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7 Best Vision Board Apps to Achieve Long Term Goals

by Vaibhav
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A vision board is where you can put pictures, quotes, and affirmations to remind yourself of a larger life goal. For instance, if you really wish to buy a sports car, try putting up a picture on your vision board. The conventional way asks you to put up pictures on physical boards but as you know they’re not easy to carry and view all the time. However, a phone with a vision board app would fix that problem with ease. So, here are the best vision board apps to achieve your goals.

Best Vision Board Apps

1. Google Keep

Google Keep is not your usual vision board app, but you can use it as one. Here’s how you do it. Open Google Keep and create a normal note. Now, attach pictures to the note via the camera or your gallery. For inspiration, you can add your favorite quote below the pictures as well. However, in order to view your vision all the time on the Home screen, you need to add the “Keep widget”.

In order to see your pictures at the top of the widget, make sure you pin them in the notes.

Google Keep Vision Board

The only downside to Google Keep is it won’t function similarly on iOS. You do get the option to get widgets but it doesn’t support image preview.

What’s good?

  • You don’t need an extra app
  • Adding reminds is easy
  • Option to collaborate with others
  • Possible to use to-do within the vision

What’s not?

  • Not a dedicated vision board app
  • Relies on the Widget to work
  • Lack of image preview in widgets on iOS

Get Google Keep (iOS | Android)

2. My Vision Board

While Google keeps kind of works, it doesn’t send you a reminder and that’s where “My Vision Board” comes in. Besides the regular features like adding images and quotes, you also get “Affirmation”. Affirmation is basically a way of thinking positively and speaking positive statements to yourself. Let’s take a sample quote from the app itself.

I have the power to create all the success and prosperity I desire.

This might not seem so powerful at a glance, but it can do wonders if you read and speak this every day. These statements also help the subconscious to feel motivated in the longer run.

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My Vision Board

The app has a database filled with affirmations neatly grouped together. You also get the option to manually write your own affirmations. But, with the huge number of inbuilt templates, you would hardly feel to do so. Additionally, if you’re one of those people who needs motivation right in the morning, there is an option to set a daily affirmation reminder as well. And! If you’re a singer like me, you can add your own soothing voice with the affirmations.

The Vision Board is a good vision boarding app. However, the frequent pop-up ads can get a tad bit annoying.

What’s good?

  • Separate affirmation section
  • Can add reminders to affirmations
  • In-built journal with to-do option

What’s not?

  • Frequent pop-up ads

Get My Vision Board (Android)

3. VisuAPP

Unlike My Vision Board, VisuApp is available for iPhone users as well. Similar to the rest of the apps, it lets you add pictures on the vision board. You can either choose to write on the pictures or add a weblink to your dreams. For instance, if you stumbled upon a car you wish to buy or a movie that inspires you to travel, you can link them as well.

Visu App

The app also has a pro variant that provides features like access to the Feng-Shui board and a Gratitude Journal where you can add three things that you’re grateful for every day. Having said that, the pricing seemed slightly overkill. Just to get an ad-free experience, you will have to shell out $28.

What’s good?

  • Add links to your goals
  • Easy to set multiple reminders
  • Can make an online back-up

What’s not?

  • Very costly if you want to remove ads

Get VisuApp (iOS | Android)

4. Vision Board | Feng Shui

The Vision Board app works slightly differently from the other apps on this list. It is built on a Feng Shui method called the Bagua Map.The map is represented by nine focus area points that help you achieve more in your life. So rather than a vision board that simply shows the vision as a random gallery, this one uses elements like wealth and prosperity, love and marriage, career and life mission, etc. It personally is great as it makes you think about these nine elements in your own life and there is hardly any area it doesn’t touch.

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My Vision Board Feng Shui

Besides the Bagua method, it also works like a regular vision board app. It lets you add both a deadline and a caption manually. There is also a reminder feature, so you can set a time and customize a message to prompt you in the notification drawer. There are banner ads at the bottom that can’t be removed because the pro version is still in development. So, if you get irritated with ads, there is no option but to feel helpless.

What’s good?

  • Beautiful UI
  • Based on Bagua Map
  • Multiple Themes

What’s not?

  • Banner ads at the bottom
  • Pro-features still under development

Get Vision Board (iOS | Android)

5. VYBO Vision Board

Most vision board apps let you take pictures or import some from your gallery, but VYBO takes a different approach. It lets you Google search images and import them right away. The search image option is on the top-right corner of the board. Type in your search query and simply clicking on the image. The app drops it on the board and now you can add text and music to it.

Moreover, if you love playing with texts, VYBO has plenty of options for that. You can change the font, font color, and even customize the text behind or above an image layer. In case you want to use the board as a picture, you can download and set it as your wallpaper, screensaver, whatever you like!

Vision Board iOS

The only problem with VYBO is reminders. The reminder option is a malfunctioning mere white screen. Somehow I even managed to set the reminder (Ninja Technique), but they still didn’t work. I think it’s a device-specific problem, but you can try it out as well.

What’s good?

  • Save images directly from Google
  • Add text and change fonts
  • Edit in multiple layers

What’s not?

  • Reminder option is broken

Get VYBO Vision Board (iOS | Android)

6. Pinterest

Pinterest isn’t a vision board app but it does handle boards well. It has thousands of unique pictures and one can easily organize everything into separate boards. For instance, I have a Pinterest board for motivation where I put all the quotes that inspire me. Similarly, it’s easy to search for almost any picture and use it as an idea.

Pinterest features some of the creative motivating quotes but it lacks some of the essential feature of a vision board app. You don’t get basic features like creating reminders, multiple images on a board. You also have to open the app and go to the saved section to view your vision.

What’s good?

  • A huge database of pictures
  • Able to create Boards
  • Make the board private

What’s not?

  • Not a vision board app
  • Can’t set reminders

Get Pinterest (iOS Android)

7. Notion

Notion is a very powerful tool that is also touted as an alternative to Evernote. Besides the usual note-taking features, you can use the gallery view to embed images, add captions, and add titles. Since you can easily link multiple pages together in Notion, you’re not just restricted to one vision board, but can also add multiple page links inside each vision idea.

The coolest part is that you have a huge template library that contains plenty of ideas you can take inspiration from.

Many content creators use Notion daily as their idea/vision board which you can check out on YouTube. To summarize, it’s a blank canvas that you can fill with links,  notes, ideas, pictures, and almost anything that you’d love to see.  Unlike all the apps above, you have a very clean and dedicated app for PC. Moreover, you can access it on your phone whether it’s iOS or Android.

What’s good?

  • Very flexible with the type of content you can add
  • Create Multiple Boards and inter-linking
  • Large community with templates and ideas

What’s not?

  • Not a dedicated vision board app

Get Notion  (iOS | Android)

Should You Use a Vision Board?

Yes, for sure! Will they help you?

Well, If you’re lying on the couch with a packet of plain salted chips binge-watching Netflix, I’m afraid, these apps will be of no help. Motivation takes other things around you into consideration, so you may feel motivated today but not tomorrow. On the other hand, discipline and work ethic is exclusive and has to happen regardless of any other factor.

As someone wise already said, Motivation is temporary, but discipline is forever. So, make a vision and then work towards it. Later, if you really feel like getting ahead in the game, try these vision board apps to achieve long term goals!

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