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How to Change Song, Album, Playlist Cover in Apple Music on Desktop

by Ritesh Rawat
Apple Music on iPhone

Have you ever been bored staring at the same old album art on your phone? Is the cover of a song you like inappropriate to open in public? We’ve all been there. The good news is that Apple Music lets you change the artwork for songs, albums, and playlists but only on desktop. Customizing album art covers is a fun and easy way to personalize your Apple Music experience. Let’s check out how to change song, album, and playlist cover on Mac and Windows PC.

How to Change Song Cover on Apple Music

The Apple Music app macOS and Windows look similar. Except for a few minor differences, both offer a similar set of features. For this guide, we will use screenshots from the Apple Music app for macOS.

1. Open the Apple Music app, click on Songs in the left sidebar. To change the cover of a specific song, right-click on the song and choose Get Info on Mac or Properties on Windows.

Get Info on Apple Music on Mac

2. Go to Artwork tab and click on Add Artwork button.

Artwotk on Apple Music

3. You can select any image from your computer for the cover. After you select it, click Open.

Select image for cover photo on Apple Music

4. Finally, click the OK button on macOS, and the cover will be successfully updated.

Save cover on Apple Music

5. On Windows, click Set as default and then OK to set the updated cover.

Set as default cover photo on Apple Music for Windows

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How to Change Album Cover Art on Apple Music

You can also modify album covers through the Apple Music app on Windows and macOS. The steps to change the cover are quite similar to changing a song cover. Start by navigating to the Albums section. Next, on the specific album you wish to update the cover for. On macOS, select Get Info and Properties on Windows.

Change album cover of Apple Music

When you’re asked to confirm, choose Edit Items. Then, head over to the Artwork section and simply follow the steps mentioned earlier to change the song cover.

Edit Items button on Album cover Apple Music for changing

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How to Change Playlist Cover on Apple Music

Consider updating your meditation playlist’s cover by adding a picture of something relaxing for an inspiring and visually engaging touch. Perhaps the default album cover based on the song art isn’t your favorite. Nonetheless, in Apple Music, it’s easy to swap it for your photo. Additionally, with iOS 17.1, Apple Music offers suggested covers for your playlists. We have a complete step-by-step guide on changing your playlist cover in Apple Music.

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How to Return to the Original Song or Album Cover on Apple Music

If you’ve changed the album or song cover and regret it, we are sorry to say there’s no easy way to revert to the original one. However, don’t despair! The good news is that all the artwork is stored on your computer, so you can browse it and find the original cover. Once you’ve located it, you can simply add it back using the same method explained earlier.

On macOS

Open the Finder on your macOS and press the keys Shift + Command + G together. Now, in the blank space, paste the path mentioned below.

Paste path for Apple Music cover

You can also paste the path mentioned below in the terminal (Command + Space), as the Library folder may be hidden on your macOS.

Paste path on terminal for Apple Music cover
open ~/Library/Containers/com.apple.AMPArtworkAgent/Data/Documents/artwork

On Windows

Open This PC on Windows and paste the path mentioned below in the address bar.

paste path on Windows for Apple Music cover
C:\Users\[username]\Music\Apple Music\Apple Music Library.musiclibrary\artwork

Colorful Songs

By giving your music collection a personalized touch, embrace the freedom to make every song, album, and playlist truly yours. Now, enjoy your revamped music library and let the rhythm of your unique style resonate through every cover.

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