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Govt. of India’s Launches Aarogya Setu App to Fight COVID-19

by Vaibhav

Aarogya Setu (iOS, Android) is developed by the Government of India with the aim of educating the users about COVID-19. You need to feed your phone number to sign-up. This also helps in contact tracing and rapidly altering users in case of close proximity to a patient in the last 14 days. In case you feel any symptoms, you can take the self-screening test. It’s an interactive chat-bot that asks you questions about your gender, age, international travel history, etc.

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The app requires Bluetooth and GPS to monitor your location. If it detects any close contact in the past. It alerts the user in addition to instructions on self-isolation and steps to take in case symptoms develop over time. The app claims that user data is safe and won’t be compromised, however, it does share info with the Government of India in case any medical intervention is required.



  • Alerts when close to a COVID-19 Patient
  • Self-screening test
  • State-wise helpline numbers
  • Tab for MOH Twitter handle
  • Supports eleven languages

Get Aarogya Setu App on iOS | Android 

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COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone globally and governments have called for immediate lock-down and self-isolation measure. As it brings new challenges every day it becomes necessary to follow a legitimate source of information such as CDC to keep ourselves updated. Tech companies like Apple and Microsoft have also developed apps for self-screening and maps for tracking the outbreak.

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