Open multiple websites with single click

Most of us few websites multiple times a day. For instance, I check my Google Analytics, Reddit, and YouTube after every few hours. You may open a different set of websites, but you get the idea, right? So instead of typing the URL each time, we should automate this process.

Open Multiple Websites is a chrome extension that open your favorite websites in a new tab, with a single click. It also saves your links in chrome storage. Following screenshot shows how it work.

Open Multiple Websites

Pro Tip: To open your extension with a keyboard shortcut, go to chrome’s extension page > scroll down to the bottom till you see keyboard shortcut > assign a shortcut starting with Ctrl or Alt key.

To do the same thing on Android, use an automation app called tasker. It’s paid on Google play ($3) but trust me, it’s well worth it.

Once install, follow these steps or watch this video tutorial

1. Go to task tab > click on the plus sign at the bottom > create a new task, let’s called it ‘open multiple websites’

2. To add your first action click on the plus sign at the bottom > Net > Browse URL

3. Paste the link in the URL field and repeat this process to add multiple websites. Then go back to save changes.

4. Now go to your widget > look  for tasker > drag and drop it on your homescreen. It will then launch the tasker’s task menu. Select the task ‘open multiple websites’ and that’s it.

Now when you click on the widget, it will launch your browser and your favorite websites.

Open Multiple Websites in Android


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