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What To Do Just After you Lost your Android

by Mrinal Saha
crying lost his phone

If you are reading this then you might have lost your android or just want to prepare yourself for the disaster. If you happen to be from the first group then you have my condolence. And if you belong to the second group who are just anxious, then I will really like to congratulate you for taking this wise decision. It’s good to be prepared.

crying lost his phone

Now moving on, there is no better way to find out what can be done after you lose your smartphone other than taking advice from the loser (one who has lost his android) itself. Yes, it might sound little weird to you, but trust me one who lost his/her smartphone has more experience of what can be done than others.

And I consider myself as a winner of losing smartphones as this is the second time in the year I lost my Android. Today I have lost my second android and I will be sharing tips on what can be done after losing your phone.

Here are a few things that I learned from this experienced.

Key to get your phone back is to act immediately.

Don’t panic

I know it sounds old school but always remember you can do nothing about what has just happened. Now it’s time to be strong, act fast and start looking for it asap and be more careful with your Phone in the future.

Don’t Block the sim card Right away

Sim card is the only thing that is left of you on your phone, if you block it you won’t be able to send a message, call or send remote apps to your android.

If you had set pattern lock to your handset then this might be an important thing for you, contact the nearby mobile shops, explain them your situation and leave them your contact info in case any person come there to reset the lock.

Install app Android lost

There are many apps in the market that let you remotely control your android but one that beats all the other is Android lost. This is most useful when you have left it someplace like the gym, school, restaurant. All you need to do is install the app and go to their website www.androidlost.com and Login with your Gmail account.

Android Lost -

The best thing with it doesn’t require any pre-installation which means you can actually install after you lost your phone. Features

  • Activate alarm even in the silent mode
  • Find it’s Geo location on Google Maps
  • Wipe out the SD card and lock you phone remotely

Download Android lost from here

What to do If above methods don’t work

Ok, So none of the above ways can get your phone back so what to do now, this is the Final Step. Get your device track by the

Service provider itself using imei no which you can get on any handset by pressing *#06# and if not noted it earlier you can find it on the copy of your bill or you can find it under Google dashboard.

find stolen android imei no

First get the copy of FIR from the nearby police station and then go to your service provider office with the copy of your FIR and imei no and they will trace it.


You might be wondering what happens to my Android, did I get it back? Well No, I didn’t get it back. And this brings me to my final lesson. Always take care of your possession. Using all these methods stated above can only increase your odds of getting your device back, especially if it’s lost and not stolen.

In my case, I believe that it was stolen. So I didn’t hope much to get it back. But every time, I go back to that place, it reminds me of my lost android.


Got Cerberus for me and my dad. Have been using it for a while now, and can say it’s the best security apps ever made. It’s paid though. Read more about it the other security app here.

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