Private Browsing: What is it and What it is not

Private Browser

My Dad often used my laptop to check his emails. And yesterday he asked, “Why do I always see your Gmail account logged in, whenever I open mine.”  The answer is simple. Since it’s my personal computer, I don’t sign out of my Google account. Off course, I explain the reason …

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How to see Blocked Content on Websites

see Blocked Content on Websites

Every once in while we all come across members only websites. Some popular examples would be Quora and Financial Times etc. They offer some content for free, but if you browse more, then you get a pop-up asking you to create a free account or pay to read more content. And off course …

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Apply Padding to Adsense Ads with this CSS Code

adsense with padding

Google AdSense is a popular Ad network for many small publishers like us. It works by coping pasting, small JavaScript code from AdSense dashboard to the part of the website, where you want to show ads. When people click on these Ads, you make money. Now if you are an AdSense publisher for …

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RTT Explains: Why WiFi Signals Are Not Dangerous to Health

Is wifi dangerous to health

Five girls from Hjallerup Skole, a primary education school in Denmark, conducted an experiment- to find out the impact of WiFi on humans. In the test they placed 6 trays of cress seeds, next to two WiFi routers, while the other 6 tray in a room without WiFi. And for …

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Easily Find WiFi Password of Connected Network (Video)


Here is how you can find the WiFi password from the computer or smartphone. Now, make no mistake, here, we are talking about finding the WiFi password of the connected network. And not hacking your neighbor’s WiFi. So let’s get started (or see the video tutorial below) 1. Find WiFi Password on …

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Check your YouTube Earnings in Adsense

Check your YouTube Earnings in Adsense

Do you know, you can also check your daily YouTube earning, directly from your Adsense dashboard. With this mehtod you to see useful information like cpc, cpm and total clicks etc, these are not shown in YouTube earning reports. However most of us, overlook this feature as it’s somewhat hidden deep …

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Numbertank- Make Free Call to Any Mobile With Computer

how to use number tank

Update: Apparently, NumberTank website is not working. It’s asking users to download their link to use their service. I have sent an email to the admin. Let’s wait for his/her reply. Thanks Update 1: Got a reply from the team. The have permanently closed the website and moved to the Numbertank android …

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HubPages Review: How Much Money Can You Make

hubpages review

I joined HubPages back in 2012, but really started writing articles in late 2014 and within six month, I received my first income from HubPages. It’s not much (60$), but it helps. And now, I feel comfortable enough, to share insights about HubPages, like its pros and cons, how much …

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Easy Ways to Create Cartoon Avatar of Yourself

cartoon image of me created with bitstrip

I am sure, you have seen people using ‘cartoon character of themselves’ as their display picture in a various internet forum and SNW (social networking websites). But have you ever wonder how these ‘cartoon characters’ are made? Well so far, I have seen two ways of doing it. One, by using advance image editing …

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Prioritize Downloading in Multipart torrent

Torrent junkie writes, Dear RTT, I am downloading a TV show from a torrent; it has around 20 episode. When I start the download, all files were downloading concurrently. But I want to download the files in order, for instance, first, the episode 1 should download, followed by episode 2 …

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