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How to Use ChatGPT Anywhere on Telegram

by Ravi Teja KNTS
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ChatGPT introduced a language learning model (LLM) into a simple chatbot interface. Officially, you can only use it on the OpenAI website. But third-party apps have made it possible to use ChatGPT on messaging apps like Telegram using bots. We will cover some of the best ChatGPT Telegram bots that allow you to use ChatGPT literally anywhere on Telegram. We will also show you how to take advantage of them.

Best ChatGPT Bots on Telegram

Telegram is home to hundreds of bots. After using multiple Telegram ChatGPT bots, we can say their answering skills are fairly similar as all the bots use the same ChatGPT API in the background. But, sometimes bots may face issues connecting to the ChatGPT server. Some bots are not well integrated into Telegram and their pricing is also different. Unlike ChatGPT which is free, ChatGPT API is paid. So most bots follow a freemium model.

Considering all the above reasons, we feel Karfly ChatGPT Telegram bot stands out as it is open source (GitHub), is competitively priced, has many chat modes to choose from, and most importantly, you can also use the latest GPT-4 version.

How to Add ChatGPT Bot to Telegram

There are various ways to add Telegram bots, here’s the easiest option.

1. Go to Karfly ChatGPT bot page on GitHub. Now scroll down to the README.md section. Here you should find the Run Telegram Bot button. Tap on it.

telegram chatgpt bot on github

2. It will open the Telegram app. Here tap on the Start option at the bottom. You will be welcomed with all the info you need to know about the ChatGPT Telegram bot.

chatgpt bot installation on telegram

3. Karfly bot supports different modes such as general assistant, code developer, English tutor, email writer, translator, etc. Select the mode that you want and start asking questions. You can have a back-and-forth conversation with ChatGPT directly inside Telegram chat now.

using chatgpt bot inside telegram messenger

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How to Add ChatGPT Bot to Telegram Group and Channel

Telegram allows you to add bots to groups and channels too.

1. Open the ChatGPT bot on Telegram and tap on the bot name ChatGPT (GPT-4) in the top bar.

2. Here, click on the Add to Group or Channel option.

adding chatgpt bot to telegram group or channel

3. On the next page, select the group or channel that you want to add the bot to. If you can’t find the group or channel you want to add ChatGPT bot, it means you are not the owner and are not allowed to add people or bots to that group or channel. Contact the admin of the group or channel first.

4. On the next page, tap on Add bot as Member button.

adding chatgpt bot to telegram group or channel

5. Finally to confirm, tap on the Add Bot option in the pop-up.

confirm adding chatgpt bot to telegram group or channel

That’s it, you have added the ChatGPT bot to the Telegram group. However, chatting with ChatGPT inside a Telegram group is a bit different.

6. Start by typing /new in the message box. You will see the ChatGPT bot option. Select it.

how to chat with chatgpt in telegram

7. The bot will reply to you. In order for the ChatGPT bot to read your message, you need to ask the question as a reply to its message. To reply, long-press on the ChatGPT message and select the Reply option in the bottom bar.

how to reply to chatgpt bot in telegram

Now you can ask any question and ChatGPT will reply to you with an answer. As this is a group, everyone in the group will be able to read your question and ChatGPT’s answer.

engaging with chatgpt on telegram group

Karfly ChatGPT Telegram Bot Features

Apart from ChatGPT, Karfly’s Telegram bot implementation comes with a few additional features.

1. If you want to change the mode anytime, simply use the /mode command to get the mode-changing option.

2. With Karfly, you can also access GPT-4. To do that, open the ChatGPT bot and type /Settings. Here you can select the GPT-4 option to switch the bot to use the more advanced GPT-4 instead of ChatGPT. But, you need to purchase tokens at least one time. Later, you can access GPT-4 forever.

using chatgpt-4 in telegram group using bots

3. There is an Artist mode that helps you generate images using DALL-E 2. Once Artist mode is selected, enter a prompt to generate up to 4 images using the bot.

4. Unlike many other ChatGPT bots for Telegram, you can also send a voice message to the Karfly ChatGPT bot. The bot will listen to your voice message and reply back with an answer in text format. It does take a couple of seconds to understand your question as voice processing takes a little time.

5. There are many other modes to choose from like CV builder, but instead of selecting the mode, you can directly ask ChatGPT to do it. Anyhow, these modes will come in handy to understand what you can do with the bot.

Karfly ChatGPT Telegram Bot Pricing

Upon adding Karfly bot to your Telegram account, group, or channel, you will receive 1,500 tokens. These tokens will be spent according to the length of the answers it generates. You get 500K tokens for just $5.99, 1M tokens for $8.99, and so on.

1. To check your token balance, just type /balance in the ChatGPT bot.

check token balance in telegram's chatgpt bot

2. To buy more tokens, tap on the Buy Tokens option and choose a payment method.

buy tokens in chatgpt telegram bot

3. Then you can select how many tokens you want to buy and complete the payment.

Alternative ChatGPT Telegram Bots

Karfly is not the only ChatGPT bot kid on the Telegram block. You can also try BuddyGPT. It is stable and comes with a good number of features. You get 10 text messages and 3 image generations free every month. But to get more text messages, you need to subscribe to BuddyGPT which costs around $5.99 per month.

Roger Da Vinci bot is a good option to use ChatGPT for free on Telegram. It is completely free and supports unlimited messages. However, it is ad-supported and also loses the connection with the ChatGPT server more often that you did like.

ChatGPT on Chatting App

Compared to many other ChatGPT bots on Telegram, Karfly’s implementation supports more features with reasonable pricing. It also provides a few tokens at the start for you to test drive the app. More importantly, it supports GPT-4 and niche features like asking questions using voice messages, different modes to choose from, and even the ability to generate images using DALL-E 2.

Did you know you can delete ChatGPT history and account both? But you may consider saving ChatGPT conversations by exporting them first.

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