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8 Fixes for Something Went Wrong Error on Facebook

by Pankil Shah
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Your Facebook experience may hit a snag when the ‘Something went wrong’ error pops up unexpectedly. Whether you encounter this error while scrolling through the news feed, attempting to post updates, or logging in, there’s no need to panic. We will share some useful tips to fix Facebook’s ‘Something went wrong’ error on your Android, iPhone, and web.

1. Check Your Internet Connection

A weak or inconsistent internet connection can prevent Facebook from loading correctly on your phone or computer, resulting in the ‘Something went wrong’ error. So, open a few other websites in your browser and see if they load fine.

If you experience problems, switch to a different internet connection and try again. 

2. Sign Out and Sign Back In

Are you experiencing the ‘Something went wrong’ error while posting on Facebook or using Facebook Dating? That could happen due to an authentication issue with your account. You can try signing out of Facebook and sign back in to see if that helps. 


1. Open the Facebook app and tap the menu icon (three horizontal lines) in the top-right corner.

Facebook App Menu on Phone

2. Scroll down to tap on Log out. Select Log Out again to confirm.

Log Out of Facebook App on Mobile


If you’re using Facebook in a web browser, click your profile picture in the top-right corner and select Log out.

Log Out of Facebook on Web

Sign back into your Facebook account and check if the error still appears.

3. Disable Extensions (Computer)

Third-party extensions on your browser can sometimes affect sites like Facebook and prevent them from loading correctly. If that’s the case, disabling browser extensions can solve your problem.

Type chrome://extensions (Chrome) or edge://extensions (Edge) in the URL bar at the top and press Enter. Then, turn off all the extensions.

Disable Extensions on Microsoft Edge

Restart your browser after this and check if Facebook loads as expected. If it does, you can re-enable your extensions one by one until the error appears again. Once you find the problematic extension, consider removing it from the browser.

4. Clear Browsing Data (Computer)

If disabling extensions proves ineffective, the old and outdated browser cache and cookies may be responsible. Try clearing them to remove any corrupt or outdated browser data that may be triggering the error.

To clear the browser cache in Chrome or Edge, press the Ctrl + Shift + Delete keys on your keyboard to open the Clear browsing data panel. Select All time from the drop-down under the Time range option.

Tick the checkboxes next to Cookies and other site data and Cached images and files. Then, hit the Clear now button.

Clear Cache and Cookies on Edge

After clearing the browsing data, try loading Facebook again.

5. Reset Your Password 

If you face the ‘Sorry, something went wrong’ error at login, you can try resetting your Facebook account password. This will help fix issues preventing you from accessing your account.

1. Open a web browser and head to Facebook’s Find Your Account page. Enter the email address or phone number associated with your account and click Search

Facebook Find Account Page

2. Select your preferred method of receiving the code and click Continue

Facebook Password Reset Page

3. Enter the 6-digit code you received and click Continue.

Verify Faceboook Code

4. Enter your new password and click Continue.

Reset Facebook Password

After you’ve reset your password, open Facebook in your browser and log in with the new password. 

6. Disable VPN Connection

While a VPN connection helps you maintain privacy, it can presetnt connectivity issues. To avoid this, it’s best to disable your VPN connection temporarily to check if that helps. 

7. Check if Facebook Is Down

Server-side glitches can also cause Facebook to throw the ‘Something went wrong’ error repeatedly. Websites like Downdetector monitor server outages for all the popular services, including Facebook. Head over to Downdetector’s Facebook page to see if there’s a widespread outage. 

Facebook Downdetector Page

If you notice significant spikes on the outage graph, your only option is to wait until Facebook resolves the issue. Once the problem is resolved, you can use Facebook as usual.

8. Reinstall the App

Some of the files associated with the Facebook app on your phone may have become corrupted, causing it to malfunction. This can also occur if you run an outdated Facebook app version.

If that’s the case, reinstalling the Facebook app on your Android or iPhone should help you fix the issue for good. 

From Error to Excellence

If you use Facebook mostly to socialize, promote your business, or stay informed about the latest trends, errors like ‘Something went wrong’ can hinder your experience. Fortunately, the solutions mentioned above will help you continue using Facebook normally on your Android, iPhone, and web.

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