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Reset Forgotten Passwords in SBI Online Banking

by Mrinal Saha
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As technology is improving, many services are coming online. This means we have to now keep track of multiple online accounts. And under such pressure, it won’t be surprising if you forget a password of one of these services.

Now unlike other services, resetting online banking password is not easy. You will have to verify a few personal details, often an OTP is sent to your register mobile number and sometimes you even have to visit the branch.

forgot netbanking password

But this is for your own good. Banks intentionally make it difficult to recover your password. Because if your passwords fall into the wrong hand, then you are doomed.

So if you have forgotten your login or profile password for SBI online banking then this post is for you. Or you can also watch the video tutorial at the bottom.

So let’s get started

There are two types of password in SBI online banking –

  • Login password
  • Profile password

Let’s see how to reset them.

Case 1: I have forgotten my login password

#1 On the login home page click on the link which says forget login passwords.

Here, I am using screenshots from SBBJ online banking but will also work for all 5 banks under state bank group. The core concept is the same.

forget login password for sbi online banking

#2 Next, validate your account by entering your username, date of birth, account number and register mobile number. Once done, hit submit.

forget login password on online banking

#3 You will get a verification code on your registration number. Enter that and confirm it.

enter the OPT

#4 Now you will see two option — reset with the help of profile password or without it.

Choose the first option i.e. to remember your profile password and hit submit.

But if you do not remember both i.e. the login and the profile password, then you will have to visit your bank. They might give you a new internet kit or they may do it for their end, it differs from branch to branch.

reset login password with the lelp of profile password

#5 Once you have confirmed your profile password, enter your new login password and save changes. And this is it. You have successfully changed your password.

finally enter you new login password

Case 2: I have forgotten my profile password

Follow the steps

#1 Login to your account.

#2 Go to the profile section, where you will have to enter the profile password

reset profile password in SBI online banking

#3 Now, since you don’t remember the profile password, click on the link which says forgot net-banking password

forget my profile password

#4 Answer the hint question

reset profile password with hint questino

#5 Now, enter the new profile password and a new hint question. And you are done.

how to change profile password online sbi

Can I change my internet banking username?

Yes, you can (and you should often) change your password. To do that visit your profile section and look for change password.

how to change profile password online sbi banking

Sometimes (like in my case) you might face problem while login to your account from the new internet kit. In such case contact your bank branch and also wait for 24 hours after a new internet kit has been issued.

If you still face any problem let me know using the comment section below and also check out the following articles.


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