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How to Log in to Amazon Without Verification Code

by Ravi Teja KNTS
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When you lose your phone, you may not only lose your data along with it but also the ability to log in to online services like Amazon because of 2-factor authentication. If you are in a similar situation and trying to log in to Amazon without the verification code, don’t worry for we have found a workaround. Here are few ways to get back your Amazon account.

How to Log in to Amazon Without Verification Code

Before starting with the actual account recovery process which we cover later below, we will also explore a few other ways to gain access to Amazon account. There are two to be specific.

1. Get OTP by Text or Call

When you lose your phone, you also lose access to the SIM card. But it is easy to contact your network provider and ask them to deactivate your old SIM and buy a new one. If you are like me, you may have provided a different phone number, like someone from your family, so that you can use that alternate number to sign in.

1. Click on Didn’t receive the OTP? on the Amazon 2FA page that shows up when you enter your ID and password during the sign-up process.

Didn't receive the OTP option in Amazon

2. Enter the sign in details again for verification if asked.

Logging in to Amazon

3. Amazon will display the last 3 digits of the backup phone number if added. If you have access to this number, it is just as easy as logging in with an OTP. Select the Text or Call option and click on Send OTP.

Using phione number as two step verification in Amazon

4. Now enter the OTP that you received via Text or Call on that backup number and click on Sign In.

Enter the OTP from phone on Amazon

Later, you can open your Amazon Account Settings > Login and Security. You may need to login again to change Two Factor Authentication settings. Now, click on Edit button beside Two-Step Verification settings to change the authentication phone number or disable the Two-Step Verification process until you have new mobile and SIM set up.

2. Find a Trusted Device

When you are logging in to Amazon account, you shall see an option called Don’t ask for codes on this device with a checkbox beside it.

Don't ask codes on this device option in Amazon

It will not be selected by default, but if you have enabled the option on any device before, you don’t need to use the authentication code again on that device. It could be your home computer or office laptop. Worth checking out.

This method will allow you to log in to Amazon on that device only, but you cannot disable 2-Step Verification or change the 2FA settings in any way. So you cannot log in and access your Amazon on other devices. Nonetheless, it can come in handy to use until the recovery process.

3. Amazon Account Recovery

Surprisingly, the account recovery process in Amazon is easy. Just open Account recovery page, log in with an Amazon password and submit your verification details like driving license or voter ID, etc.

Two Step Verification Account Recovery on Amazon

You can submit the document either as a document, PDF, or an image and click on Submit. Once the verification is completed, Amazon will disable the Two-Step Verification and notify you via email in a few days.

Future-Proof Your Account

Though you have multiple ways to get your account back, they are not foolproof. You may not find a trusted device or your account recovery process may not be approved. There are no guarantees.

But by setting up a backup method, you can get your account back much easier in the future. Here are a few ways to make sure you will never find yourself in a situation looking to sign in to Amazon without a verification code.

1. Add Authentication From 2 Phones

Unlike many other services, Amazon provides you an option to add multiple authentication apps at the same time and all the codes will work. So adding the authentication from two phones will help get back your Amazon account much easily from another device.

1. To add Authentication from another device, open Amazon, click on Account & Lists and then select Your Account option from the drop-down.

Account & Lists option in Amazon

2. Select Login & Security and enter the Amazon account password to get into Security settings.

Login and Security option in Amazon settings

3. Now complete the 2-step verification and click on the Edit button beside Two-Step Verification Settings.

Two Step Verification Settings in Amazon

4. Here click on Add new app beside authenticator app.

Adding new Authenticator app in Amazon

5. Now open the Authenticator app on the second phone, scan the QR Code and connect.

Adding Authenticator using QR Code on Amazon

6. Enter the OTP generated by the app to verify.

You can use this method with any of your family member’s phones, like people you share prime membership with.

2. Add a Secondary Phone Number

Just like adding a new authenticator app, you can add multiple phone numbers which can be also useful for Authentication.

1. On the Two-Step Verification page, click on Add a new phone option.

Adding a new phone number on Amazon

2. Add a new phone number here and click on Continue.

Entering the mobile number to use for 2SV

That’s it. now you can also use this phone number to get a text or call when signing in.

Wrapping Up: Login to Amazon Without 2FA Code

Though all you need are few documents to verify your account, it may not always work, and complete the verification successfully. Thus, enabling the secondary authentication device and phone number of someone you can trust can be helpful in the future. What’s done is done. Take necessary measures to make sure this never happens again.

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