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10 Best Reminder Apps for iPhone to Never Forget a Thing

by Kaushal
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If it weren’t for my iPhone and the reminder apps, I would never remember important stuff on time or place. However, the most common problem with the stock iPhone reminder app is that it doesn’t fit the bill of every scenario. As there are pill reminders, birthday reminders, and even house plant reminders, I decided to make a list of all the apps that focus on one specific thing. Here are some reminder apps for iPhone users that focus on one thing and does it really well.

1. Waterful- Best Water Reminder App

It’s a common myth that every human being requires 8-10 glasses of water every day. However, the water intake varies from person to person and changes on your activity level and demographic. Waterful is an incredibly intuitive app that lets you keep track of your water intake and reminds you periodically.

waterfal- remind to drink water on iphone

The app collects information such as your weight, activity level, and gender and then creates a plan for you in seconds. You can edit the plan to precisely set your water intake manually. After that, Waterful automatically reminds you to drink every 90 minutes. It also lets you set wake and sleep time which would automatically adjust the reminder notifications.

Additionally, you can log any drink you have and the app adjusts it in your daily quota. We have covered water reminder apps in detail, so check it out. Waterful is free on the App Store.

Get Waterful (free, in-app purchases)

2. Stand Up!- Best Reminder App for Taking a Break at Work

Sitting for long periods at work has well-document health effects and it is recommended that you take breaks at regular intervals. I’ve found this exercise rather forgetful and that’s where Stand Up chimes in. It’s a simple app with one purpose: to remind you to stand up.

stand up reminder app for ios

Setting up the reminder is incredibly easy. You select your work-days, then adjust your working hours, and select the intervals when you want to stand up. Taking a break every 45-60 minutes is ideal. You can also adjust the break length and set a custom tone to notify that it’s time to take a break. The app also has a feature where it can detect your location and only remind you to stand up if you’re in the office. Pretty intuitive. Stand Up is free on the App Store.

Get Stand Up (free)

3. Pill Reminder- Best Medication Reminder

There are plenty of pill reminder apps for people on regular medication that help them take it on time. Pill Reminder is one of the best reminder apps for iPhone that lets you create a detailed program to keep track of your prescription, remind you daily to take medicine, and notify you when it’s time to refill.

pill reminder for iphone

You start by adding all the medicines to the app with details such as name, dosage, and image. It also lets you place refill reminders, expiration dates, and quantity per box. No matter how obscure your pill timings may be, you can set the perfect reminder in the app. It can set reminders at specific times, days, or even weeks.

The app is free but it lets you only 2 reminders and you can remove this restriction by purchasing the full version with a one-time payment of $1.99.

Get Pill Reminder (free, in-app purchase)

4. Hip- Best Birthday Reminder

Remembering birthdays and anniversaries is a literal chore for me as I can never remember them on the right dates. Hip is an iPhone reminder app that lets you keep track of all important dates. You can sync contacts, calendars, and even import Facebook birthdays. The gives you total control over when and how frequently you wish to be reminded about the upcoming events ranging from the day to 2 weeks prior.

hip- birthday reminder for iphone

After setting everything up, you would get reminders of any upcoming birthdays or events and can then send them custom texts, post to their Facebook, make a video, order gifts, and send gift cards. Hip is free on the App Store and has a subscription plan that would unlock unlimited reminders, widgets, and Calendar view. There are plenty of other birthday reminder apps for iPhone if you are interested.

Get Hip (free, in-app purchases)

5. Wash Hands- Best Hand-Wash Reminder App

If I were to take away just one thing from the year 2020, it would be washing hands more often. Wash Hands is an app dedicated to helping you wash hands frequently and effectively. You can set a recurring reminder that can vary from 30 minutes to two hours. The app not only reminds you to wash hands but also runs a timer for 30 seconds or 60 seconds to make sure you wash hands properly. Those are the Pandemic guidelines.

wash hands- remind to wash hands on iphone

If you want to set up hand washing reminders on other devices, check out this article. Wash Hands is free on the App Store.

Get Wash Hands (free)

6. SMS Scheduler- Best Text Reminder App

It’s 2021 and iPhone still doesn’t let you schedule text messages. SMS Scheduler alleviates this problem to an extent by reminding you to send a text. When you set a reminder, the app asks you to select a contact, set a date & time, and type out the text. You can create as many text reminders as you want and when it’s time, you would get a notification. Tap the notification and the app would open Messages, type the entire text in the text bar, and you just need to hit enter to send the text.

sms scheduler- remind to text on iphone

Due to iPhone’s limitation, you can not automatically send texts in the background yet. SMS Scheduler is free on the App Store.

Get SMS Scheduler (free)

7. Planta- Best Plant Reminder App

Keeping plants at home can be a therapeutic hobby but the reality is often stressful. House plants are often finicky and demand a lot of attention which makes Planta the best plants reminder app for iPhone to take care of them. Planta lets you identify existing plants, suggest best places around the house for the specific plants, and plant recommendations.

planta- reminder app for iphone to water your plants

You can set reminders for watering, cleaning, fertilizing, and misting your plants. Planta will suggest reminders based on plant type but you can create manual reminders as well. Planta is free on the App Store but has a subscription to unlock all the features.

Get Planta (free, in-app purchases)

8. Wear Your Mask- Best Mask Reminder App

Wear Your Mask is one of the most useful apps in times of pandemic. We often forget to take masks with us when leaving the house and this app does exactly that. It reminds you by notifying when you leave your house. It works by tracking your home address and whenever you leave that location, you get a notification.

wear your mask- reminder on iphone about mask when leaving home

Not just that, it also reminds you to wash your hands when you come back home. Wear Your Mask is free on the App Store.

Get Wear Your Mask (free)

9. TrayMinder- Best Reminder App for Invisalign

When you get removable aligners or commonly known as Invisalign to fix your teeth, your orthodontist recommends wearing the aligner trays for the duration of treatment. As the trays change periodically and are removable, you can forget to wear them sometimes.

trayminder- remind about wearing retainer and invisalign

TrayMinder can map your entire treatment and let you customize the duration for each type of aligner. You can also log your time in the app when you take out the trays during meals and instantly set a timer so that you won’t forget to put them back after you’re finished. TrayMinder is free on the App Store and has ads.

Get TrayMinder (free)

10. Battery Life Alarm & Reminder

Unless you’re actively using the iPhone, you don’t get a notification that your phone’s battery has dropped below 10% and needs to be recharged. This app solves this problem and lets you set notifications whenever the iPhone battery dips below a certain level. Additionally, it can also notify you when the iPhone battery climbs above a certain level.

battery alarm to remind you about iPhone battery level

Get Battery Life Alarm (free)

Which Reminder Apps for iPhone Do You Use

These were some of the best reminder apps for iPhones for various situations and needs. Each app offers a solution for a specific problem such as Stand Up reminds you to stand up and take a break, Waterful reminds you to drink water, and Battery Alarm reminds you to charge your iPhone. Is there an app that I missed? Let me know on Twitter.

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