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Automatically Copy Selected Text to Clipboard [Chrome]

by Mrinal Saha

I do most of my work on the browser. And one thing I have noticed so far is, I usually select text in the browser when I want to copy paste it somewhere.

The traditional way of copying text in the clipboard is tedious. First, we highlight the text, next right-click on it and then click the copy option. Overall it takes us three mouse click.

And like I always say, if you are doing something frequently, then do it effectively.

Now, Imagine how easy it would be to copy any text on your clipboard by just selecting it. No further clicks or keyboard shortcut required.

And guess what, there are chrome extensions to copy selected text to your clipboard. The one I use is — Select Go (download link below). The extension works flawlessly and unlike other similar extensions, it doesn’t slow down your browser.

Automatically Copying Selected Text to Clipboard on Chrome

Once installed, It will automatically copy every text you select in the browser. Outside chrome it won’t work. And to add a cherry on the top, you can paste it by clicking the middle mouse button.

To customize it, right click on the extension’s icon and click on options.

Here you get three option when text is selected?

  • Copy to clipboard only.
  • Run a Google search only.
  • Copy to clipboard and run Google search.

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 9.32.59 pm

The extension will copy the text along with its formatting. But if you want to strip off formatting use shortcut — CMD + Shift+ V for Mac or CTRL + Shift + V for Windows. Works everywhere.

The only downside is, the extension doesn’t work on Google Drive.

Wrapping up

Select Go is an excellent Chrome extension to copy selected text to the clipboard. It works for me with 90 percent accuracy and saves a lot of time which I can invest in more important tasks.

Download Select Go from Chrome Store.

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