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Best Prank Apps for Android (2020)

by Vaibhav
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I’m sure you must have prank your friends at some point in life. I have done it along with fooling them with a broken wallpaper screen, a fake call from mom and whatnot. While these are pranks are the usual that we see, there are many more unseen pranks which will help you catch up with time and help you prank your friends. The easiest way is to use your phone and use apps that put ants on your display and even fake WhatsApp chats. So without further ado, here are the best prank apps for Android that you can try right away!

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1. Broken Screen Prank

Well, this is the classiest of all the prank apps and I’m sure most of you might have tried it to fool your friends and family already. For those of you who don’t know, this app stimulates a shattered screen. You have two ways to trigger the crack, touch and shake. I prefer, touch as it’s the first instinct when anyone, touches your phone. You can also choose between cracks styles which seems legit when triggered with the audio. Removing the overlay is also easy with one tap in the notification panel.

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2. Hair Trimmer Prank

This is one of those prank apps that I’ve been a victim of as well. It’s very effective to use, all you need is a friend who loves his hair or beard (keep your defences up, as it can get pretty violent). You can remove the ads in one dollar. You have a trimmer like UI which can be turned on with a simple tap. It not only mimics the razor visually, but you can also choose between several high-quality sounds and the best of all, enable the vibration and you’re all set.

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3. Fake Call Plus

Fake Call Prank app can offer a two-way solution, you can prank your friends in situations and also use it to escape a situation you don’t want to be in. Another dual benefit of this app is that you can generate both fake calls and SMS as well. To get a call, you simply have to feed in the name, number and time that triggers incoming call. To take the prank to the next level, you can also add custom audio that plays when you get a call, which makes the call sound legit. Lastly, there is the SMS section which works with similar settings as a call but additionally has a custom message space.

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4. WhatsMock Prank Chat

You might have already guessed what the app does by its name. It’s let’s you create fake WhatsApp chats, status and even calls using the app. The apps UI is no different from WhatsApp, so it’ll be very easy to use. The app has several features like, you can create fake profiles, fake conversations and even group chats. In case you want to fool your friends with a WhatsApp video call, there is an option to select a video that plays automatically when you hit the video call icon.

The app has a very faint watermark on the top of the chats to stop any misuse, but it’s hardly noticeable. It also has ads, but you can upgrade to the pro version to remove them for $4.

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5. Wrek My Car

If your friend or someone in your family is in love with their car, well, it’s time to break their heart with this car prank. This app replaces the need for professional software like Photoshop and gives you a far simpler option to wreck their cars. The app has an array of real damages, like a dent, scratch fire, etc. You can change the colour of these elements, change the contrast and tweak the transparency. You can either take a picture with the camera or choose a picture from your gallery as well.

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Bomb it up is an unusual app that leans more towards irritating your friends than pranking them. You can send dozen of text messages (spam) in a single tap and  all you need is their mobile number. Unlike other apps where you have to send each message manually, or the other user gets it from your number, this app uses third party companies, like Domino’s, Pizza Hut, etc, to deliver them. You can set the spam message limit(150) and also the delay time between each message. So the next time your friends is too focused in his work, use this app to irritate them.

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7. Ants On Screen

If any of your friends get grossed out by small insects especially ants, this prank is sure to scare them. This app is similar to the screen break prank and stimulates ants on your screen. It overlays above any app or screen. In terms of settings, you can choose the number of ants,i.e, from 1 to 300 and also tweak the movement speed. The ants start to roam on your screen as soon as you hit start in the app. There is no touch-trigger option which would have been a great add on. You can stop the ants by tapping on the ant option in the notification panel.

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Closing Remarks

These are some of the best prank apps that you can try. My favourite is the screen break app which triggers as soon as someone touches your phone. It’s great to instantly prank your friends and freaks them out. Besides that, you can also try ants on the screen, as the stimulations look very real and it’ll surely throw your friends in the air. Lastly, you should only use all these apps for entertainment purposes and not to really harm anyone.

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