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21 Samsung One UI 6.0 Features You Need to Know

by Ravi Teja KNTS
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Samsung recently released the second beta version of the new One UI 6.0. This update brings both functional improvements like camera widgets and multi-finger drag and drop support and aesthetic improvements like the new quick settings panel and lock screen customization. Let’s go through some of the best One UI 6.0 features that you need to know and take advantage of. So let’s begin with the home screen and lock screen changes.

Updates in the Home Screen and Lock Screen

1. Revamped Quick Settings Panel

The first obvious change that is visible right after you update to One UI 6 is the revamped quick settings panel. This new look is more organized and separates Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Smart View, and Device control toggles. Also, options like Dark mode and Eye comfort have been combined with the Brightness slider. When you long press on some toggles like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, a pop-up appears instead of going to the respective settings page like before.

Samsung One UI 6 Quick Settings

Samsung moved away from that one-hand-friendly quick settings panel though. While this new panel is more organized and clean, reaching Wi-Fi and Bluetooth options requires some hand gymnastics on One UI 6.

2. Quick Gesture to Quick Settings Panel

Another major change with quick settings is the new gesture to quickly open the Quick Settings panel. Earlier, we had to swipe down to get to the notification panel and then again a second time to get to the Quick Settings panel. Now, the quick setting panel can be opened with a single swipe from the top right corner. Reminds me of how the Control Center works on the iPhone.

Quick Gesture to Quick Settings

It’s not enabled by default. To enable, tap on the edit option in the Quick Settings Panel, then select Quick Settings instant access.

Editing Quick Settings

Here enable the option. Now you can swipe from the top right corner to open Quick Settings instantly.

Enabling Quick Access to Quick Settings

3. Spaced Out Notification Panel

In previous versions of One UI, Samsung’s notification panel looked clumsy with more notifications packed together. Now, notifications are categorized and spaced out giving enough space to each notification leading to a cleaner look.

One UI 6.0 Notification Panel

4. Album Art on Media Control

Speaking about the notification panel, the media control on the notification panel has been revamped with the album art covering the background of the media control just like on the Stock Android. Also, there is a new wavy animation on the seek bar which looks sleek.

By default, the media control is still collapsed and will not show any of the animations or even the background. You need to manually open the media player every time as there is no option to change this default behavior either.

One UI 6.0 Media Control

5. Reposition Your Lock Screen Clock

Previously, we only had the option to change the lock screen clock style, font, and size. Now with One UI 6, you can move the clock anywhere in the upper half of the screen. You can make these settings from Settings > Lock Screen and tap on the Edit button to customize the wallpaper and style.

Positioning clock

6. App Names Are Restricted to One Line

Coming to the home screen, there aren’t any major differences in One UI 6 when compared to previous versions. However, the app names are restricted to one line. Accordingly, many Samsung apps’ names were changed like from Samsung Internet to Internet, Samsung Members to Members, etc. to fit the space. This might be a small change but gives a clean and consistent look to the app drawer overall.

App name in one line Samsung

7. New Font All Over

Continuing with smaller changes, the font across the entire One UI is changed to a modern new serif taking more space for each letter than ever before. While the difference is hardly noticeable, it brings more calmer look to the entire OS.

8. Smarter Airplane Mode

Previously, when you enabled Airplane mode, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth would be turned off automatically. But if you turn them on when you are in Airplane mode, your phone will remember the setting and will not turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth the next time. So you don’t have to reconnect your accessories just because you enabled Airplane mode.

9. Pop-Up Apps are Now Available on Recent Apps Page

Previously when you opened an app on the pop-up, it wouldn’t show on the recent apps page. To close these pop-up apps, you either have to open the pop-up or close the app. You can also convert the pop-up app to a full-screen app and then close it from the recent apps page.

Now pop-up apps are also available on the recent apps page making it easier to close them. Apps open in PIP mode like YouTube, Netflix, and Google Maps are still not available on the recent apps page for some reason.

Pop-Up Apps on recent Apps One UI 6.0

10. Updated Emojis, Icons, Toggles and Sliders

Apart from the font, Samsung also made a much-needed change in emojis. The previous Samsung emojis were soul-less and not eye-pleasing at all. The new emojis look sharp and clear giving some real competition to Apple and Google emojis.

