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How to Change the Default Browser on iPhone

by Kaushal
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IOS 14 is out with some major updates such as Back Tap, compact Call UI, Compact Siri, Resize Picture in Picture window, etc, but the most surprising addition is the ability to change the default browser on the iPhone. This would let you set any browser as the default app across the entire iOS. Let’s see how.

Change the Default Browser on iPhone

Earlier it wasn’t possible to change the default browser on iPhone until iOS 14 so every link was redirected to Safari. Now, you can assign Chrome, Firefox, or any other browser as the default app. Begin by opening the Settings app, and Scroll down to the browser app of your choice. In my case, I wanted to set Chrome as my default browser. Tap Chrome to open its settings.


In Chrome Settings, you’d find the option for Default browsers, tap it.  Here you can tap Chrome to set it as the default app.

Once that is done, you would see the option to open any link in Chrome instead of Safari. For instance, if you search for anything in the Spotlight, it would suggest the option to open the link in Chrome. Here is a before and after image shown below.

Final Words

This is how you can quickly change the default browser on your iPhone running iOS 14. It is now easier than ever to open links in the browser of your choice within the ecosystem. Lately, iOS has been maturing nicely and opening up the walled garden with features that were explicitly prohibited earlier. What do you think? Which features do you want Apple to implement next on iOS? Let me know in the comments below.

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