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Complete List of Discord Badges and How to Get Them

by Ravi Teja KNTS
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Discord has badges that are awarded to specific members of a group to help distinguish them. Earning them is a matter of pride and honor, and makes the profile look much better. Some badges are easy to get like answering five questions. Others are much harder which makes them more valuable and rare to have under the profile. Here’s a detailed guide on every Discord badge and how you can get them.

Let me start with the easiest Discord badge that anyone can get.

1. HypeSquad House Badge

The HypeSquad House badge helps Discord keep you in either of the three houses — Bravery, Brilliance, or Balance.

Hypesquard House Badge

All you need to do is answer 5 personality questions and Discord will place you in one of the houses and give you a badge of that house. These houses are like a community on Discord. In case you want to get into a specific house, there are answers available online, use them to join the house of your choice. Anyhow, you can also take the test multiple times and switch the house whenever you want.

HypeSquad House Badge Perks

You can be part of the Discord HypeSquad Community and participate in inter-house challenges. You also receive community newsletters. Best of all, you will get a house badge under your name.

How to Get a HypeSquad House Badge

1. To get the HypeSquad House badge, open Discord and click on the user-settings icon beside your user name in the bottom left corner.

Opening Discord Settings

2. In Settings, scroll down and select the HypeSquad option.

HypeSquad option in Discord Settings

3. Now, click on the Join HypeSquad button.

Joining HypeSquad from Discord Settings

4. You will view a pop-up with five personality questions. Answer them.

Answering Hypesquad questions on Discord

5. Then you will be placed in one of the houses and rewarded with a badge. Congratulations, you have received your first badge!

Selected into a discord HypeSquad

You can begin the test again to change the house. Just answer the questions differently and you are good to go.

2. HypeSquad Events Badge

Discord organizes events and competitions around the world. You can attend as many events as you want to get the Hypesquad Events badge. This is a rare badge that you don’t find normally under most profiles. Also, live events conducted by Discord are rare these days making it even more harder to get this badge.

HypeSquad Events Badge Perks

Can organize Discord events and also has the ability to join Discord’s secret server. You get goodies from Discord to oversee small local events. If all goes well, you can get the HypeSquad Events badge.

How to Get a HypeSquad Events Badge

The first step would be getting the HypeSquad House Badge and begin participating in the community and attend local events. The more you participate, the higher the chances of getting the badge. But there is no guarantee that you will be awarded the badge even after all the work. There is no foolproof way to get the badge other than being part of the Discord and HypeSquad house community. Follow the Discord blog to know about the events.

3. Discord Server Booster Badge

Boosting servers will help to improve the features of the server. You will get better-quality video streaming, custom emojis, high-quality voice chat in channels, server banner, etc. All these features will further improve level by level. The more you boost the server, the more features you get on that server.

A server Booster badge is given to the account that is boosting the servers. Also, if you boost the server every month, your server booster badge will improve. Anyhow, even if you stop boosting the server for a single month, you will lose the streak and need to start from the first server booster badge again.

Discord Server Booster Badge Perks

You may not have any advantages except for owning the badge. But if you have a server or are an active member of any server, then boosting your server will help get more features like better streaming quality and better audio quality, etc.

How to Get Discord Server Booster Badge

1. Open Discord and launch the server that you want to boost from the left sidebar.

Opening Discord Server

2. Here click on the server name at the top left and then select the Server Boost option.

Boosting discord Server

3. Here click on the Boost This Server option.

Boosting Discord Server

4. Here select how many boosts you want to provide to the server. As said, more server boosts will unlock more features and also help get the server boost badge.

Buying Server Boost for Discord

5. Once selected, click on Continue and complete the payment to boost the server and also get the respective badge.

4. Discord Nitro Badge

Another badge you can strive for is the Nitro badge. All you need to do is get a subscription to Discord Nitro. A Nitro badge is awarded when you donate to Discord but you do get benefits like new emojis, animated profile pic, longer messages, bigger uploads, etc. There are 2 plans, a $9.99/month plan, and a $99.99/year plan. These are current pricing, they may change in the future.

Discord Nitro Badge Perks

The Discord Nitro badge provides you with more updates as you are paying a monthly subscription for it. That includes more emojis, the ability to set an animated profile pic, longer messages up to 4,000 characters, larger uploads, upload streams in more competent video resolution up to 2k, and you can join up to 200 servers. Best of all, you get 2 server boosts that help the servers unlock custom emojis, better-quality voice channels, etc.

