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12 Best M1 MacBook Apps That You Have Never Heard of

by Parth Shah
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Apple has completely changed the laptop game with the introduction of the M1 series of CPUs in the Mac lineup. The transition hasn’t been smooth though. The developers are taking their sweet time to optimize their apps for the M1 architecture. After a year, there are good numbers of M1 apps available on Mac. Among them, here are the best M1 MacBook apps that you have never heard of.

Best Unknown M1 MacBook Apsp

Big developer names such as Microsoft, Adobe, Wondershare, and of course, Apple already have their apps updated for the M1 series of CPUs. But we won’t talk about them. We will discuss the ones that are relatively unknown apps in the Mac community. Let’s get started.

1. CleanShot X

If you are dealing with too many screenshots a day, you can try the CleanShot X app on the Mac. It’s an improved version of Apple’s default screenshot tool on Mac. 

cleanshot x for Mac

You can take screenshots, edit them with arrows, text, and even record a video or gif on the go. Our favorite feature is self-timer. You can set a 3 second-timer and then the app will automatically take a screenshot. It’s a bargain at a $29 one-time purchase. 

Get CleanShot X

2. Bartender 4

With many apps running in the background, you might end up with a crowded menu bar at the top. Here comes Bartender to rescue, which streamlines icons in the Mac menu bar. You can group them and clean up the menu bar using the Bartender app. The software recently received a huge overhaul and we would highly recommend you to go with the latest version instead of Bartender 3. 

bartender for Mac

Bartender 4 costs $15 as a one-time purchase after a four-week free trial. 

Get Bartender 4

3. AdLock

Don’t dismiss this one as an ad-blocker extension or app on the Mac. AdLock offers full protection from ads, third-party trackers, and harmful banners. It blocks video ads, cryptocurrency mining ads, protects your data, and traces spyware and bugs. 

adlock for M1 Mac

On Mac, you aren’t limited to downloading apps from the Mac App Store only. That makes you vulnerable when installing software from unverified sources from the web. Even Apple calls Mac a security threat. By using AdLock, you can make sure to keep the Mac protected from harmful links and spyware. The software costs $19.74 a year. 

Get Ad blocker for Mac

4. MindNode

MindNote is the best M1 Mac app to create a mind map of your idea. It practically mimics your brain and allows you to connect your thoughts and clarify ideas. Users can create powerful mind mapping and outlining. 

mindnode for M1 Mac

The app presents you with a blank canvas to start brainstorming. Jot down your ideas or divide projects into smaller tasks. Connect them and now your vision board is ready to share with others. MindNode pricing starts at $2.49 per user per month. 

Get MindNote

5. DisplayBuddy

Are you planning to use your M1 Mac with an external display? DisplayBuddy is a must-have app for you. It allows you to control the external monitor connected with your Mac.

displaybuddy for Mac

With DisplayBuddy, you can control the external monitor’s brightness, contrast, and volume. You no longer need the remote or reach out to the external monitor’s buttons to make changes. 

DisplayBuddy is priced at $3.99. 

Get DisplayBuddy

6. Quit All

Are you running too many apps at once on your Mac? You might run out of RAM on the Mac and may need to close apps to free up the RAM. Instead of individually opening and quitting apps, you can use the Quit All apps and close multiple apps from a single screen. 

quit all app on macOS

It is useful for those dealing with 8GB of default RAM on the Mac. Use the Quit All app and remove apps from the Mac memory with ease. 

Get Quit All

7. Permute

Sometimes, it can be difficult to deal with Google’s WEBP and Apple’s HEIC file format. These file formats aren’t supported widely. You need to convert them to universally accepted JPEG or PNG. Permute is here is rescue you. 

permute for M1 Mac

The app allows you to convert video and audio files as well. You drag an audio file into the app and choose what you need it turned into. Whatever you need, be it Apple Lossless or FLAC, Permute has your back. Drop, choose, done.

Get Permute

8. 24 Hour Wallpaper

While Apple has done a good job with default dynamic wallpapers that changes wallpapers based on the time of the day, the overall collection is slim. 

24 hour wallpaper for m1 Mac

24-hour wallpaper offers a wide range of professional wallpapers that changes the desktop picture with time. These wallpapers are in 5K resolution and match perfectly with macOS design aesthetics. Go ahead, give it a try from the link below. 

Get 24 Hour Wallpaper

9. MeetInOne

While FaceTime is the default option for Apple users, Google Meet beats Apple’s solution with cross-platform availability. While Google Meet is only available on the web, you can opt for the MeetInOne app that offers a native Google Meet experience on the Mac. 

MeetInOne for m1 mac

The feature list includes picture-in-picture mode, meeting timer, push to talk, dark mode, and more. The app also offers detailed statistics. Manager your Google Meet meeting like a pro with MeetInOne. 

Get MeetInOne

10. BusyCal

The default Apple Calendar app is basic at best on the Mac. You can level up the productivity by using the BusyCal calendar on Mac. It’s powerful, elegant, and customizable. 

busycal for M1 Mac

The app offers multiple views but our favorite feature from the bunch is built-in travel time. The app integrates with the Maps app and offers an approximate travel time. 

You can create custom reminders and schedule new events from the Mac menubar as well. BusyCal costs $49.99. 

Get BusyCal

11. GoodTask

While Apple has done a commendable job with the Reminders app on the Mac, it still leaves a lot to desire for power users. Enter GoodTask, which is one of the best M1 Mac apps out there. 

goodtask for Mac

The app syncs with the Apple Reminders app. You can also create smart lists for better productivity. The tag support is also there and offers automatic repeat. GoodTask is priced at $19.99 with a 14-days free trial. 

You can also check our list of best to-do apps for Mac.

Get GoodTask

12. Session

Session is a Pomodoro app that helps build your productivity momentum. You can block distractions, work in short intervals, and take regular breaks to recharge your mind. What makes Session stand out is its huge focus on analytics. 

session for M1 Mac

Session is available on the iPhone as well.

Get Session

Wrapping Up: Best M1 Mac Apps

Apple’s M-series of processors are getting momentum with the introduction of M1 Pro and M1 Max on the 2021 MacBook Pro lineup. Go ahead give these apps a try and level up your Mac experience. 

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