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20 Best Multiplayer Android Games for Couples

by Gaurav Bidasaria
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Longing for your significant other while you are self-quarantined or you guys are just bored in this lockdown? Well, there are so many ways to fill this void. If you guys are remotely located, you can chat using one of the messenger apps, re-watch the same episodes of Friends on Netflix together or play multiplayer games. Yup. It’s a new and emerging trend among couples. Makes things more interesting!

These games help you focus, plan strategically, cognitive thinking, team play, patience, and socialize. Phew! There’s a lot to learn. We have tried to include games that are in both Android and iOS, so if your partners own an iPhone, you are good to go. Also, these games work on WiFi and mobile data, so whether you are sharing your apartment with your SO or in a long-distance relationship, we got you covered. Let’s begin.

Multiplayer Games for Couples

1. Words With Friends 2

If you and your significant other likes to play with words, then this one is for you. Your job is to create words out of letters available to you. For each correct word, you get points based on the letter and length of the word. It’s a location-based game so you can also view scores of other word players who are around you.

Words with friends 2


Use your social media account to find your friend or spouse and then invite them to play with you. Words With Friends is free to download and ad-supported which can be removed with an in-app purchase. The game also features a lightning mode which pits 2 teams of 5 players each against each other.

Words With Friends 2 is a sequel to the old Words With Friends.

Download Words With Friends 2 (Android | iOS)

2. Chess

If you and your significant other likes to mentally challenge each other then there is nothing better than chess. It’s a chess app that lets you play against the computer or random people on the Internet. But, you can also play with your partner by adding them to your friend list. It works on both WiFi and mobile data. You can create a free account to begin the process.

You can chat with other players while playing online and you can’t take back your move like you do when you play in real life, thus making sure the peace is maintained between you and your SO. And the best part is, the app is available for both Android and iOS.

multiplayer chess on android


Download Chess (Android | iOS)

3. Ludo King

Ludo King the king of a plethora of Ludo games on the Play Store as it provides the option to play with SO by sharing a code or playing on the same device. You can also play with random people on the internet or even with a computer. It also provides a real-time voice chat option and also options to send quick emojis while playing.

Additional attractions include themes, 6-people Ludo, in-built Snake and Ladder game, etc. If you are a fan of indoor board games, this is something you need to checkout. The best part is the app is popular and available on both Android and iOS.

Ludo King

Download Ludo King (Android | iOS)


Love action movies? You will love PUBG. Who doesn’t? The wildly popular and addictive strategy based game will have you hooked. It’s the survival of the fittest. In duo mode, you and your partner will land on a remote island with 98 other players. Weapons, med-kits, energy drinks, scopes, ammunition, bags, and more. Everything you need is there but you have to find and hunt for it. The last couple standing wins the game and gets to eat the coveted chicken dinner. With dynamic weather, realistic weapons, and a detailed open-world environment, PUBG is a game of strategy, patience, and sheer will to survive.

One of the best Android multiplayer games for couples, PUBG is free but comes with in-app purchases for various skins and accessories.

pubg multiplayer game for couples

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Download PUBG (Android | iOS)

5. Among Us

Among Us is an online or local wifi multiplayer game where players have to prepare the spaceship for departure. But among all the people playing the game, there will be an imposter who kills other players who are performing their tasks for the preparation. All the players can win the game by completing all the tasks or finding the imposter among them. This is a game that requires a lot of communication and trust to find the correct imposter among them.

The game doesn’t provide any voice chat option, but calling or discord them in the background makes the game more interesting.

Among Us

Download Among Us (Android | iOS)

6. QuizUp

What’s her favorite color? Stumped? QuizUp is a cool quizzing game where you can create your own quiz to play with your spouse. You can also play with millions of other users around the world based on common interests and hobbies that you share. Either choose a topic or create your own quizzes, invite your SO and start playing.

