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10 Best Instagram Filters To Keep Up With The Trends

by Kaushal
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While you can make your own Instagram face filters, there are a plethora of third-party filter effects created by other Instagram users. Simply go to the Instagram Stories, swipe right on the record button, and select browse effects. Here you can find all effects you’ve ever seen go viral. I went on to find the best Instagram filters that you would surely enjoy. Let’s check those out.

Best Instagram Filters

1. Guess the Gibberish

Based on the popular party game IncoHEARENT, Guess the Gibberish is a really popular Instagram filter effect created by gu_christopher. It presents a card on your forehead with some seeming gibberish that you have to find the meaning of. It is really fun to play and challenge your friends.

Try Guess the Gibberish by gu_christopher

2. Genetics Scanner

Created by user iamcraiglewis2, Genetics Scanner looks like it would do some ancestry test on you but when you actually tap the record button, it morphs your face into an animal such as a slug, boar, chameleon, etc. It looks super fun and serves as an awesome prank.

Try Genetics Scanner by iamcraiglewis2

3. Googly Eyes!

Googly Eyes is the Instagram version of the googly eyes prank. This effect puts googly eyes on your eyes giving you the dorky look and you can do that it any face be it you, Benji on the bill, or even people on the TV. It’s a timeless classic.

Try Googly Eyes by lukehurd

4. Flappy Bord

Remember that controversial game that polarised the society around it? Yeah, you can play that within Instagram with this filter effect. However, the fun part is that you don’t have to sacrifice your thumbs anymore and you would have to bob your head up and down to control the bird.

Try Flappy Bord by igor.zhurba

5. Which Disney?

Even if you’re not a kid anymore, you’d still want to know which Disney princess or rather a character are you. User arnopartissimo tried to recreate the magic with this little filter effect. Just tap the record button and the forehead plaque would shuffle between all the beloved Disney characters and assign you one. I was Scar, what about you?

Try Which Disney? by arnopartissimo

6. Complete your Face

A fun little game where you have to put your facial features back on your face by blinking. As you start recording with this filter on, your eyes, nose, and mouth all start zooming around and you have to stop them on the precise location on your face by blinking. It’s not as easy as it looks.

Try Complete your Face by manuelgiampaolo

7. Too Loud, Can’t See

I guess I’m not alone when I say this, macOS’ Volume HUD needs to go. This Instagram filter effect puts the Apple volume HUD on your face and the volume bar adjusts automatically as you speak. If you scream the volume bar climbs and plummets when you keep mum.

Try Too Loud, Can’t See by anonmister

8. What Aspect Ratio are you?

Maybe there is a reason why Instagram doesn’t allow every aspect ratio. You can have a look at how you would look as various aspect ratios and no, it only shows how your face would look if it were in that aspect ratio.

Try What Aspect Ratio are you? by pompandclout

9. TrEYEpophobia

One of the weirder filters on this list because it is truly disturbing and if you have trypophobia then it’s the stuff for nightmares. Check it out.

Try TrEYEpophobia by iamcraiglewis2


If you’ve been on the Internet around the early 2000’s then you’d probably remember the orange. The orange was insanely popular and was an entirely cultural thing. Now, you can be one with this filter effect. Go bananas.

Try ORANGE by conceptuel

Best Instagram Filter Effects

These were a few of the best Instagram filter effects that I could find. These are all user-created and have something unique. If you have a favorite effect not listed above, let me know in the comments below and I shall add it to the list.

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