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Top 10 Ways to Fix Auto Rotate Not Working on Samsung Galaxy Phones

by Parth Shah
fix auto rotate not working on Samsung phone

Auto rotate is one of the useful add-ons on Samsung Galaxy phones. As the name suggests, it lets you rotate the screen when you change the phone’s orientation. However, it may spoil your mood if auto rotate is not working on Samsung phones. Here are some fixes you can apply if auto rotate fails to work on your Samsung Galaxy phones.

1. Enable Auto Rotate

If you have disabled the auto-rotate function on your Samsung phone, the screen won’t rotate when you flip the device.

1. Swipe down from the home screen.

2. Swipe down again to access the quick toggles menu.

3. Enable the Portrait toggle.

enable auto rotate on Samsung phone

2. Enable Rotate for Home Screen and Video Call Screen

Samsung enables auto-rotate for videos only. The landscape mode remains disabled for the home screen and video call screen. You need to enable them from Settings.

1. Access the quick toggles menu (check the steps above).

2. Long-tap on Auto rotate.

open auto rotate on Samsung phone

3. Enable the toggles for the Home screen and Video call.

enable rotate for home screen and video call screen on Samsung phone

Auto rotate should work completely fine with the home screen and Google Meet/WhatsApp video calls.

3. Enable Rotate Button From Navigation Bar

Android offers a handy add-on to rotate the screen manually when your phone’s orientation changes. It suggests rotation on the navigation bar and lets you change orientation with a single tap.

1. Long-tap on Auto rotate toggle (check the steps above).

2. Enable the Rotate button on the navigation bar toggle.

rotate from navigation bar on Samsung phone

From now on, whenever you rotate the phone in landscape or portrait mode, look for the rotate icon on the navigation bar and tap on it.

4. Restart the Phone

A simple device reboot can fix issues like Samsung Galaxy phone not ringing, mobile data not working, auto rotate not working, and more. You can keep pressing the power button and hit Restart. Alternatively, you can expand the quick toggles menu and tap the power button at the top to restart it.

restart on Samsung phone

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5. G-Sensor or Accelerometer Are Not Working

If your phone’s G-sensor or accelerometer isn’t working as expected, the system can’t detect the current orientation, and the auto-rotate may stop working. It can be due to a thick case, screen protector, or hardware damage. You can remove the case and screen protector and try again.

6. Check in Safe Mode

You can enable safe mode on your Samsung phone and check if auto rotate is working or not. If auto rotate works perfectly fine, one of the installed apps is the real culprit here. You need to delete recent apps from your Samsung phone and try again.

1. Open the power menu from the quick toggles menu (refer to the steps above).

power button on Samsung phone

2. Long tap on Power off until you see the Safe mode on display.

enable safe mode on Samsung phone

3. If auto rotate works as expected, exit the Safe mode.

Long-tap on an app and select Uninstall. Repeat the same for recently installed apps on your Samsung phone.

7. Update One UI Software

An outdated One UI software can be the major factor here. Samsung regularly releases OS updates with new features and bug fixes. You can use the steps below to update the system OS on your phone.

1. Open Settings on your Samsung phone.

2. Scroll to Software update.

software update on Samsung phone

3. Download and install the latest One UI update on your phone.

download software update on Samsung phone

8. Recalibrate Sensors

The performance of your phone’s accelerometer deteriorates over time. There is no shortage of calibration apps from the Play Store. You can pick an app like Accelerometer Calibration from the Play Store, open the app, and follow the on-screen instructions to recalibrate sensors on your phone.

DownloadAccelerometer Calibration

9. Your Screen Is Temporarily Locked

Are you viewing a PDF file or a document on your Samsung phone? If you hold the finger on the display and rotate the phone screen, the system doesn’t change the orientation. You should lift a finger and try rotating the phone again.

10. Look for Hardware Damage

Did you damage the top part of your Samsung phone? You or your little one may shatter the phone sensors due to an accidental phone. You should book an appointment at the nearest service center to get it repaired.

Flip and Rotate It

Auto rotate not working on Samsung phones can result in major inconveniences at times. The tricks above should fix the auto rotate not working issue in no time.

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