To add your SO on QuizUp, open the sidebar menu by sliding from right to left of the screen and look for the ‘Friends’ option. Needless to say, both users need to create a free account to use the app. QuizUp is free and there are ads but they are not annoying.

You can also try Kahoot (Android | iOSwhich is another quiz app but it supports creating your own quizzes and hosting them with other people. It’s a good way to ask fun questions to your partner that you wouldn’t dare ask in person

Quiz up

Download QuizUp (Android | iOS)

7. Song Pop 2

Song Pop 2 is all about music, songs, artists, etc and if you are into that, it’s a must-have quiz app. You can connect with your better half and challenge for a quick song quiz. The best feature is the party mode which allows multiple people to play at the same time. It can be a great pastime for your small gathering. In addition to that, you can also connect your Facebook account and invite your friends over to play.

Song Pop 2

Download Song Pop 2 (Android | iOS)

8. Tic Tac Toe

Short on time? Another classic that will leave you feeling nostalgic. Tic Tac Toe is essentially a two-player game that won’t last more than a few moments, but it’s oddly satisfying to see three naughts or crosses in a single line. It is essentially a two-player game so no need to add friends, however, that’s optional.

Tic Tac Toe

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Download Tic Tac Toe (Android)

9. Crossy Road

Crossy Road is the old classic game that you need to help the chicken cross the road. Though it doesn’t support any kind of multiplayer support. It’s a great game to beat each other’s scores. The characters and places you earn along the line makes the game more interesting.

Crossy Road

Download Crossy Road (Android | iOS)

10. The Sims Mobile

The Sims is a popular franchise based on real-life simulation, a role-playing game where you are part of a virtual world. You can create your own Sim, character, and start a life there. This involves playing with friends, building your dream house, finding love, and so on. Pretty much everything you would do in the real world. You can even get married and take a divorce in the game.

android multiplayer games for couples 5

Invite your significant other and together, you can build an entire world inside the game. A good way to know what both of you want from life in simulation before you move ahead with the plan in the real world. Besides, the game is a lot of fun.

The Sims Mobile is free to play but requires SimCash to buy premium furniture, clothing, cars, and so on. You can earn SimCash either with in-app purchases or doing work that involves completing tasks.

Download The Sims Mobile (Android | iOS)

11. Pixel Gun 3D

Inspired by Minecraft, Pixel Gun 3D offers pixel style worlds built using blocks. It has unique weapons and game modes to get yourself lost in time. The best thing about Pixel Gun 3D is that you can battle your friends offline over local WiFi or with other online players in a clan deathmatch, and show of your skills in using awesome weaponry like the magic bow, M16 rifle, etc.

pixel gun 3d gameplay

Download Pixel Gun 3D (Android | iOS)

12. Mini Militia

Play Mini Militia with your significant other as well as common friends. Build a team and enter combat with a host of weapons to fight with. This 2D Android multiplayer game for couples is a local multiplayer game. Because there is no online mode, you guys will have to be in close proximity to each other in order to play together. A fun and strategy-based game for those nights when you guys are with friends, just chilling.

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mini militia multiplayer game

Download Mini Militia (Android | iOS)

13. Virtual Families 2

Want to get married and settle down? Maybe raise a family? Virtual Families 2 can help you out. Enter this simulation game where you can get married and raise a family with your spouse. You will adopt a baby and then raise him/her to be a better person. You can even leave your house and other belongings for your kiddo when you, err, die. To make things interesting, some events will happen randomly in your house or life around it. A fun way to understand how a family works together to achieve common goals.

Virtual Families 2 is free and ad supported

virtual family game for android

Download Virtual Families 2 (Android | iOS)

14. Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction is a game where players have to play on the same phone. There’s no local wifi or online support for the game. Anyhow, if you and your SO are in the same location, then chain location is the lightest and engaging game to play. The objective of the game is to take complete control over the board by eliminating other players’ orbs.

