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How to Change Font in Instagram Bio

by Staff Writer

Instagram’s bio is important. As such, it is important to pay attention to it and make it appealing. One way to catch attention is by using different fonts in Instagram bio but it is not allowed by default. But, there is a trick using which you can change fonts in your Instagram Bio. In fact, there are several ways to change Instagram Bio’s font type or style as some people call it. We will cover both Android and iOS here. Let’s get into it.

Before You Begin

The first step is to choose which font style you want to use in your Instagram Bio. Then we will show you how to apply that font to your text, and paste that into your Instagram Bio. However, before we get into that, you must understand what happens when you use a non-standard font in your Instagram Bio.

Using a different font style on your Instagram bio will involve using Unicode characters, and these aren’t readable by people using screen readers. Most people, especially the ones changing the Instagram bio font for personal use in order to customize their Instagram profile, will not run into issues. However, if you’re a business entity, you shouldn’t use Unicode characters for everything in the Instagram bio.

So, if you are using Instagram to create a profile in a professional scenario, do not use custom fonts for important content. Having clarified that, let’s get into it.

Change Instagram Bio Font Type on iPhone

1. Open your favorite browser on iOS and visit the Meta Tags web page.

2. On the website, you will find different fonts on the left sidebar. Select one as desired. Under Edit Text, you can type the text you want in your Instagram bio. When done, tap on View Preview to see how the final look will be. Tap on Copy next to the font you selected to copy the message in custom font to your clipboard.

metatags font generator

3. Open Instagram by pressing on its icon on the homepage, or by swiping down on the home screen and typing Instagram in the search option, and then tapping on the app icon.

opening instagram on iphone

4. Go to your profile, by tapping on the user profile. Here, press Edit Profile to access the Instagram bio settings.

instagram edit profile button

6. Paste the text you copied in Step 3 above into your bio. Tap on Done to save changes.

editing instagram bio

You should now see your updated bio in new font. Congratulations, you’ve changed the font of your Instagram bio.

custom instagram bio text

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Change Instagram Bio Font Type on Android

1. Open your favorite browser on Android and visit Meta Tags webpage.

2. On the website, you will find various font styles. Select your favorite font, and type your custom bio message under the Edit Text field. You can press the Visual Preview button to see how it looks. Tap on Copy button to copy the custom Instagram bio in new font to clipboard.

3. Open Instagram on your phone by going to the home screen, and tapping on its icon. You can also do this by opening the app drawer, finding the Instagram app there, and tapping on its icon to open it.

4. Go to your user profile by tapping on the user profile button. Now tap on Edit profile.

instagram profile edit bio android

5. Paste the text previously copied in Step 2 into the Instagram bio. You can now save these changes by pressing the Tickmark button on the top-right.

Check your Instagram profile to check the newly made changes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Where can I find more Instagram fonts?

There are several websites that offer fonts for Instagram bio. Here are some but you can find more via Google Search:

2. Is it against the T&C of Instagram to use customized fonts? In what cases is it not recommended to use custom fonts?

It is not against the T&C of Instagram to use customized fonts. It simply uses Unicode characters, and they appear normal to most users and quite readable, but under the hood, this is not directly readable by screen readers.

Hence, if you are using Instagram for an important business, do make sure to include all important information in normal text, and use customized fonts to make the design better for less important messages.

Style Your Instagram Bio With Fonts

We hope that this guide helped you in achieving the desired look on your Instagram profile. We have compiled a list of some cool Instagram DM tips and tricks. Did you know you can actually watch someone’s Instagram story without them knowing?

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