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How to Take a Screenshot and Record Screen on Apple Vision Pro

by Ritesh Rawat
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Apple’s late entry into wearable, spatial computing starts with Apple Vision Pro with a limited availability. Besides talking about your experience of trying it, you’d want to share different pictures or interface experience of the visionOS with your friends. The Apple Vision Pro lets you take screenshots and records screen from the get go. Here’s how to take screenshots and record your screen on the incredible Apple Vision Pro.

How to Take Screenshots on Apple Vision Pro

Like the iPhone and iPad, Apple provides a two ways to take screenshots on the Vision Pro. One of them involves using physical buttons and other requires you to engage Siri. Here’s how to use either to take a screenshot on Apple Vision Pro.

Physical Buttons Method

Press the Top Button and Crown together at the top to take a screenshot of your current view in Apple Vision Pro. That screenshot will appear in the Photos app.

Image: @ijeunes

Using Siri

You can use Siri commands to take screenshots for you. Just say the command “Siri, take a screenshot” and it will take capture the current view and save it to the Photos app.

How to Screen Record on Apple Vision Pro

While a screenshot may be worth a thousand words, a video or a short clip can give a much better experience of the visionOS interface. Instead of describing what you see when you wear Vision Pro, you can record the screen. Here’s how to do it.

1. Keep your head steady while wearing Vision Pro, and take a glance upwards where you’ll spot a green downward arrow icon. Give it your full attention and gently pinch your fingers to open it.

2. Locate the Control Center icon and pinch it while focusing on it.

3. Next, select the record button and your screen recording will begin after a quick countdown.

4. To stop recording a video, open the Control Center again and you will find the Stop button which will stop the screen recording.

Note: Screen recording feature doesn’t work when you mirror the Apple Vision Pro to another device.

How to Record Screen With Audio Using Microphone

You can add a voiceover to enhance the screen recording from the Apple Vision Pro. Besides talking about the view, you can share actual insights about the experience and can even make it interesting or funny. Here’s how to record a screen with audio using microphone on Apple Vision Pro

1. You can check the previous section for steps to start a video recording. When the screen recording starts, navigate to the Record Button and long-press on it.

2. When you get an overlay of options, select Microphone and your screen recording will include audio from the Apple Vision Pro’s microphone.

Share Your Vision

Capturing and sharing your experiences on the Apple Vision Pro is made easy with the ability to take screenshots and record videos of your view. Sharing a still image or a recording is straightforward, and Photos automatically saves the captured media.

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