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How to Link All Your Social Media Profiles in One Place

by Ravi Teja KNTS
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Managing all your social media accounts is a hectic task and it’s even harder for your friends to follow you on each individual platform. But you can simply solve the issue by linking all your accounts in one place and keeping it in your bio like a landing page. That way, anyone who wants to follow you can easily take a look at all your accounts. This can even improve your followers’ base because of the cross-platform promotion.

Here are the best services that will help you link all your accounts in one place.

Link All Your Social Media Profiles in One Place

1. Linktree

Linktree is the oldest and most used liking service, mainly because of the easy setup and a clean look. All it requires is to create a Linktree account and click on add new link button. Now you can just give the link a name and place the profile link below. You also have a few free themes to choose from. Anyhow for anything remaining like adding images, customization, scheduling links, statistics, etc you need to get a Pro membership for a monthly subscription of $6.

Open Linktree

2. Compiled

Compiled is one of my favorite services for the good amount of customization it offers for free. While adding social media icons beside the account name is a paid feature on many services, compiled automatically detects the link and adds the icon on its own. Anyhow, you also have the option to change it if you want. Even many more features like changing the background color, a bit of customization, etc are available for free. You can also choose a pro subscription for things like statistics for how many people clicked on the links, etc for a $5 per month.

Open Compiled

3. ContactInBio

ContactInBio has a similar-looking landing page to the Linktree, but you have a lot of customization options, to the point that it may take a long time to set up a page that just looks like a link tree page. But if you prefer a bit more customization and look to your landing page, then I would definitely suggest ContactInBio than Linktree. Unlike Linktree, you also have the option to add icons beside the link name. Anyhow anything except that can be only done with a pro subscription for $7 per month.

Open ContactInBio

4. LinkInProfile

LinkinProfile takes a completely different approach comparing to other services. Rather than creating a multilink landing page, it creates a page similar to the Instagram feed but with clickable images. It also doesn’t need any setup process, just connect the account with your Instagram account. From now on, whenever you place any link in the caption of the Instagram post, this will automatically add a photo on the landing page and whenever anyone clicks on it, it will redirect them to the link in the profile. Though it may not be useful for adding social media profiles, it’s still a great tool to add links in the captions.

Open LinkInProfile

5. TapBio

TapBio is the most stylish linking service on the list. Instead of creating a simple page, it creates multiple pages and runs through them like stories. That makes it more mobile-friendly, but it hards for people to navigate on the desktop. Tap Bio landing is also a bit confusing and takes a while to get used to. Anyhow, this definitely has a more modern quirky design and unlimited customization features available for free. Unlike many other services adding social media accounts is also different as you need to log-in to each service to add the link. This will bring additional features like showing your latest tweet in the twitter story, your latest Instagram post as a background for your Instagram story page. Anyhow with the free account, you can only create a single card with no option for statistics, etc.

Open TapBio

Wrapping Up

Other than just adding your social media profiles, you can also add your websites and other links to which you want more people to find out.

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