Also, icons are more colorful, toggles are bigger matching the new icons, and sliders are thicker than ever before.

Emojis and Icons on One UI 6.0

Updates in Camera and Gallery

11. Icon to Change Resolution

Now on the Camera app, we can change the resolution while taking photos without going to the camera settings. It’s available right at the top in the Photo and Pro modes. Tapping on it will change the resolution instantly. Also, you can check the current resolution easily in One UI 6.

Change Resolution Samsung Camera

12. Level Meter on Camera

Grid mode has been available on the Camera for a long time. Now when you enable grid mode on the Samsung camera, you also get a level meter along with it to level your photos perfectly. The feature does not give you the exact angle you are placing the phone but instead, it will show you the bar and make sure the angle is right.

Also, you can place the phone top down to check the bubble meter for leveling perfectly down.

Level on Samsung Camera One UI 6.0

13. Drag and Drop With Two-Fingers

One UI 6 also lets you select a photo in the Gallery app and without lifting that finger, close the Gallery app, open any other app (for example, a messaging app), and then leave it in the app to send the image. Also, you can select a photo similarly in the Galaxy app and tap on other images to select multiple images. Apart from just moving images from app to app, you can also move them from album to album. Useful for organizing pics after a trip.

Multi-finger drag and drop support

14. Previews in Share Sheet

Sharing an image, video, file, etc. will display a preview in the share sheet for you to verify what you are sending. Also, while sharing in the Gallery app, you have the option to select other images from the same album directly from the share sheet.

Samsung previews

15. More Sharing Options

Previously, Samsung’s share sheet was basic providing a list of apps for you to share anything. Now, it has different options in the share sheet depending on the app or the file type selected. For example, when you are sharing a webpage from Chrome, you will get an option to include a long screenshot of that webpage along with the link.

Sharing options on Share Sheet One UI 6.0

16. Studio App

Samsung also bundled a new video editor app in the One UI 6 where you can add video and photo clips, add transitions, music, text, etc. The app is simple to get started with and works great for simple editing like TikTok videos and Instagram Reels. Also, the subjects you saved as stickers can be added even here on top of your videos.

Samsung Studio App

Updates in Other Samsung Apps

17. Rewamped Weather app and Widget

The weather app has a slight UI refresh along with new information such as moon phases, wind direction, snowfall, atmospheric pressure, etc. It also has a new map to check the weather details in an interactive map view. Apart from all the changes, the Weather app also has new widgets with a new look with images and animations.

Weather app and widget One UI 6.0

18. Clean the Storage Space

Samsung Files has now an option to delete the app cache, duplicate and large files, unused apps, and files in a recycle bin all in one place. To do that, open the Samsung Files app, scroll down, and select the Manage Storage option. Here you should find all the options that will help you to free up the storage space on your phone with less effort from the user end.

File storage management One UI 6.0

Updates in Settings

19. Auto Blocker

Auto Blocker is a new security feature that scans for malware in apps, chats, etc. It blocks apps from unauthorized stores, blocks commands through USB cables and even blocks images that secretly contain malware. It’s not enabled by default but you can do so from the Settings app > Security and privacy > Auto Blocker.

Auto Blocker One UI 6.0

20. New Accessibility Settings

There are a couple of improvements in accessibility settings too in the One UI 6 with more functional magnification options. There is also the ability to customize cursor thickness when editing documents making it easy to find out inside the bunch of text.

Finally, there is the Recommended for you section offering suggestions like using the Extra dim feature when needed in dark and Dark Mode to use the phone without eye strain, etc.

21. Easier Access to Battery Settings

Lastly, Battery and Device Care have been separated and battery info is now more detailed providing 7 days of battery details including the charging times and apps that are consuming more battery.

Battery Settings One UI 6.0

OneUI 6.0 Features

Apart from that, there are also some Android 14 features like predictive back gestures, drag and drop to different apps, etc. But note that the beta features of Android 14 are still not completely implemented in the One UI 6. Maybe in the final version? We will keep you updated.

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