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How to Disable Face ID on App Store Purchases?

by Kaushal
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The Face ID on iPhone is a secure and convenient method of authentication, too convenient sometimes. For instance, purchasing an app from the App Store is just a click away, and I have accidentally purchased some apps that I didn’t want. Not to forget, unlike Android, Apple doesn’t show a refund option for the first 2 hours. In this article, I’d show you how to disable Face ID on the App Store Let’s begin.

Disable Face ID on App Store

When you set up Face ID on your iPhone, it is automatically applied to the App Store as well. It means that you can purchase free as well as paid apps by simply clicking the side button, and Face ID instantly authenticates with your Face. To turn this feature off, navigate to the Settings app, and find Accessibility Settings. On this settings page, tap the Side button option under Physical and Motor section.

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Turn the Switch on next to “Use Passcode for Payments”. This would disable the Face ID from the App Store and any other place which involves payments, including in-app purchases. However, it would NOT affect your Home Screen Lock or app lock.

We’re not done yet, as the Face ID is disabled, App Store would ask for the Apple ID password every time you purchase something, and that includes free apps. However, we can fix that quickly by allowing free apps to be downloaded without any password or Face ID.

Open the Settings app and tap your Apple ID Avatar. Find the option “iTunes & App Store” and tap to explore its settings.

Tap Password Settings and turn the switch next to “Require Password” OFF. That’s it; your iPhone is now ready. You can go ahead and purchase apps without stressing about purchasing apps accidentally.


Here is a side by side comparison of how the interface looks with Face ID enabled and disabled.

Final Words

This was a quick and easy way to disable Face ID on your iPhone for App Store purchases. It is a handy feature that allows you to remove the Face ID authentication from the purchases and makes installing free apps one-tap. What do you think of this method? Let me know in the comments below or hit me up on Twitter?

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