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How to Find Which Apps are Trending In Any Country

by Pratik
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Usually, to gain insight into what’s trending on the app stores, I either read prominent websites or look at the trending page on the app store. However, the problem arises when you have to look for global data. For instance, I am located in India and if I have to check what’s trending on the US Play Store, I would have to change my Google account location. Tedious! Recently, I stumbled upon a website that lets you check the trending apps in every country and even the app trend.

It is quite helpful if you are an app developer and want to understand the trend of the market. It’s also helpful if you are a journalist who covers technology and currently trending apps. It helps you gauge the type of apps that are becoming popular within different countries and regions.

How to Find Which Apps are Trending In Any Country

Head over to this Similar Web tool and select the country. For instance, I have selected the United States as the country whose trending apps I want to see. Now, click on the “Go” button on the extreme right side. You will see the list of apps that are currently trending on the Google Play Store.


The website also lets you see trending apps on the Apple Play Store. In the first drop-down, you can select the store as “Apple App Store” and let other options as default. Click on the go button and it will populate the trending apps on the Apple store. Additionally,  you will also see an “iPad/iPhone” toggle on just below the Go button.


There are a couple of different filters besides the App Store and the country. You can filter out apps based on categories like Fitness, Music, Productivity, etc. Moroever, you have a control to view popular paid apps as well.

Additionally, the website shows you app trends as well. It’s a separate tab with multiple sections on it. One of the sections shows you apps that have become recently become popular and are new in the top 100 list. In addition to that, there’s a section that shows apps that have climbed their way and have increased their ranking in the top 100.


Another popular app research tool is AppBrain. In comparison, Similar Web doesn’t show you trends for an individual app, the number of downloads, etc. On the other hand, AppBrain is a furthermore intensive app data website. But, having said that if you write or develop apps, these 2 websites are a must-have bookmark on your browser.

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