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17 Discord Easter Eggs for Every Discord User

by Ravi Teja KNTS
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Discord is a cool community app that also connects with third-party services. Some of them have sprinkled fun easter eggs in their app for users to find. A few easter eggs are not available anymore like dis.gd that used to redirect users to YouTube videos to rickroll. Here’s a complete list of Discord easter eggs that you can try and find right now.

Let’s begin the list with the one I like.

1. Discordo

To access this easter egg, click on the Discord logo at the top left corner 15 times. Make sure that your device volume is turned on. This will enable a “DISCORDO” sound effect. It will play the DISCORDO sound every time you open the app. To disable, again, click on the Discord icon 15 times to stop the Discord app opening sound.

This easter egg is available on the Discord desktop app and web application. Does not work on the mobile app.

2. Music Arrows

Discord supports a lot of keyboard shortcuts to navigate their app. You can find a list of those shortcuts by clicking on the Ctrl+/ or Cmd+/ if you are on Mac. It will open a pop-up window to show all the shortcuts that Discord supports. Here you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard to play music. Have fun while learning something new.

Music Arrows Discord Easter Egg on Discord

3. Raging Demon

Another easter egg is hidden in the Discord keyboard shortcuts pop-up. Open the keyboards shortcuts by pressing Ctrl+/ or Cmd+/. Once the pop-up window opens, press H H → N K. This will show you a raging demon animation with a Chinese character that says SKY.

Raging Demon Easter Egg on Discord

4. Nitro Confetti

When someone boosts the Discord server, Discord will show a notification in the chatbox notifying everyone of the same. Hovering over the Nitro icon on that notification will display confetti. If you continue to do so, Wampus will appear in one of the four corners to throw out some more confetti.

5. SNEK – Snake Game

If you land on a 404 page on Discord while looking for something that’s no longer there, you would see a blue button beside the hamster. Click on it to start playing a hidden game.

Discord 404 Snek Game

Another way to open the game is when you are on the 404 Discord page, press the following keys in that order ⏤ ↑↑↓↓←→←→BA. This will open the same Discord SNEK Game.

Playing SNEK Game on Discord

6. This Insanity

Go to your Discord Server settings and scroll down until you see Discord notification settings. Here you will find This Insanity link. Click on it. It will redirect you to a YouTube video that shows an iPhone will million Discord notifications.

7. Take b1nzy to Space

This one has quite a few steps involved, but it’s a cool hidden easter egg.

Open Discord.com/developers/applications. Then click on documentation in the left sidebar and scroll down to click on the Rate Limits option. Scroll down in the document until you find this sentence ⏤ Note that the normal rate-limiting headers will be sent in this response. The rate-limiting response will look something like the following.

At the end of the sentence, you will see a blue colon. Click on it.

It will open a page with a cat traveling to space in a rocket with some cat music. That’s it, that’s the easter egg.

Cat Easter Egg on Discord

8. Super Rare Ringtone

If someone calls you on Discord, you get a standard Discord ringtone which we cannot change. But you have a 1 in 1000 chance to get a different ringtone. It’s mostly the same Discord ringtone with some added music and drums. The only way to stumble on this is to make multiple calls on Discord until you get a different ringtone.

9. Special Ringtone for Halloween

Discord changes the ringtone every year for Halloween. To access it, wait until Halloween and make calls on Discord to hear the special Halloween ringtone. Or, just search for the Discord Halloween Ringtone on YouTube to listen to it right now.

10. Empathy Banana

If Discord cannot find a message you are looking for, it will show the No results found page with a magnifying glass image. But there is a random chance it will show a different message which says “No results found. Empathy banana is here for you” with a banana image.

Empathy Banana on Discord

You just have to give it a few tries to find this message.

11. Broken Magnification Glass

Continue searching for messages that are not available and Discord will show a broken magnifying glass saying “We dropped the magnification glass. Can you try searching again?”

Just like the empathy banana, you can easily find this Discord easter egg will in just a few tries.

12. Copying Tag

You have the option to click on your username at the bottom left to copy your username with a prompt saying Copied!. But when you proceed to copy multiple times by clicking, Discord will display different messages like “Double Copy!”, “Triple Copy!!”, “Dominating!!”, “Rampage!!”, “Mega Copy!!”, “Unstoppable!!”, “Wicked Sick!!”, “Monster Copy!!”, “GODLIKE!!!”. “BEYOND GODLIKE!!!”. The last one is Beyond Godlike and Discord will continue to show the same prompt again and again after that.

13. Weird Username

If you change your Discord username to something absolutely ridiculous like using special characters and symbols, Discord will show disapproval emote symbol on the button instead of using the text “Edit”.

Change your username

14. Amoled

This easter egg works on the Discord Android app.

Go to User settings > Appearance and tap on Dark Mode nine times. It will reveal a new option called Amoled optimized mode. Enable the toggle beside it and it will enable pitch-black mode for Discord instead of using the grey shade for Dark Mode.

Amoled Dark Mode on Discord Android App

15. Flashlight

Similar to the Amoled easter egg, this Discord easter egg also works only on the Discord Android app.

Go to the Appearance option in Settings and tap on the Light option six times. This will say “When the light theme is not enough!” and makes your Discord app completely white and also turns on your device’s flashlight for a few seconds.

16. Turkey Emoji

If the time and date are said to American Thanks Giving, the emoji picker icon will turn into a turkey. Of course, it only works when you are in the US or using a VPN that’s connected to a US server.

17. Computer Man

Just type printer.discord.com in the Omnibox and click enter. It will redirect you to a Computer Man song on YouTube. It is nothing but Discord’s way of rickrolling people. Nonetheless, it’s a nice catchy song.

Wrapping Up: Discord Easter Eggs

With the constant changes and updates to the app, Discord can remove or add new easter eggs anytime. With the recent change to discord.com UI, we have lost easter eggs like Mario box, but at the same time, we got easter eggs on the Android app. Nonetheless, these changes don’t happen quite often and these easter eggs are here to stay for quite some time.

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