Protect Your Facebook Account From Hackers 2015

If you Google “how to” the first or second result usually is “how to hack Facebook”. This instant search result tell us that, apparently many people wants to know how Facebook can be hacked.

hack facebook on google results

There are many ways to hack Facebook account. Some uses phishing attack, some take a help of keylogger while the rest uses common password. However it goes without saying, ‘How important it’s to secure your Facebook account’.

Every Facebook account store so much personal information, that would cause disaster, if the went public. Therefore here are some simple steps will keep your Facebook account secure.

 1. Enable email/sms notification

This is a great way to protect your Facebook account from hackers, if you suspect suspicious activity on your account. To get it done follow the simple steps

1. Just go to Settings > Security> Login Alerts >Edit > Enter the details and save changes
2. Now you will get SMS/Email, each you or someone else login to Facebook account.


2. Enable Secure Browsing

This is must for every Facebook user. Follow the steps

  1. Go to Account Setting
  2. Choose Security tab
  3. Click on Secure Browsing tab, as shown above

From now on you would notice instead of

 3. Security Question

Set up a good security question, which is not easy to guess. Not even your close friend can guess it.

What bad guys do is, They change your security question and then when they have to login they click on forget password link and by using security question they can login to your Facebook account without even knowing your password.

4. Close Active Sessions

Even if you close your browser without logging out of Facebook account . you are still consider to be logged in that device. I don’t know how but remote hackers can gain access to this and hacked your account very easily . So it’s always advisable to close you active session on the device if you are not planning to login for the long time from the same device.

Go to the security and look for Active Sessions option.

Close Your Facebook Active Sessions

5. Check For The Url

Example of fake facebook page

Check for the url in the address bar  and login only if it says Often hackers use fake login page (phishing) and when you login through that page, your password and username is automatically redirected to them.

6. Password

Pick a unique, strong password. Change your Facebook password as often as possible, especially if you find any suspicious activity on your wall and don’t give your username and password to anyone, not even your friends.

Don’t share you password not even with your close friends, colleagues and family member.

7. Use Private browser

If you are logging anywhere else then you home computer than it’s better to open it in private browsing only. It won’t store your username  and password or any other information and you don’t have to worry about sign out , you can just close the window.

Check this guide on how to enable private browsing in different browser.

8. Stay Updated

Don’t add people who you don’t know especially if it seems to be a fake profile. They are mostly spammers or hackers who can retrieve your personal information .

Don’t trust every third party Facebook applications some of them might be spams .Use only those which are very popular and can be trusted.

For more info read  Facebook security page.

What to do if your Facebook account got hacked?

First thing to do is check if you can login with password , if yes then change your password immediately and then delete all the post and messages that was post on your behalf and then setup more secure settings like one shown above. 

In case you are not able to login with your old username and password then report abuse that profile , just ask your friends to do that for you, more people report abuse faster that profile will be deleted.

Report to Facebook if your account was hacked to

Always add a secondary email id to your Facebook account , in case you don’t have access to your account , Facebook will send you recovery password there.

Add a secondary email ID to your account.

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  • Hello Everyone – First of all thanks to the author of this article for sharing these useful tips. Well according to me these facebook tips are must for everyone as nowadays hackers are very clever they are just looking for the single mistake of users and they stole their Precious Account. So – my advice to everyone is to must follow this tips