perspective of each tweet.


  • Clean and easy to understand interface and also looks minimal as it compromises on a few features for good.
  • Gesture navigation for single tap, double-tap, and long-press which can be remapped for different actions like reply, quote, opening quick actions, etc.
  • A better notification system that you can rely on.


  • Obviously you cannot see any replies for any tweet, this is not a con for an app like this, but it is only the thing which I have missed while using the app.
  • This is a paid app and costs $5.99. As this is the only app which is concentrating on content, we have no alternatives.

Download Fenix 2 ($5.99)

Fenix 2 Twitter App

6. Tweecha lite

The name of this app itself says the entire story. If you are looking for an app that occupies less storage space and consumes less data, then Tweecha lite is even better than the official Twitter lite app. However, if you’re not a fan of 4Chan messageboard style interface then you may not like the app at all. One of the features that I really appreciate is that you have can resume your browsing from the point you left, even after restarting the app.


  • Though it is a lite app, it offers all the features including notifications and trends.
  • You can enable the option to not load photos and videos by default.
  • Ability to compress the video to a lower resolution while playing.
  • Best timeline in chronological order


  • I can’t stretch this even more, but the interface is a big problem and takes a good amount of time to understand.
  • Costs $5.99 for just removing ads and few other small features.

Download Tweecha Lite (free, in-app purchases)

Tweecha Lite Twitter App

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7. Hootsuite

It is not a twitter app but even more than that. It can be used as a planner & to store drafts to post on twitter and other social media platforms. Though it is not a twitter app, you can tweets, your profile, and notifications right in the app. And you can also like, retweet, and reply.


  • Can publish the post on multiple social media platforms at once which is the key feature of this app.
  • Supports all major social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linked In and even YouTube.


  • Can only add 3 accounts in the free version, anyhow I can say that is reasonable enough.
  • Cannot see the replies to tweets that make this app to use as a secondary twitter app.

Download Hootsuite

Hootsuite Twitter App

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Final Thoughts

I have tried more than 25 twitter apps that have good ratings such as Talon, Uber Social, TweetPane, Robird, etc. But among all of them, the apps on this list are really good and stand out with some core functionality like being lite, concentrating on content, customization, etc. Which Twitter apps do you use? Let me know in the comments below.

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