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How to Enable/Disable Animated Album Art in Apple Music

by Gaurav Bidasaria
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A few years ago, Apple launched animated cover art for Apple Music. And now, iOS 17 has arrived with many new features and changes under the hood. One of them is animated album art. The animated album art takes up the entire screen in the Now Playing section and some Apple Music users may not like that. It is easy enough to disable or enable animated album art.

Enable/Disable Animated Album Art in Apple Music

Note that disabling animated album art will also disable cover art that you see outside and not in the Now Playing section in Apple Music.

1. Open Settings on the iPhone app.

2. Scroll down and open Music.

Apple Music settings in iPhone settings

3. Tap on Animated Art.

apple music animated art options on iphone

4. You will see three options. You can go with any. Here is what they do:

  • On – Animated album art will be enabled and be downloaded both on cellular data and Wi-Fi.
  • Wi-Fi Only – Animated album art will be downloaded only when your iPhone is connected to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Off – Animated album art will not be downloaded.
animated album art options for apple music in iphone settings

Pro Tip: Do you know all the new icons and symbols and what they mean or do in Apple Music? We have a guide for you on that. Read now.

Why Consider Disabling Animated Art in Apple Music

There could be a few reasons why you should consider disabling album art on your Apple Music app, even though you may like it.

These are short animated full-screen videos and require network data. If you use Apple Music a lot or are planning to (are you traveling somewhere), it’s a good idea to disable animated covert art. This will help save precious mobile data. It will also increase load times and reduce buffers while streaming songs.

Some people are prone to motion sickness. That means when they see animations on their screen, they feel uncomfortable. Apple has a dedicated setting to reduce motion across the UI but that may not be enough. This is why Apple also lets users disable motion or animations for different apps and features individually as much as possible.

Finally, it may be a distraction. Maybe you are old school and like looking at the good old cover art and figuring out if there is a message or meaning in that.

Either way, it is quick and easy to disable and enable animated album art for Apple Music on iPhone.

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