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How to Comment on Songs and Videos in YouTube Music on Mobile

by Nitin Singh
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When Google launched YouTube Music, it felt out of place that there was no way to comment on a song or a music video. That is changing now with users getting an update on YouTube Music allowing them to comment on songs and music videos. Here is how you can do it.

YouTube Music Comments

One thing to note here is that people are getting this update in a phased manner. It’s possible that some of you might already see an option to leave comments on YouTube Music and others may not see it for a few weeks. Few of our devices have this already but some do not. Your mileage may vary depending on factors like which OEM, phone, or model you use. In any case, make sure to update the YouTube Music app to the latest version. Google also recently introduced Samples in YouTube Music, here is how to use it.

At the time of our testing, most of our Androids support leaving comments in the YouTube Music app, but the feature has yet to make an appearance on the web version and the iOS counterpart.

Leave a Comment on YouTube Music

1. To post a comment, open the YouTube Music app on your phone and play any song on it.

Song playing in YouTube music app

2. Look for the comments icon in the center of the player, and then tap on it.

comments highlighted in YouTube music app

3. The comments window will open over the player. Tap on the box that says Add a comment… at the bottom of this window. That is the comment box and the keyboard should open once you tap on it.

adding a comment in the comment box on YouTube music app

4. Write your thoughts in the comment box and hit on the send icon. While posting, make sure you adhere to YouTube’s Community Guidelines. Your comment will now be posted on the currently playing song or music video instantly.

Posting a comment on YouTube music app

Reply to a Comment on YouTube Music

1. To reply to an existing comment, look for the comments icon below the existing comment and tap on it. The comments reply window will appear with a box that says Add a reply… along with your keyboard.

adding reply to an existing comment on YouTube Music

Pro Tip: You can also like or dislike a comment by tapping thumbs up/down icons as above, depicting your agreement or disagreement with someone’s thoughts. If you’re wondering what each symbol and icon is on YouTube Music, follow this guide.

2. Type your reply to the comment but make sure it adheres to the community guidelines. For instance, you might agree with one’s obsession with a song, or you’re not sure why everybody listens to this. Then tap on the send icon to post the comment as a reply.

sending the reply on YouTube music app

3. This reply will appear in the replies tab under that existing comment.

Replying to comment on YouTube Music app

Comment With Time Stamp on YouTube Music

If you’d like to share the exact lines of a song with others, you can do so by posting a comment with a timestamp. A timestamp represents the current time of the song or music video playing and here is how you can share it with others.

1. Scrub to the specific time on a song that you want to share with others in the media player. Then in the comments box, look for the timestamp icon and tap on it.

Scrubbing to a specific timestamp in YouTube music app

2. Now the time at which the song is playing at the moment will be added in the comment box, for example, here it is 0:55. Add some text beside the time there, then tap the send icon to post the comment with the timestamp.

Adding a timestamp to your comment on YouTube Music app

3. The timestamp comment will appear in the comment box, and the timestamp 0:55 can be clicked by others to skip directly to that point in the song or music video.

Timestamp comment in YouTube music app

Edit a Comment on YouTube Music

Did you make a typo while writing a comment or a reply on YouTube Music? Or, you just want to edit your comment. Well, you’re in luck because you can do that in YouTube Music.

1. To edit your comment, tap on the three dots in the top right of your existing comment. Then tap on Edit option.

edit an existing comment in YouTube Music app

2. Then make the required changes to your existing comment. After you’re done, tap on the send icon to save the changes in your comment.

Making the changes in existing comment in YouTube Music

3. Once you edit your comment it is saved in the usual place, but an (edited) mark appears next to your profile name.

edited comment shown in YouTube Music comment box

Delete a Comment on YouTube Music

Went a bit too extreme in the comments section and now you want it gone? You can do so either by editing your comment or by deleting it altogether on YouTube Music. If you prefer the latter, this is how you can do it.

1. To delete your existing comment, tap on the three dots in the top right of your existing comment. Then tap on Delete.

Delete your existing comment in YouTube Music in comment box

2. Tap on Delete again as a confirmation to permanently delete your comment. Once you do so, the comment will be deleted permanently.

confirmation to delete your comment in YouTube music app

Report a Comment on YouTube Music

The chances are high that you encountered a comment that clearly violates the YouTube Community Guidelines. If so, you should report it to YouTube.

1. To report a violating comment on YouTube Msuic, tap on the three dots to the top right of that violating comment. Then tap on Report.

reporting a comment in YouTube Music app

2. YouTube Music will now ask you to choose a reason for reporting that comment. Depending on the comment and the scenario, select the reason for reporting and tap on Report at the right bottom to report the comment to YouTube.

reporting the comment under a specific category in YouTube music app

Once reported, the YouTube team will take a look and if found violating the guidelines, they’ll remove it from the platform. But if there’s no issue with the comment, the comment will stay on the video.

Arrange the Comments on YouTube Music

If you’ve ever listened to a trending music track or watched the music video, you’ll know that comments pour in faster than the system can keep up. You could be looking up the top comments for a quick laugh but then a horde of new comments come in and that comment is lost. If the comment you were reading was among the top comments, then you can arrange your comment section as Top or Newest.

1. To change the order to view new comments first, tap on the comments icon from the playing music track or video to access the comments box.

comment section in YouTube music app

2. Look on the top left to change the order of comments. By default, the comments are arranged as Top, meaning the top comments will be shown first. Tap on Newest to change the arrangement order so new comments are shown first.

arranging the comment as per their time of posting

This arrangement will default back to Top if you close or restart the YouTube Music app.

Changing the Tune

Whether you’ve wanted to comment on your favorite song or express your disagreement with an artist, you can do both and more on YouTube Music now. If you have this feature available, then we recommend you give it a try. But make sure you follow all of YouTube’s guidelines while doing so.

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