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How to Capture Chrome’s Audio on PC & Mac

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Whenever I get bored, I often open Chrome Music Lab and try out the different tools to make free music online. But what if you’re fooling around and you make something worthy with no way to save it? That’s exactly one of the reasons when you want to capture Chrome’s sound. Others can be missing the download button on an online radio show. So, whatever your reason might be. Here is how to capture Chrome’s audio on PC & Mac.

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How to Capture Chrome’s Audio on PC (Mac & PC)

To capture Chrome’s audio, we’re going to use an extension called Audio Recorder From Any Tab. It’s the simplest way out and lets you record audio from any Chrome tab with a hit of a button. So, let’s see how to use it.

Firstly hit the link below or click here to open the Chrome extension page and tap on add to Chrome to download and automatically install the extension.

You’ll come across a new permission pop-up window. Simply click on add extension to continue.

Once the extension is installed successfully, you can view the extension icon (yellow mic icon) on the top right corner of the tab. Now open the webpage that you want to record. You can try out the Google Music Lab or open any of your favorite podcasts. After you open the source website, hit on the extension icon and click on the red start sign to start recording.

Try playing the media after you hit record to eliminate jitter in the audio

As soon as you start recording the audio a 20-minute countdown timer will begin. You’ll also get two new option in the extension window. You can either hit save to save the recording offline or you can cancel the recording anytime. Hit Save when you’re done and tap on save the capture to get the mp3 file shown in the GIF below.

I know it sounds all easy, but hold on there’s more it can do. If you tap on the extension icon on the top right corner and open settings. You also have the option to mute tab while capturing the audio, change the record time, choose between mp3 and .wav file format and even quality of audio.

Note: The recording limit is a Chrome restriction and can record only up to 20 min of audio at max.

Get Audio Recorder From Any Tab

How to Capture Chrome’s Audio on PC (Native Method)

The other alternative if you’re on a Windows PC is using the native voice recorder option. However, before you can do that, you’ll have to change a sound setting for the app to detect system sound. The best part is that there is no record limit like the previous method. So, let’s see how to do it.

Firstly, From the bottom right corner of the taskbar, find sound(speaker icon), right-click and tap on open sound settings. 

From the new sound settings window, open sound control panel which can found on the right panel of the tab.

Now tap on recordings to choose a recording device, right-click on the stereo mix option and tap enable.

If you don’t find the stereo mic option right-click on an empty space and select show disabled devices

Hit right-click again on the stereo mix and from the context menu tap on set as the default device. This will enable the recorder to capture system audio. Hit Ok to save the settings.

Now from the Windows Start Menu search for a voice recorder and open the app. Now open the webpage which has the audio source. Open the voice recorder app and hit record before you play the audio. Once done, hit stop in the app and your recording will be saved.

You can find these recordings in the recorder app or in C:\Users\Win\Documents\Sound recordings

/any idea where the recording is saved. and how do I share it with someone? (Done)

Luckily the native voice recorder app also has a trim option in Windows so you can remove the first and last few extra audios easily.

How to Capture Chrome’s Audio on Mac

Soundflower is the most popular app that lets you record the system’s audio on Mac. But it has started to create an issue since the Catalina update. A great alternative is using Blackhole. It works on the same lines as Soundflower and is easy to set-up.

If you want to look for more ways you can capture audio on your Mac, you can read our detailed article as well

To begin, open the link given below and install the app. You might have to provide your email address and name to download the app. Once done, the download link is sent to your email.


Since Blackhole doesn’t have a native UI. We’re going to change the sound output settings. To change it, go to preferences and open sound. Now tap on output from the top of the settings window and select Blackhole 16ch. Next, open Chrome and the video/audio you want to record.

change output audio to Blackhole

In this step, we will use Mac’s native recorder. To access the recorder shortcut, hit CMD+Shift+5 to open recording options. At the bottom from the recorder menu, tap on options and choose Blackhole 16ch again, tap record. That’s it. These audio recordings are saved on your desktop.

Install Blackhole 

Closing Remarks

So now that you know how to capture Chrome’s audio on PC. Enjoy recording your favourite podcast or music which wasn’t available for download. Do keep in mind to not use these with content which has copyright. In my opinion, if you are a heavy Chrome user, using the extension is the easiest way. But if you record a lot of system sound besides Chrome, the other methods for both Mac & Windows will serve you better. If you have any questions, do leave a comment below!

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