You start by placing the orbs in the cell. Once the cell reaches 3 orbs in it, it explores and continues the explosion to surrounding orbs. The game might sound so confusing, but definitely, a game that you need to give a try.

Chain reaction on Android

Download Chain Reaction (Android)

15. Dual

Dual is a fun local Android multiplayer game for couples where you will be shooting bullets from one screen to another in real-time. You will tilt your phones or lower it in order to dodge bullets fired by your partner from another screen. Dual is an addictive game where only two people can play simultaneously. Another mode is “deflect” where you will play with a ball to score goals. In the defend more, you will be protecting yourself from getting hit.

Dual is free and ad-supported.

dual fighting game android

Download Dual (Android | iOS)

16. Pocket Tanks

Pocket Tanks is a local wifi dual player game where you are your SO can be on your war tanks attacking each other by firing with right angle and speed. You also get the chance to choose between many weapons. Each weapon works differently and has a different power to attack the opposition. Though the first few games can be a complete mystery because of the unknown weapons and their powers. Once you got the hang of it, the game quickly addictive and you also get a perfect angle and speed over the experience to attack.

pocket Tanks

Download Pocket Tanks (Android | iOS)

17. Spaceteam

Want a perfect opportunity to shout at your wife/husband without facing the consequences? Spaceteam is a multiplayer game where you will push buttons, shake your mobile devices, and shout at every player in the room, and still enjoy it. Intrigued?

There is a control panel with buttons, dials, and whatnot. Instructions are given to your teammates instead of you which is why you need to coordinate. If you follow the instructions correctly, and in time, your opponent’s ship will explode. Cool, huh.

Space team


Download Spaceteam (Android | iOS)

18. BattleText

BattleText is a vocabulary game build on top of texting. If you are a scrabble fan, you will love BattleText. It can be played with your SO by connecting your Facebook account. The game has a bunch of rules which get trickier over time. The basic set is you have to enter a word that starts with the last letter of the word entered by your opponent and so on. In order to win you have to come up with bigger and complex words that have more letters and type it faster than your opponent. The complex the word is, the more points you score. The only disappointing thing about the game is banner ads that appear frequently after every level.

Battle Text

Download BattleText (Android | iOS)

19. Ticket to Ride ($3.99)

Ticket to Ride is a paid app and the online version of the popular board game – Ticket to Ride. In case you don’t know, Ticket to Ride is a strategy game wherein you gain cards, train routes, or train destinations. As the game proceeds, it gets more tactical, and the more the routes you own, the more points you earn. You can choose to either play the game online with your FB friends or on your local home Wi-Fi with a bunch of people.


Download Ticket to Ride (Android | iOS)

20. Two player Games

As the name suggests, this app has a bunch of two players games namely ping pong, pool, spin war, sumo, air hokey, penalty kicks, snakes, money grabber, tic tac toe, pinball, racing cars, tanks, basketball, sword thrower, chess, mini-golf, ship battle, etc. All the games can only be played on the same phone and the app doesn’t support playing on local wifi or internet. Anyhow, all the games are good with clean minimal graphics.

The main advantage of this app is, it shows an overall score for all the games. So you can start playing any game and if anyone wins in that game, it adds a point to the overall score. The one who won more games will get more points and thus a winner. Anyhow, you can reset the score just by closing the app and opening it.

Two Player Games

Download Two-Player Games (Android)

Bonus – Just a Line

Just a Line isn’t a game but an AR app where you can draw lines in the AR. But it has one key feature where you can collaborate with others and view the same lines on both the phone. You can use that to play games like tic tac toe or drawing something together in the real world.

Download Just a Line (Android | iOS)

Long-distance relationship games on the phone

There are so many games multiplayer Android and iOS games for couples out there. These games will help you get started with your partner in no time. Action, quiz, virtual simulation or board games, there is something for you here. So, which multiplayer game do you enjoy playing with your friends and significant other?

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