Find out Where Visitors are Clicking on Your Website

Want to know where visitors are clicking on your website?  And which part of the website they click most?

While Google Analytics can tell a lot about you Audience, it can not show you where exactly visitors are clicking on your website.

Yes, there are other services(like Crazy Egg from Neil Patel) that give you details about the user behavior; like where they click, scroll, and keypress on your site; but these services are quite expensive and more suitable for the bigger website.

And guess what, there is a simple way to find where visitors are clicking on your website, all you have to do is installed a simple chrome extension. Obviously, this is not as powerful as the paid services but it does give some good insights, like user click pattern and heat map of your website.

Visitors are Clicking on Your Website

There are several reasons, why would like to see where visitors are clicking on your website. For instance, you can see–

  • Which links, users are clicking more.
  • Or if they are clicking on the unclickable area.
  • Users flow from one page to other.
  • Find out better area for ads or sale.
  • Which widgets are not performing well and then remove them.

How does it work?

Before we start, you should be using Chrome browser and Google Analytics on the website. Also, make sure, you use same google account on both Chrome and Analytics.

Next install Google Analytics chrome extension from the store.

Now go to your website and click on the Analytics icon to turn it On. You’ll see the visitors count.


Again click on the drop down arrow to maximize the chart and choose between the heat maps and the number of clicks. And that’s it. Now you’ll see clicks percentage all over the websites.

Closing Words

Google Analytic’s chrome extension is a free tool that’s meant to quickly see your website’s real-time visitors. But it has a hidden feature that shows you the where visitors are clicking on your website. Although the information is not as detailed as you get from the paid tools; but this is still quite helpful. Every Web Master should take a look at this stats from time to time.


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