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How to Make a Pinterest Board on PC and Mobile

by Mehvish

Pins and boards are the building blocks of Pinterest. Usually, popular social networks make important features quite apparent in their apps. However, Pinterest differs slightly. That’s because creating a pin is easy, but one gets confused when it comes to making a board on Pinterest, especially from business profiles. Whether you are new to Pinterest, logged in after some time, or a business profile owner, this guide shall help you in creating boards on Pinterest on Android, iPhone, iPad, and PC. Let’s get started.

What Is a Pinterest Board

For the unaware, Pinterest boards are folders where you save your pins. Boards help in collecting and organizing pins. You can have multiple boards with different themes or purposes. Each board can have sections that further help in organizing pins in a superior manner.

Two tips to help you get started while making Pinterest boards:

  • You can create boards in two ways. Firstly, you can make a board from the Pinterest profile screen and add pins to it later. Alternatively, you can create a board when you are saving a pin. Let’s say you are browsing the Pinterest feed and you land upon an interesting pin. Now you want to save the pin. But while saving it, you realize that there is no appropriate board for the pin. Now, instead of going to the profile screen to create a board, Pinterest lets you create boards directly when you are collecting pins.
  • By default, new boards are public in nature i.e., anyone can see the pins inside them. However, you can make the board private by selecting the ‘Keep this board secret’ while making a new board. You can change the privacy setting of the board after creating it as well.

Now that you have a slight idea about Pinterest boards, let’s check how to make boards on Pinterest. The steps differ slightly for Pinterest personal and business profiles. So we have covered them separately.

How to Make a Board on Pinterest in Personal Profiles

Create a Pinterest Board on PC

1. For the first method where we can create Pinterest board from your profile, launch the Pinterest website and log in to your personal Pinterest account. Click on the profile picture icon at the top to go to your profile.

Create New pinterest Board on PC

2. On your profile screen, click on the Add (+) icon next to the Sort icon and choose Board from the menu.

Create New Board on PC From Profile Screen

3. The Create board pop-up will open. Type a name for your board in the available text box. Check the box next to Keep this board secret if you want to make it private. Hit the Create button.

Add Board Name PC

4. Once a board is created, you will find it with other boards on the profile screen. Now you can save pins to it from your feed or upload new pins.

That’s one way of creating Pinterest boards.

1. For the other method, open the pin that you want to save to a board. You will notice that Pinterest automatically suggests boards to save the pin. However, since we are interested in creating a new board, click on the down arrow next to the suggested board name

Choose Pinterest Board

2. The Save to board pop-up will open. Click on Create board at the bottom.

Create Board While Saving Pin

3. Type the name of the board and enable the toggle for Secret if you want to make it private. Hit the Create button to make the board. Doing so will save the pin to it.

Add Board Name While Saving Pin

Create a Pinterest Board on Android, iPhone, and iPad

1. In the first method, launch the Pinterest app and go to the profile screen by tapping the profile picture icon. Tap on the add (+) icon and select Board from the menu.

Create New Board in pinterest on Mobile

2. On the Create board screen, give a name to your board and add collaborators if you want others to contribute to your board. Also, enable the toggle for Keep this board secret to create a secret board. Hit the Next button and add pins to the board.

Add Board Name in pinterest on Mobile

3. Alternatively, open the pin that you want to save. Hit the Save button. The Save to board screen will open. Tap on Create board.

Save Pin to pinterest Board PC

4. You will reach the Create board screen. Add board name, collaborators, and change the visibility of the board. Hit the Create button.

Edit Board Mobile

How to Create a Pinterest Board in Business Profile

Make a Board on Pinterest Business from PC

In Pinterest business profiles, the steps to create a board are slightly different when you are using the first method. However, the second method remains the same.

1. Open the pin, click on the board selection arrow, and hit the Create board button.

Create board on Pinterest Business from PC while saving pin

2. But if you want to create the board in advance, click on the business logo icon i.e., the profile picture icon on the Pinterest website.

Open Profile Screen Pinterest Business

3. You will reach the profile screen. Click on the Saved tab. Two new options will show up on the right side. Click on the Add (+) icon and select Board from the menu.

Create New board on Pinterest Business from PC

Make a Board on Pinterest Business from Mobile

1. Open the Pinterest app on your Android phone, iPhone, or iPad. Tap on the profile picture icon. When you land on the profile screen, tap on the Saved tab.

Open Saved Pinterest Boards Mobile

2. Tap the add (+) icon and select Board from the menu. Give a name to your board and choose the type of visibility for your board.

Create Pinterest Board for business from mobile

3. In case you want to create a board while saving a pin to your Pinterest business account, open the pin and hit the Save button. Tap on Create board just like you would do for regular accounts.

Wrap Up: Create Pinterest Boards

We hope you were able to create boards on Pinterest from business as well as regular profiles on your Android, iPhone, iPad, and laptop. Once you have created a board, you can edit and customize it in multiple ways. For instance, you can change the board cover, add board description, change privacy, merge boards, or even archive the board using the board’s edit setting.

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