How to Get Discord Nitro Badge

1. Open Discord and click on the Discord icon at the top right corner. This will open Home with direct messages.

Opening discord home page

2. Now, select the Nitro option in the left side sidebar.

Opening Nitro Settings on Discord

3. Here, you shall find the Subscribe button. Click on it.

Subscribing to Nitro on Discord

4. Now select the plan that you want to subscribe to.

Discord Nitro Yearly Plan

5. Select a payment method and subscribe to Nitro. This will add the Nitro badge under your profile name.

5. Early Supporter badge

Among all the badges, the Discord Early Supporter badge is one badge that you can’t get anymore. It is a badge for users who supported Discord in its early days. The one who got the Discord Nitro before 10th October 2018, 7:20 PM PDT will have it on their profile. Unlike the Nitro Badge, this one is permanent even when you stop the Nitro subscription.

Note that there are no additional perks except for proudly having a badge.

6. Bug Hunter Badge

Discord has a special badge dedicated to bug hunters. If you report any bugs to Discord, you will be eligible for Big Hunter Badge. Discord automatically places the badge under your profile without you needing to apply for it. There is no guarantee that you will get a badge after reporting a bug though. Discord itself will add the green Bug Hunter Badge when it sees fit.

Also, if you find multiple bugs on the platform, then your green bug hunter badge will turn into a golden one.

Bug Hunter Badge Perks

You get a few beta features if you are a bug hunter with a gold badge. Green badges do not have any additional perks except for having the badge under your profile.

How to get Bug Hunter Badge

Open this Discord Testers Page and click on Accept Invite. Make sure you are signed in to the Discord account where you want to receive the badge.

This will direct you to Discord Testers Server where you can find rules and how to get started with finding bugs.

7. Discord Bot Developer Badge

Discord recently stopped awarding the bot developer badge at the end of 2020. All users who already have the badge will continue to see them on their profiles. If you are wondering what are bots, they are nothing but a plugin that makes Discord even more functional.

Even before discontinuing, Discord didn’t offer the badge to every bot developer. You needed to have a bot that is installed on more than 75+ servers and each server should have had more than 40 people. 

Now, your entire team will get the Bot Developer badge instead. You need to add the users before getting the badge though. Once you have received the badge, new team members will not get it. 

Discord Bot Developer Badge Perks

Your bot will get a verified icon which may lead to more installations as the trust factor is higher and you will get the Bot Developer Badge. The obvious perk is the ability to create a verified server for your bot.

8. Active Developer Badge

Discord recently introduced slash commands for the bots or apps to trigger. If you are a developer of an app that uses the slash commands feature, you will be able to get this active developer badge. Also, the app does not have to be verified.

Any app that uses slash commands and is installed on one server will help you to get the Active Developer badge.

Active Developer badge Perks

Except for getting the badge on your profile for 30 days. There are no additional advantages over having the active developer badge on your profile.

9. Discord Partner Badge

To get the Discord Partner Badge, you need to be an admin of a server that is eligible as a partner server of Discord. You can check whether your server is eligible or not in the server settings, which I will show you below. Your server must have 50 active users every week and more than 100 members. If your server meets the criteria, it is eligible for the partner program and you will receive the partner badge as an admin for that server.

Discord Partner Badge Perks

To start, you get free server boosting to level 3 and free Nitro. Sometimes, you also get some features exclusive to the partner badge for a certain period until that’s available for everyone. Your Server will also be available on the Discover page. You will get one of the rarest badges to earn on Discord.

How to Get Discord Partner Badge

1. Open the Server for which you want to apply for the Partner program and click on the server name at the top left corner. Here select the Server Settings option.

Opening Server Settings on Discord

2. Once you are in the server settings, select the Partner Program option in the left sidebar.

Partner Program option in Discord server settings

3. Now scroll down and click on Apply for Partnership to continue. If the button isn’t available for you then it means you are not eligible for the partnership as of now.

Applying for partnership in Discord partner program

4. If you are not eligible, scroll down and check what your server needs to be eligible for the partner program.

Discord Partner program requirements

5. If your server is eligible, click on the Apply for Partnership button and submit the form with details about your server like description, what audience it is trying to grab, etc.

6. Once applied, it’s up to Discord to accept the submission or not in 30 days. You can develop the server further and attempt again if you want to.

10. Discord Staff Badge

This one might be obvious. You get this badge when you work for Discord. There are no perks or any other advantages for getting the staff badge. As expected, you will lose the badge once you are out of the job.

11. Certified Discord Moderator Badge

This is the newest badge in the list released in the May of 2021. As the name implies, it is a badge for moderators, the ones who ban members and remove content that’s against Discord and community policies and help communities grow. But before that, you either need to be an admin or a moderator of the server that has a sizable impact. Then you need to maintain the server by helping it run by the rules like removing messages with unaccepted words, copyrighted content, or any content that shouldn’t be published on that server.

This is also one of the badges where Discord automatically finds you and rewards you with a badge. 

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