How to Run 2 Whatsapp in one Phone

WhatsApp has deeply integrated with our life. People use it for both personal and professional use. For instance- many local stores now accept orders on WhatsApp; folks on buy/sell sites like olx are openly sharing their WhatsApp number. But, for people like me, who like to keep their personal and …

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Authy vs google authenticator — Which one is Better?


Authy and Google authenticator, are just two different apps doing the same thing; i.e. making the 2-Factor Authentication simple. These apps generate a time dependent 6 digit code, which you enter after you submit your username and password. If you don’t know what 2FA is and how it works with Authy, …

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How to Use Pocket (Read Later App) Effectively

pocket- read it later

So nowadays, we have access to the amount of information, like no one ever had in the past. Anything you want to know is just a google search away. But still; we never have enough time to read all those useful content we find on the web. And this is where the read later apps …

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How to do Research for YouTube Videos


To succeed in any new business, you need to do either of these two things — build something that people want but no one has made it before. Or if it already exists then make the better version of it. Now, this also holds true for YouTube. If you are just …

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Useful Google URLs and Services

less know google links

There are many Google services. Some of them we use daily (like Gmail and YouTube etc. ) while there are other that we don’t even know if it exists. So here is a complete list of some of those less know, yet useful Google services. #1 Google alerts Get automatic alerts on …

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How To use Feedly Effectively


Ever since Google reader shutdown in 2013, many people (including me) moved to Feedly –a promising candidate for that time. And since then, there has been no looking back.  Feedly is the most popular RSS reader right now, And I like it mostly because of two reasons. One, it’s available for …

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Things you should know about Netflix


So, it’s has been a month since Netflix launched in India (also in 130 other countries). And in the last thirty days, I have spent hundreds of hours watching the walking dead. Yes, I know that’s too much and I trying to get it under control. But hey, it’s gooood. …

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Comparing 4 best Offline Maps Apps for Smartphones

best offline maps apps

Visiting a new city? Well, it’s always a good thing to have the offline maps of the city you are visiting. There are several advantages to that, for instance: You don’t have to spend money on data, while on roaming Offline maps works even when there is no signal They …

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The Best Tools for Creating Animated GIF

how to create a gif easily

We all love GIF (aka Graphic Interchangeable Format) — a special image format that support animation. People use it for- Sharing funny pictures on Reddit, Tumblr, Google+ etc Animating your profile picture of internet forums Providing visual instruction in your website (see example) Creating a GIF is no rocket science, …

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How to Book or Break Fixed Deposit in HDFC online

open FD in HDFC online

So you want to book a fixed deposit via HDFC net banking? But have few question like — how to apply online, what are the interest rate, what if I need to break FD before maturity, how much will be the penalty etc etc. I had similar questions few months …

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